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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 118, No. 6 (June, 1931)

[Continued articles and works],   pp. 66-87 PDF (13.4 MB)

Page 67

JUNE, 19J1 6
Cool, comfortable
protection for sheer
summer frocks
Y   OU'LL find that you can wear Modess under the
softest of clinging chiffons, or the thinnest of
daytime dresses, with a comforting feeling of perfect
safety-knowing that their fresh daintiness will be
carefully preserved.
Besides being absolutely safe, the softly fluffed,
evenly absorbent filler material is the coolest sort of
protection there is. All the edges and corners are
gently rounded, and the flexible filler smoothly shapes
itself to the figure. So Modess will never be conspicu-
ous. And Modess is deodorant-easily disposable.
There are two types of Modess-Regular and the
new Compact. Modess Regular is standard thick-
ness. Many thousands of women already know that
it is the best possible sort of sanitary protection.
The Compact is Modess Regular, gently compressed
to half its thickness. It is designed to supplement
the Regular for wear with evening clothes and thin
summer dresses-for packing in the week-end bag-
for times when less thickness is necessary. Many
women-and young girls particularly-will find that
the Compact is satisfactory at all times.
The next time you buy, try a box of each. See
what a perfect combination they are.
World's largest makers ofhrgical dressings, bandages, Red Cross absorbent cotton, etc.
Aodess Compact and Modeus Regular are packed
in boxes of twelve-and are priced the same.

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