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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 118, No. 6 (June, 1931)

Alyea, Dorothy Collins
June days,   pp. 58-59 PDF (1.4 MB)

Page 59

JUNE, 1931
Discovered! Pepsodent Antiseptic Mouth Wash checks
bad breath longer than other leading mouth antiseptics!!
Is 3 to 11* times more powerful in killing germs!!!
AGAIN science discovers something
new. This time a recent and sensa-
tional advance is made in the field of
deadly bacteria. A revolutionary mouth
wash has been developed that is 3 to 11*
times more powerful in killing germs than
many other leading mouth antiseptics.
This is the unqualified and official
opinion of great bacteriological labora-
tories, and by individual scientists who
have made extensive tests with its new
From Pepsodent laboratories
This remarkable discovery is a new and
powerful weapon in fighting germs. It
combats, immediately, the social evil of
bad breath.
The formula comes from the Pepso-
dent tooth paste laboratories, whose con-
tribution to dental hygiene has won high
recognition. Under the label of Pepso-
dent Antiseptic Mouth Wash it is being
widely distributed in the public interest.
Cleanses-purifies the mouth
The active agent used in Pepsodent
Mouth Wash, as determined by standard
tests, is many times more potent than
pure carbolic acid, for all time the stand-
ard germicide. Pepsodent Mouth Wash
is non-poisonous, safe and soothing.
Immediately after you use it, 95% of
the germs in the mouth are destroyed.
Their number is still reduced 70% at the
end of two hours' time-that is far longer
acting than other leading mouth washes.
"We find," states one laboratory,
"Pepsodent Mouth Wash kills the stub-
born pus-producing germs (M. Aureus)
in the fastest time it is possible for sci-
ence to record-we believe faster than
has previously been the standard for
other leading mouth washes."
Checks bad breath
With this revolutionary discovery comes
a social safeguard: remarkable protection
against offensive breath. A laboratory
director states: "Tests prove    A
conclusively that Pepsodent
Mouth Wash overcomes bad
breath 1 to 2 hours longer than
many other leading antiseptic
mouth washes."
At your druggist's -today
Your druggist has just received
this new discovery. Go today and
get a bottle. Secure this added
protection to your family's
health plus the greater assurance
of a pure, sweet breath.
Consult Your
Dentist, Physician
In the opinion of some au-
thorities, most breath odors
come from such minor causes
as neglected, unclean mouth,
tooth decay, slight infections
of nose and throat, excessive
smoking. If, after using
Pepsodent Mouth Wash, bad
breath persists in returning,
seek medical and dental ad-
vice to remove the cause.
Pepsodent mouth wash is highly
antiseptic when diluted with sev.
eval parts of water. Hence, it goes
many times as far as many mouth
washes which must be used FULL
STRENGTH to be effective.
Pepsodent Antiseptic Mouth Wash
A revolutionary mouth wash just discovered by the Pepsodent tooth paste laboratories

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