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The ladies' home journal
Vol. XX, No. 7 (June, 1903)

Houses saved for on less than $15.00 a week,   p. 22-23 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 22-23

Page 22
,i. - Ic shc-ah -  -aii-li,
mt 'E.  - -'ad inineet added;2
v2 5
F or    Fm r    For    For
5Year  10 Year 20 Yers40 Y-ar
S 73  B162    B 403   3.9
46  324     806   2,588
293     650   1.614   517
585   1,301   3.228  10  1
1.462   3,2b2  8.070   25 . 88
You Can Bank by Mail
Deposils are received in
any amount from S1 up
For '%ew and Old, tlardwood. Pine u.r
Painted VI ris
%%hether P'ainted fir Not
D.ah.&L   4 edPserv sN- ad O1d N.,dcood Flomr
Airable for!: in Ianmenr Cttages
*  Ic-.1  fr  ,,r  i ,, ad  atl kild,  ,
- .a"C-Does not scrateh. mar or show heel
mark .ad is,,t affet-t tier. )Made inI
atih ,-des '4fsat .r.. w- -, . trallparerat.
mtains anld finishes fk,,r, at ,,C
Y.. Can e-i Y appt'v it vy"r- I -ins'v
nightf, ,that flo,r cin ;-'. '-; ,exu I-- i. .
%Ve . il send sou. express paid, a can
'If OO(,PS'
RIOGERS                 I,---
WST&IN ,6 H T  h       ...%ill
I          stathi '
532 Milwaukee Avenue Detroit, Mich.
Foir cale by JOBBERS and DEALERs. o.
vw V Patton's
--e0 15      MILWAUKEE WI.
The Ladks' Houme Joiurnal for" ill/t, 19 03
Tihe Sixthi of tile Grett Series "H lo-w Ne Saved tfor a Home"
For obvious reasons, the names and specific addresses oi writers cannot be given in print.   But the editor of THE JOURNAL will be
Wh ~Iile He Smiled She Saved                A $6000 House on $30 a 31onth                     Saved Tw~o Ways at Once
Cl IILD do nothing great nor wvondmerfulI    \Yl  HUSBAND     mlade $,5o a monthl whienl   X   HEN    we were marriedi my husband
- nothing to earnl tile meants for a [iontl-  M ice were mlarried, andc as tilere seemledi W  earnled $700 a -ear.  He itad macie it a
e.xcept to remtember tilat" a penny saved is a  little probatbility of his mlakin~g ally mtore in  plractice for somlle time before outr marriage to
p thicy gained.'' Nltisbland had a smlall    tile near ftture anti wec were an~xiouis to have  put $5 a mnthl in at cooperative hank as a
1usiness of his oss-isil ichl brotught him1i11ian  aitlomle of otur owcn, Ave tdecided that wve must  businiess capital to start Il iitsiiness for ilim-
riregular ilcoilleof about $fioo a year-barely be as careful as possible aiic save at least self somie time. WVe decided to keep) this up
-tifficietit toprvd for our fari- fsi.Bt      $to ever), mlonlth.  \Vlten sce iad saved $500  after otir miarriage, aild at tilse 5 im tle we
I xcas tired of livinlg iii othler peoplehss 1C.  ice nmade olur first fpaymetnt ott a hotuse and  mtade up our minds to save for a home.  I
F'or years I hlad lged for aild dreamed of a  lot whch Av e boughlt for $2100; $500 cioxw"l ihad $400 xvii ch I ihad saved, aild this wce
home of our osyni.  But tlnilthusbanid did not  anlditile balance itt tmonthly pavirlletts Of $25,  dnecidetd to use as a start.
, ticourage suchl dreamls, aid whiein I spoke to iwithl six per cent. interest utitil tile amlount t  We then looked for a tenemlenlt to start
him i on the su1bj ect lie said: - It is impilossiile;  was pa id. Thie Ihouse had eigilt rootits.  I  htotisekeeplintg in, bitt fouind cinoltingIil withtin our
:liere's ito use thIink i ng of siich a tin 1g."'  rented tico of thie roonis utilth le hoiuse wxas  mleanus 1tat Av'e liked ; we did i, however, find1t
.But,' I remnstrated,  ' Ace are aild have  paidi for.  Then Ace sild titeihotuse for $2900,  a builing lot tilat suited us. After getting
' ecu for years payinlg for livintgill a hoiuse                                             tile laindiice felt sol stronlg a desire to build
tilat belonlgs to soone   else.  WVhy cain Ace                                           tilat we plannied a wvay.  Inistead of takinlg
tot borrow some nilotey, build a hotuse, aild                    A-atd furtnisiing a large teitemenit ye rented
pay for it inin tstallmlents inistead of payinig                             -               nytrerosalifrtsidte                  ipy
renit ?    We' A should hlave to hbuy our lot anid                          %   _1\         butt 5itil good material.
