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Woman's home companion
Vol. LXIV, No. 6 (1937)

Tabor, Grace
The garage in the garden,   p. 107 PDF (672.6 KB)

Page 107

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Daisy: ( iiod glorv. I work
Aunt Susan: lirwhY? How
did It hiappenl, Daisy?
Daisy: 0h, Aunty, it's been
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The Garaqe in the Garden
INTELLIGENT      gardeners are
beginning to consider the garage
as a feature of the composition, es-
pecially on the little place. A setting
which brings out its diminutive charm
is provided and the garage treatment
echoes that of the house on a small
In the Mayfair community, a Chi-
cago suburb, this is demonstrated de-
lightfully. Much thought also has
been given to the placing and treat-
ment of the garage as it affects not
only the owner's garden but that of
the neighbors' gardens next door and
at the rear. Structures alike as peas in
a pod have become individual and
The four exposures of the walls pre-
sent wholly different possibilities. A
garage on the south side of a garden
offers a wall with northern exposure
where the suit comes only briefly. A
garage on the north side reverses the
problem, supplying a very sunny
southern exposure. East and west
exposures have other characteristics
needing special consideration. Thus
there is opportunity to use a wide
variety of plants in such a community
as Mayfair.
On northern exposures evergreens or
masses of hardy ferns are favorites. On
other exposures and in the gardens
generally small and what might be
called modest kinds of perennials and
annuals are used  so carrying out the
miniaturescaleofthings. Sweet alyssum
and ageratum are everywhere. Flower
boxes are an important adjunct to
these garages in gardens and in them
are grown such constant bloomers as
petunias, myrtle and geraniums. There
is no monotony either in boxes or in
gardens because different colors and
varieties are chosen.
In these Mayfair gardens, something
in bloom all the time is the aim. Early
spring bulbs are used plentifully but
not to such an extent as to crowd out
the flowers of the next month. Pansies
are popular, followed by iris. Phlox
and dwarf hardy asters carry the dis-
play charmingly through the summer.
Aunt Susan: top is ne those
don't wash clean, and switch
to Fels-Naptha Soap. It's
one sure wa to get all tlthe
dirt-thanks to its wvon1der-
fully rich golden soap with
,4  laof  aptha right in it.
Daisy: Oh, why didn't I
thInk of that before! I'll try
leSNata right away!
Woman's Home Companion June 1937
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