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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 119, No. 1 (July, 1931)

Graeve, Oscar
The living Delineator,   pp. 4-[6] PDF (1.6 MB)

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WH AT                                          MEN
LOOK                                           F O R                              i                  e1         L G ir
tle                   M arry
INI AGINE what a fascinating time Ive had! I've been inter-
viewing fifty eligible bachelors-discovering at first hand what
young men look for in the girls they marry.
All of them were charming. All of them-after a little pre-
liminary laughter-were serious as could be about it.
They wanted-oh, such possible things, it seemed to me.
Everyday traits. Good, honest qualities . . . And 48 out of the
30 agreed that they want a girl whose charm is natural!
Isn't that nice to know? Because so many of us already
possess the first requisite of natural beauty-a healthy skin;
and so many others can have it, with just a little more care.
73 dermatologists approve Camay
I consulted 73 dermatologists on this very matter of complex-
ions. (Dermatologists, you know, are physicians who special-
ize in the care of the skin.) c    ow, I asked, can we keep complex-
ions fresh and natural under trying modern conditions?
Every one of these famous specialists advised daily soap-
and-water cleansing-with a gentle soap. Every one of them
agreed that Camay is an ideally gentle soap, so mild that they
themselves prescribe it.
No soap bit c ara has ever received such nelical approml!
So, on the best professional authority in America (and on
my own very feminine personal advice) do use Camay if you
want to keep your complexion naturally lovely. It's a fas-
cinating soap -cameo-white, deliciously fragrant, frothing in-
stantly to creamy velvet lather. Try Camay cleansing twice
daily for a week. Watch your skin glow with the fresh, clean,
natural beauty that men demand!        A  a    (ando
A RisiNG Uwn to ARCHITECT selected this lovely painting as typifying
most nearly his ideal girl. "The girl I'll want to marryl," he told me, "will be
more of a companion than anything else ... She'll toss me a little unearned       C13.P    "
flattery now and then because she'll know I need it. She'll be trim and smart.
She'll have really loven skin-laughing eyes-nice hands ... Men and women
will like her because '-he's genuine and natural and good company."
For tke /mrb naturaLL                             men, adnre
J ULY, 11)3 1

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