miakecranipoetbere we coud                                                                     y titis tilme we had $600 to put in a hotise,
corwtei mtloney," l  epbeforen  d an                                              and111(1I tdrewv the floor plaits of a single house
birrcmetile nyd' Ie rpied." TV i %-on gve                                            :ttad got ia rough estimiate of tile cost of build-
nme all your spare moneylC for a y.ear. and let-                                             11g. We fotind it would coist so multch that
tue see hoss-imuchl I call save ill thalt time? "s'tcwecere discouraged. Filliy we triechgan
Afte soic ugin  hecotieilethfitt s'~e     ~    ,         '. .       draw intg plais of a txco-tetletnilt h aga in,
hlecular mile ilatarousd 113 dltcriiitlaioti   ~   ~                 the 51111 tgeneral arranlgemnt of theie nipal)5
to) accompilisih a seeming nupoldssibliiti-. ~                   5--                        r1115n. aidttltie estimate wias mutch more satis-
l~ver  spar  penx' setimeddoubed  il  ~                     ~      factory ; tile cost of tile twil-tetleitetitt house
valte, anid cas treasuredi with great care.                                                liniii relatively conlsiderab~ly smialler titan a
h-xptinses wsere redticed.  We had enou~ghl to                                             sinlie htose, aitd tile Iincome fromllthie extra
ti t anid silent enloughl to keel) our c lthin g                                          tentemlent a great lid p inI pay-Iing for it.
,e4iit and wshole.  WVe mtade everytinig go     ON AN iNCOSMt O? FiFTY DOLLARSa A MONTB      After muitchlthloughltsve decided] to build
ai, far, alnd last as long, as p)ossible.                                                  a tsvo-telenilentthotuse aitti we have nlever
I xwas inot stronlg, aind the wxork aild care of  and iboughit aniothler onein l a mol~re desirable  regretted doing so.
ilm homine attd four little ones is-crc a severe  locality, for whiichi se pai S36o0.  Now xce 'rTeliotuse cost ciimplete (gradinlg, side-
Itlx )itin y small supply. of strength.  But the  htave thiis all pidh for, andli proplerty' here las  scalks, ftirntace, etc.)I $4100.  XVe pail $6oo
Iti i xisas great an d I kept ott.  Every  growsni so imutchin ixti ie that onur homtie is now i  of tiutr owsn mloniey'til it aild biirrowsetd $2100
eveni tg I held out my hand for the" spare   valued lit Sflooo.  It toiikius just ts\celve years  fromil a sayvings bailk and $1i500 friimi a friend
11111 es'. '  Somettiles it swas a sillall lilt of  of sax-ing to do thiis.  Bitt se hiavxetiev-er  01\r. A. ), piay Iing fiv-c per cenit.-for tile motley.-
silver; sometimes a smiallI hill, and sornletiies  regretted thle satcr ifives xwe madile liiiii lre tnow  For renlt of tillpler tenemenl~it aiiti11n extra room
tere was notht ig to spare.  Two-t or thiree  very pn ud ii)f our lice, cioitfortabl e hiotme.  wse rece iveil $20 a mlonlthl; sxve pa i $13 a
tinmes when mneiy iwas about beitig spenlt for  1fl11iicmnttht renlt to ourselves, mlakingig t total oh
'tllic celebrations I asked if that wcere not                                              $396 a y .ear.
'li pre money~. " If it was I got it and traits-  SavingI S and1( 14 Cents of Es-cry DllaI~r  The accouniits given bielows shiii hiows'we
ferred it to our savings box.                  f XXAS earing $7 a Aceek itt a box factory'  divitded ouir incomle andi paid foir the house.
