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Woman's home companion
Vol. LXIV, No. 6 (1937)

Price, Llewellyn
A vacation cottage,   p. 106 PDF (648.6 KB)

Page 106

Vacation Cotraq e
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4  THE three levels of this house are an interest-
ing feature of it. Combination living- and
dining-room, bath, two bedrooms and hall are on
one level; you descend a few steps from the hall
into the garage; you ascend a few other steps from.
the hall into two dormitory bedrooms over the
garage. As the garage does not need to be as high
as tiIe bedrooms each side of it, this arrangement
EMmmmmm IS  b (     m
perimits extra space for the bedrooms above it. The
coimpactness of all this is shown in the cross sec-
tion cut through the garage and the two sets of
bedrooms, below at the left. The cross section be-
low at the right shows the inner wall of the con-
hination living- and dining-room which extends to
the roof; the two small windows give light to
upstairs closets each side of the chimney.
'.I  BETWEEN the smooth routine of a perma-
ient home and roughing it in a tent there is
a delightful kind of simuplified living in such a
house as the one shown on this page. It is in-
formal, rustic, purely vacational; a place to rest,
to eat; a shelter from the rain.
This cottage in which the gable ends are deco-
rated with a gay painted design suggests a Swiss
chalet. Log cabin siding covers the walls. The
house is easy of construction and the planning
is concerned with levels rather than with stories.
While this is actually a one-story structure vet
there are three separate levels. The result is eco-
nomical compactness.
The large combination living- and dining-
room, low at the eaves, reaches to the ridge, with
decorative rafters and hoarded walls.
Across the center of the house is a band of
plumbing installations that make for great con-
venience in living. Note that the lavatory is
separated from  the bathroom and that there
are set bowls in the bedrooms to insure wash-
ing facilities, always a problem in a large house-
Through the garage entrance to the hall, with-
oit tramping through the living-room, persons in
wet bathing suits may enter and go to bathroom
or bedrooms. Supplies for the kitchen may also
be brought in by this entrance.
There is plenty of cross ventilation. On the
upper level air comes in the windows, flows
through the transoms and out V way of the
ventilation ridge dorneis. MI uch of the furni-
ture, such as bedroom bunks, dressers and
drawers, is built in.
This house can be constructed for about $2.6oo
of which the labor cost is estimated at 6o per
cent. It would be perfectly possible for an ama-
teur carpenter to do much of the work himself.
L_  -J . 
Plent of room for a lif fnmilv or a licvse party in this sumner cottagr
. painied jor the simple life
Blueprints of working plans, designs
for painting gable ends, bill of mate-
rials and specifications will be sent for
$1.00. Ask for Swiss Chalet, House
Plan 60, and address Woman's Home
Companion, Service Bureau, 250 Park
Avenue, New York City.

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