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Woman's home companion
Vol. LXIV, No. 6 (1937)

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. . . Tired of
"I was tired of penny-
pinching when I wrote to
you two months ago.
"It is not an easy task to
make both ends meet
The Beehive  when prices have gone up
Our Club    and our income remains
Emblem     the same. What a time
my husband and I had
trying to keep out of debt,
until I joined the Pin Money Club.
"I did not, as you know, make a fortune
right off. But my first money, $i5.6o,
earned in less than eight days, certainly
looked like one to us. In four weeks I
earned $36.5o. How can I thank you!"
Are You A Lady
In Distress?
F SO, I want to tell you how you
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When bills come rolling in have you
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Why don't you look into the Pin Money
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Secretary, Pin Money Club
Woman's Home Companion
Department 199
2.o Park Avenue      New York City
You Can't Have
feet as Niabel came up, and stood fac-
ing th? nurse.
It's nothing but a cold. Mrs. Syl-
vester thought she'd better stay in
bed. But Nan, that's the colored up-
stairs girl, is with her, and we're
taking her back a surprise," Mabel
"Are they' happy, Mabel? Jane
seems well.'' Cam's arm was still
about the little girl; she stooped now
and pushed back Jane's hat and kissed
her earnestly. They sat down on
chair; at the edge of the millinery de-
partment, Cam occasionally glancing
nervously toward the corset counters.
 Mummy, can't I go home with
you?" Jane begged.
"Not today, sweetheart.'   Cam
spoke composedly if a little thickly,
dried the child's tears and her own.
- But very soon you and Joanna will
come home to Mummy," she said
''and meanwhile I'll-I'll tell you
what we'll do," she said looking
about. " Come over here with Mummy
and we'll buy the velvet rabbit for
Joanna to go to sleep on. She used to
have one like that, do you remember
It fell into the lake from the launch.
And you-which would you like? Are
you too big for the pink one?"
"But, Mummy, I would drather go
home with you," Jane said wistfully.
"Darling, you will in a very short
time. But meanwhile you have to stav
with Daddy, you know. Poor Daddy,
we have to be kind to him too."
"But why don't you come and stay
with him?" Jane demanded.
''Well, I'll tell you all about that
some day. And meanwhile I think
Joanna would like the blue one best, I
think she would, don't you? So you
tell her," Cam's eyes sought anxiously
the doors of the elevator again, "you
tell her that in a very few days you and
she are coming down to the farm
again- Good-by, my precious, here's
Mummy's elevator-tell my Joanny-
girl to get well quick-go on," said
Cam to the operator in a hard tone.
2   THE car shot down as the door
closed. But not before she saw
Jane's face: she was trying not to cry,
the darling, trying to be good and
brave, but with her cheeks all in a
pucker and the mouth trembling, with
great tears brimming and spilling in the
innocent blue eyes.
"'Late, darling!" John said when she
entered the hotel room an hour later.
"What did you do?"
"Took a walk," Cam said going
straight to the bedroom window.
"They kept you trying on that
dress. You look all done in."
"I'm not. No; there was nothing
to do to the dress," Cam said.
' Well, get some rest anyway, dar-
ling. I'm going to take a bath and
then rap off a few letters. Do you love
me?" John asked. Her face was not
turned toward him, but he heard her
completely reassuring laugh from her
dressing table
"Dearly, dearly, dearly, idiot!" she
"And are you glad you're going to
be the prettiest woman at this jam-
boree tonight?"
"In that dress? It's the sort of
thing every woman dreams of," said
Cam. " I can't go on this way, life
can't be as mixed up as this!" she said
in her heart.
This is the famous guarantee that made NewA
no a t e sensa ono   ewecee
field! NewShinola is guaranteed nottoruhoff.
2.                               3. 9aarawzta3.
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Grase staine,oil and grease stains, dirt stains,  See your white shoes restored to that smart,
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joe and 2
For nap.-.urfaced whit,  h   u-e Shinola
Woman's Home Companion June 1937

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