Filiallyx the hiox blecamne so full that 1I111a(1to  I llmskintg booi t antdi shoe cases, atid 1had a  WVe coiltntiued iii thiis wa'iy for five years, anti
lv,: v a larger one, and thus day by (lay', wseek  swife aild one child, whleni se decidedi to save  bx' thalt tulle ve hail reduced] tile principll Iso
I,v- \\eek, our savings intcreased, unitil the first  fur ia homle. '81\ trade wcas thlat of at carliel-  xs'e coiull (hav ing less intierest to pay)I malke
\, rof sav-lug canie to sit en n ld the time ter, hint il-healtil comlpelled nie to seek larger p~aymencits oni the hoiuse. At titis rate
f- -ntitmg, nc slviitgs had arrivetd.  I tried  indioor swork that did  not reqfuire nmuchi \ you willh see thtat tlte house cold  b le paid for
I) * ",:, " I];,ii&-c- see hows excited I ws.  piv~xsical strengith~.  Later attothie little otte  iii a reasionabule tulme.
4A   : -  ~   s.e..
I asked him to comie and hlelp me.
at me curious]%s' and similed. B
eumptied the coteilts of thme boxc
his expression changed to onec
He even whistled, and as wie count
of wonder increased. After si-ch
he said: ;'You don't mean to say ti
saved al of this in oime year?''
my turn to smile. We had saved
enough to ho)' a $75 lot. Mly ho!
caughtt the inspiration, and deemd
wiould buy two lots. The plan of
which I had drawcn was aliprovy
curious to see how much more" six
there ws after this.
Soon the lots were chosen and
A friend offered to lend us $200.
sias then consulted amid thle swork
begait. We then borrowied Sine
building amtd loan associatioin.
tractor agreed to take $200 in ti
made $1400 besides the lots. 1I
building was commenced in thi
amnd one week before Christmas
into our cottage home. Whlat
Christmas that si-as to us sil1!
We still had to economize very
our home wias not yet paid for.It
we invested a little money insa lev
aitd plants. The fruits gave qu
Our table was supplied wilth fresh
it their season from our own gardt
ill's first year wie had small fru
- h the childrent sold at good pm
--money the)' bought a setting
-t full oif eggs, wihichi gave usa
h iickens that in time more thai
,at the)'cost. We fed themo011
l-  md otherwiise have been wiasted
114,-ht at a bargain a cowi' shich
-,h milk and butter, besides m;
-.-,rtb which wie sold.
Itn two sears the debituof $200, IV
.,.;,s paid, in addition to the otl
:, yments oh $io0.50 to the associal
chad lived comfoirtabily. Nov
o ur owin. We base enjoyed itI
'I-  whs iile pay'ng for it. Tim
-"ars has becomile a reality.
-,  Iti-Iy.
cameli to us, so1 durn ig most of tite t ille timat
we  scere savyinlg for our htomteice scene a
faitiliy of fotur.  A simallI uppe r tenlemitemnt of
fiiur rotilis, for xx-hiich, ie pai $,5a iii ittl
swas our hometi at this timie; andI(, reailizin~g titat
sicknmess on accidentt Miighitit ally3 titme mlake
extra (demiantds oil 1s, swe soumght to dciise
ilteanls to thtese ptoss ibe emtergenmci es.
We decidted to htut it atx of twiselvexc tents I
4    evti-ry dollahr earntedh for thIe itouse fiinmd, i11-
--  ut of this to use four cenits to hlelpaily'1,(-1
,ills xx- io we-re tinloore r ci rcu mstance-rs till
urseixes.  A sear itissedi, aitt our lanidimI
raised our remit to $6 a imntht,lat wxhichlt
reminted fo r foIur s ears.  At til eduo(f t xx -
years toy walges sw-re raised to $7.50 11n1d1the"l
£.lEL  to $'i atsweek, and hiriung tite next five years
nivx xife eairmiemh$m1301 insinS ig straws'forhits.
Il~e liokedi  For the next tico iclrs wce saved nuoting at all.
ut whien   I     ''htei I was oifferetd a fourteeml-lire hot ilit
oin the table  retur n for carpientry swork , anth I eaintetd thte
of1surprise.  hot I intio5yelrs an(]i5.5o to ihoot.  SlyIsork
ed hiis hook  pilcked up ni d we i-creso uch dour phlinfltifn'itg
mhad finishted  a tax oi otir earitinigs.  Titis tulle we decided
at y'ou hiave  uponeci gh teec ents lilt e5'dt)ydolla~r, xx'ithm fotir
Thien it wcas  cents deducted for those N% htotwere less for-
Imore thaln    timnate thani ourselves.  Fotir 3'elrs ptassedl,
isatd thlemn  andt I swns earninmg abiout $,5oo a scar.  At the
led that we    entd of time four yeairs wcescene compihel led to
I the house   mlove, anmd hadahtienl tot),ilS'8 aI mothtremit.
