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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 118, No. 6 (June, 1931)

Ufford, Helen
The new table ensemble: china and silver of the same design,   pp. 38-39 PDF (930.6 KB)

Page 39

J UN E, 1931
against this common error in choosing soap
W OMEN prize youth. Men are attracted
to youth. Youth means radiance,
beauty, natural charm. "That schoolgirl com-
plexion" is responsible for more conquests
than men will admit.
Palmolive Soap is made for one purpose-
and one only-to keep lovely complexions
young-to keep that schoolgirl complexion.
Ordinary soaps may harm
Don't be misled. Just ordinary soaps-what-
ever their claims-will not do for you what
Palmolive does.
Until women saw the value of Palmolive as
a beauty cleanser, few used soap on the face.
When the cosmetic oils of olive and. palm
were blended in a complexion soap millions,
on expert advice, turned to this new, simple,
natural beauty method. Millions of lovely
complexions testify to its value.
Today over 20,000 leading beauty experts
- recognized specialists - urge the use of
Palmolive. Because they know the use of
this soap makes their work easier and surer
of perfect results. No other soap-no other
beauty aid-has or ever had such a weight of
professional authority back of it.
Why will these important beauty spe-
cialists with a large clientele stake their repu-
tations on this strong recommendation? It
is important for you to know.
Olive and palm oils
Palmolive-uniquely-is made of olive and
palm oils-no other fats whatever. This is
very important to you who would use soap
on the face. Nothing in all ages has com-
pared with a blend of olive and palm oils
for skin care and beauty. More women know
that-more believe it today than ever before.
There is nothing in Palmolive to roughen
or dry the skin. Only the "deep cleansing,"
lotion-like lather so peculiar to a soap con-
taining olive oil. No wonder beauty spe-
cialists urge it.
They see its results. They note the smooth,
soft, clear complexions that result.
If you want to keep that schoolgirl com-
plexion, choose Palmolive Soap-and no
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