-ed.  It wxas  Thee lit was pisid for antd w5e1had(1sav ied $400.
,are money''   Thenwie (determinited to build a hiouse aull tius
stop pay'inmg remt, and earl)' intth~e s~ut ier
purchased. we built tite house, payinig the $400ilit cash,,
A~ contractor givinlgia mortgaige of $fioo at six per ccitt. antd
oif building   agreeing to pay $iooanaitllillilthe hrIiltal.
'oo from a
Thme coil-
rade. This
rile wiork of
eearl)' fall.
ie moved-
ia happy
closely, for"'
n the spring
w' frttit trees
ick returns.                                           4
n, and after
its, some of
ices.  Wiith   IT TOOK ELEVEN YEARS0--PA'F'-  IS 0  HOUSE
ghen and a
a nice broodA Now lfter eleven y'eairs ice ownu a house and
in repaid for   hot v'alued at $1 285, amid this illspite of mali)
icraps sihic,   obstacles, sinice for over sexvenmyears I halve
d.  Then wie   been totally) deaf.
supplied us      When I ant asked hmows I managed, withm my
iany dollars'   small eairings, to saxe enoulght itoney' for iiy)
home I reply : '' B)- being homest, sober amnd
'itim interest.  industrious.  I htave never used tobiacco or
Lher monlthly   liquor in ally fcrmn, have alwis 'ys kept the
tion, amidsic  Sabbiath Dhl~y o, and have tried to do uty
w' the house duty to God and mai.'
thtese fifteen    Securinmg a gooid home not only made us
ie dreami of more comnfortablhe, bitt also gav-c us a ipositiolt
it life wihch we had ntot previously enjoyed.
~.              ~   Ii
Tile huocise accouut ion time first year wa'ls as
Remit Receixved
janiimii    $33.00
I'ebniiai y,  33.00
March,         33.00
Api ii,       33.00
Mix   -        33.00
JI'lie,-   3.00
July.    ..    33.00
August,    .33.00
Septetmileu  33.00
Ocrtober,      33.00
Novembere    33.00
Decenmber,    33.00
Fxpeiuses Pauid
Aptil, iBanik ilie et  $50.00
April,  ati,.      .      1. 50
Juily,\Mr. x.interest,   37.50
Jil)l5 xl,\ IIacconi 10.0
Jul1 'Wam     u..         .80
Octobe,elBilk intelrext, 50.00
Ottober, V it,     ..     1.95
0 tohel i  Ii kilig St.  2.00
Otober, Tmnvs,   ..    57.72
Ja (uial, I .A. in terest, 35.00
jm iyIa xi .xA.actou uI ,50.00
Jtlilmal i xx tel,  --     1.95
'Total, $396.00              'Total, $389.42
Ahl our reptairs amid irovements slice wse
filt It v 10Cost htess thuaium SioIo.
Our ineomuue Of $700i a yenar siItenl s-cilian-
ried  reman ed  thie sattme for time nex t fiue
vears.   We hias-c ote citi ldi.  WhlenIswe Ibeganl
liing  ill ot-rown'muhoiuse ice  dliid (or
in colle as foll ows:
Per     Pen
wveek    yea r
tuisimess capital in, co~perative Imuouk, $1-15  $60.00
L~ife imslatice assessmient, . ..  70    36.00
Remit--------------------------      -00  I56,,o
Food .. .. ....   ......4.00      20".00
Fuel ailiights----------------------1.5  E.oo
Pei s,,ui alloxvatices . . .. ..   2.50   1,-"'00
Suilien-----------------------1.00       :2-10
Total-----------------------$13.50    f7c2-
After invsestinlg $6oo besides price of L010d
sic htaxe,xwithunliImcolume Of $700 a year, pid
our liv-ing expenises, insured our ives, saved
$6o a y'ear, anthpaild hot less thanm $15o a
y'ear oil ourIhotuse.
Meanmwshilie time b~usiness Caplital grexw at time
rate of $6o a 3' ezmr, and after a hi-t e ilvi'huns-
band] wenit itoIbiisinmmess forhim selif, smtndiows
our incomue is larger.
Sillce mi' I htsbianidi as beent itnbusliess for
himuuself ixe have still dixvidechoui-ncmeitol
alliowacli es. XWe halve found itat by doinig
this so sy'stemalltically antc ketinmg withinmtile
l imits, we htaxe beein able to spienidioilrmtontey'
to the best advantage. We consider ontr
stuccess dhue muaill)' to tite facet titat w-e have
nev-er boughtt anlytinig I(excepttinig the house)I
untll Iwse had time umoney to pay for it.
Jlassaichiey  s.
The Ladies' Homie Journial for Junle 19)03
Plage 23
LESS THAN                                  1PA                       EI
Real Stories of the People, as Told by the People Themselves
glad to furnish by mail, if stamped envelope ha sent, the name and address of the writer of any article in the series.
covered  xwithi buildinig  paper.   Titus  wei
livedthtte first wyinter, amnd I think I 5th safe
in say'ing tilat it was tlte ihappiest wi-iter of
our lives.  XXe kept ott iiitltis swayunitil wse
comlpletedth le htotuse, payinig somethinmg omi
the lot mteaintimie, ahdmiosy swe have a coin-
fortable $mooo cottage all paid for, amid are
XWheni I ami asked howi'ontt of uty small
wages I was abbe to get nmy home I aniswer:
"Not b)' savinug, bumt by spientdiing iiy imoney'
as fast as I got it for material for imly home.
Whteni I begant to bu)' humnber amnd nailIs it was
tmot hontg before I could see tile house grow."
dlfich gan.
Paid for in Two Years
T WO years ago I arrived in Georgia with
but fifty cents itn my pocket. I went to
work in a sawmill for $4o a month. I worked
there for eighteen months and saved enough
to buy a lot for $125, paying $,50 down and
giving notes of $2,5 each for the balance. I
saved all that I could and met each note in
due time.
Meanwhile I traded my lot for a pair of
mules and a wagon, Costing mne $200, getting
for my lot $135, which made a gain of $io.
The balance, $65, 1 paid in payments of
$oa month. I put the team to work haul-
ing lunmber and began to realize at once. I
kept on working and saving and finally saved
enough to invest in another pair of mules and
another wagon, for which I paid $iso, giving
one note for $,50, payable in one month, and
agreeing to pay the balance in monthlx' notes
Of $20 each. I put this new team to hiauling
lumber and realized as before.
Then I got married and felt I wanted a
home. So we saved to but% another lot for
$300, paying $6o down and the balance in
notes of $20, payable each month. \We met
allI of these. Then I bought a lot of old lhim-
her, trading it to a planing-mill for good
lumber which wvent into our house. Then I
contracted with a builder to build my' home.
Meantime I bought two more mules, pay'-
ing $75 for one mule and wagon, and for the
other I traded a hog and six pigs and gave
S15 besides. I now had thtree teams, and
began to haul all tile lumber from tile mill
with two of them, clearintg from $3 to $4 a
day. With the other team I cleared $I a
day. So I saved enough to buy my lumber
and to pay tile conltractor for building my
home. I paid the conltractor $210 to b~uild
it, the balance, $790, wvent in material for my
home, which is valued at $1200 and the lot
at $300; total, $iqoo. We did all this on at
salary of $4o a mlonth by saving, and inlvest-
Ing our savings profitably.
How ife Did it on $2 a D~ay
IHAD a salary Of $2 a day, a family of four
and a cash capital of $10' when I made up
my mind to have at home of my own; and to
that end I bought a building lot, agreeing to
pay for it in five years. I securedtils ample
titme s0 tiat I mighlt begin to build the hlouse
righlt away. The first $to we saved wye put
into lumber anld iad it hlauled to the lot, and
I spenlt my spare time moornlings atnd evenings
arranlginlg it and gettinlg it ready. Tile aver-
age man, althloulgh having no knowledge of
carpenltry xwork, call, if lie tries anti is in~dus-
trious, do a great deal of tile iniside work in
finishing a house. Ill tilis wcay ill four moniths
wve had accumlulated enioughl lumber to b~uild
twvo rooms of our house atnd move in. This
stopped our rent of $i0 a mnthtl, whlich we
thten began to add to tile building fund. Of
cotuise the hlouse was far from comfortable.
It was rough -board ed outside as wcell as ini-
side, but thle rouigh boards inside were nicely
a month job amid engaged myself to a stesui
carpet cleaning wicrks for ten monthts at $12.50
a wxeek, to hay their carpets. At tite expiration
of titat time I wxenht in~to the carpet-layimig
business for myself.  I made $o a year oxen
amtd above lily expemnses amid had considerable
timte for recreationi during the excessixe hot
amid extremely cold weather, whlen carpet-
layers are not needed.
Haxintgito remit to pas' iwe itad in twvo 'ears
saved enloughi mone)' to buty a house of thtrec
rooms iii a remote part of the city. Titis swe
rented for $7 a mtomithi. Up to last year ice
had sav'ed a little more than $600, switht whichl
w~e built a comtfortable house oh six rooms oil
part of the hot upo~n whticht xxe miosylixe.  The
hotuse is itows renting for $14 a mnth.
My success in securimig this home xvas
largely due to the econiomy of my iwife and
to Iter takinig the entire htouseihold tduties upon
lien shoulders. I miade it a special object not
to go too far in debt iii order to avoid inter-
est, wxhicht is a hanidicap to thiose miakintg smtall
iwages.  In buinlg my hot amid builtdintg may
home I onily paid $46 interest. WXithi this
exceptioni I have alwiay' snid cash for all I
hbuy, amnd it has sax-ed me niiv a diillar.  The
credit system is especially dantgerous to titose
Ilakiuig sitall wiages. A man us oftelm temtptetd
to ibuy nmore thani he really needs wyhen lite is
allowved to get goods oun credit. 'We mlade it
a rule, as far as possible, to buy tinmgs in
large cluantities: flour by the barrel, potatoes
by' the bushel, liutter by the firkimn, etc.
Titus by a wilfe's econtomy', thtrift amid pru-
deuce, by chose applicationi to ity) work, hi'
doinhg our dut)' to the chutrchi bothl finiamcially
amid iti attentdanlce, seltdom missin~g the morn-
in~g amnd exveninig services on Sunday; by
ax'oidhing drnukinig andt gamnrg, by livinig
withtin our mneamis, by cultivatimig a cash sys-
tem, wve have been able to ownu three com-
fortable homies clear of debt onl wages that
have not averaged over $5,5o a year. Amidswe
have also raised twvo bo3's and have once in a
wile taken moniey for short trips. In i90t
we spenit ten days at time Pan Americant
Exposition at Buffalo.
Btiilt Three Houses on $350 a Year
A FTER wxe swere miarried all I had inthtie
wsorld wsas a good conistitution, a wcife amid
$3 in cash.  I wsas thieni working for $15 a
month aild my' board. We rented tvo cieaply
furtnishied rooms. But my wilfe atnd I sooni
came to thle conclusion that syexvere going to
live a101ne if we itad to dig a hlole in thle
groumnd.  It isas our highest amlbitioni to owyn
a home.   But iowv could swe mianage to save
enloughI from my smlall wyages to make an~y
payment on eithler a hlouse or a lot, wvas tile
ptroblem wslhichi con~fronlted us.  We itad ofteti
heard it said tilat "' wvhere there's a will
thlere's a isay,'' ait I believe thlat senttimnt
was tile tmeans of our owinmg a home.
Having some splare titme from uty regular
empfloy-mentt, and a little kniowxledge of ilow to
lay a carpiet and hianig a wsitidoss-siiade, I soon
made acquaitance iwithl people tneeding that
class of labor aild managed to make about $10
extra eney niontht in tilat wxay.
We thlen resolved to save at least 25 cents
a day. After five years wc puirchlased some
Inucil-ieeded furtnituire atid still ilad $75
We thlen bought for $250 a lot wh'iich wcas
located iin wvhat wias tilen the outskirts but
is nosytile cenltre of a city of abotut 8.5,000
inlhabitanlts. We paid $5o dowxn, receivinig a
wiarranity' deeti ; the balatnce to drawx interest
at eighlt per cetnt. Al' health being favorable
and extra xvork plentiftul I paid the balanice
ott tiis lot iin tico ears, aiid our delighlt oxver
thtis cantnot be imlaginied.
I titen mtade arrangemetits wvithl my
employer to allowv me tite months of spritng,
the seasoni whien carpet-layers are in demiand.
Durinig tile moths of March, April and May
I itade miore mntmey' than m111,5 sa mothtljob
amlounted to iin tile whole y'ear.  WXe 500on
had saved $i00; thmeni we mortgaged our- lot,
borrowying $200 at eight per cent., Ncitli whichi
wxe built twso rooms. We paid tllat $200 off
in eighiteeni months.  Illtile folloxwing 3'ear
wse saved $igo, built a kitcheil amd cellar, aitd
iii the next twvo years saved ettough to raise
the roof and build twvo more rooms. Thus
wse had a ]ionite of five rooms, as showvn in tile
After our home was paid for it wxas easier
sailinlg. Practice had madie me so proficient
it the wxork of Incying carpets thlat I quit 111Y $15
Athenian   Lateit Model,
A $3500 Home otn $10 a Week
W E WVERE past forty years of age wvhen
wxe lost ou~r farm throtugh the titisfor-
tulle of a frienid, aitd made up our mlindts
that we must begin to save for a hlomte. We
had a daughter of twvelye, aitt a banby came1
later. Mil usbanid earned $1i.25j a tiny. We
first iweint into a building associationI. Them
wve bought a house aild lot for $1000, payinlg
$40 cash atid givitigtnotes of $50, one payable
each year, for tile balanice. By payinig $2.,50
each sweek sve covered the interest alnd paid
$5o a year ott the principal. Ill teni years wxe
reduced the loan to $5oo, all this timle cairry-
ing life insurancee atid conltributinig to chlurcht
and charities. The nteigihborhood itad grown,
amid our property' had increased in valtie; but
factories had conte in atid ce begait to be
surrounlded iby salootis ailti tenemient hiotises,
atnd also to lose ouin good neighblors.  So wse
bought a lot ott anotiher anmit~ore desirabile
street, mortgaging tile property', wvhichl we
thetn nearl' oxwted, for etnough to secuire the
lot.  Filially wxe exchantge(] tile olti property,
swhiich hiad cost $1500, for a blouse to be built
oti the tiewylot.
To meet our lixving expenises my wyife
turned Iter htanit to antinitg thtat offered, atid
our daughter itas helped her. My wcife hiss
dotie teacihing, baking, dressmakintg, kept
boarders, rented roomss, been econtomical,
wxatched all sntall expenses carefully, aild has
rarely allowed our grocery bill to exceed $3~
a wecek, althtought we often have visitors. I
have wsorked steadily and we hlave both mlade
every possible effort to saxe amnd pay for our
home, of wh-iichi xwe have every reasont to he
proud.  Tis lproperty is liowy worth $3500,
and wie tave sav-ed it all from ati income
titat never exceeded $t0 a sxeek.
Paid for in Thirteen Years
0UR home cost us comiplete $2800.  It took
us thirteen years to pay for it.  W~henl si
wvent to housekeepintgice mtadeanlirottclad
rule not to btiy anythinig wxe could mlot pay
cash for, amnd to live wxell swithint our mealls.
I wvas earning fromn $to to $mS a wseek, amtd
there seemed no reasonl whmy I should not
continue to earn as mtich if rnot more. So
we decitded to take ten, shares of butildintg
association stock, payimig $10 a miontthfor
it. WXe kept omi paying that for three y'ears.
Theit se bought a hot for $400, wcithdrawsinmg
the money' from tite building associationl to
pay for it.  W~e then took fifteent mewsh iares.
XWe got a local builder amid archtitect to build
the hoitse, borrowvintg $2200 ott elevenisitares
of our- stock, from tite buildinig associationt, to
cover tile cost, amtd closing tite remnainting for
shares, so as to reduce mntthly paymenits.
When the house was finished ise moved into
it, alnd by self-tdenial amtd hard wxork wse xvere
soon out of the woods. I did all the gradimig,
tree plantintg, etc., nmyself, early-iii the morn-
ings amnd ev eninmgs.
After paying ito the bluildin~g associationl
for four years I trantsferred the mortgage to a
tithe amid trust companmy to lie paid dli the iii-
stallment plan, at a loswer rate of interest.
The first effort to get the money togethter to
buy a hot is tite hardest. Once you have the
lot, the rest is easy if you have plnuck amid
will stick to your deteritinationi to save.
The seventh article in this series (in the July
JOURNAL) wili tell
"1How Four Families Saved
For a Home in Four Different Ways"
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