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The style book of slenderizing fashions: spring and summer 1935

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Page 19

j25S252LPN CL
Fashion Says,
"Face Forward"
25 S 252-Foreheads are
out in the open again,
according to this saucy
new Hat. So if you want
a brand-new, fresh young
look In a very cool hat,
you've found it!
It's made of a lustrous
Cellophane Cloth In a
Petit-point weave, and
explains its smart made-
tt-rder look, and the
flattering effect of Its up-
turned front cuff which
;Waks up so pertly at side.
(if you wear soft bangs,
so much the smarter!)
And there's plenty of
coquetry in those pretty
gardenias. nestled over
your earl Cool organdie
l,1ning. Grosgrain ribbon
hadband.    COLORS:
Navy or black, each with
white flowers: chocolate
brown with sand flowers.
sIZES: 21A    22, 22i,
I 1. 23'4, 24, 24',, inches.
"Ur price.. $2.98
Youthful? Matronly?
or In-Between?
SL         Our VARIETIES
take care of
EVERY t re/
25 S 254
029 8   NOVELTY
25 S 254-You'll never need to carry a sunst
when you wear this youthful, wide-brimmed
It's of a firm, fine quality of Novelty S
Braid, and has two rolled bands of satin rit
descending from the peaked crown to meet the
at base of the crown, all joinin at the colt
cluster of gay fruit and leaves.  yon headb
COLORS: Black, navy blue or dove gray, i
with colorful fruit. SIZES: 21%,, 22, 22,
23,4, 24, 2434 and 25 inches. Price
Postage IG0 extra.     .1
For Fashionable Matrons
25 S 253-A stunning new Hat of cool Cellopi
Cloth. You will welcome its three-section er
especially if you "have lots of hair." A el
twist at side top makes your head look small
The smart, stitched, medium brim which I
up at the back and the pretty trimming of I
flowers will certainly delight you. Rayon II
COLORS: Black with red trim: navy with a
trim; chocolate brown with sand trim. SIM
2234, 23, 23A, 24, 24A, 25. 25Y ins. 4  g
Postage 14 extra.    et
Two-Tone Flowers
25 S 236--This Hat will suit every age and
every occasion. And it's only $1.29. Just
look at its smart Novelty Pedaline Straw
Brald .. itadown-in-front, up-in-back brim
... its effective two-toned flowers up on the
creased crown ... and high and low draping
of rich satin ribbon! Rayon headband.
COLORS: Black with black-and-white
flowers: navy with navy-and-white flowers:
sand with sand-and-brown flowers. SIZES:
22V, 23, 23, 24, 24W, 25 and 25% Inches.
Fine value at our low price... .$
Postage 12 etra, ep
25 S253
~/ /
25 S 243-Even here at Lane Bryant this good-looking
tailored Hat Is a surprise at only S1.59. Styled so
simply that you ran wear It with any costume, and
with a dsh of youth that matronly women enjoy.
It is made of a sturdy, but cool quality of Pedaline
Straw Braid. The smartly shaped crown is slightly
creased at the very top, and that soft, flat pad of
two-toned feathers, and trim of two-toned grosgrain
ribbon are very effective. Grosgrain headband.
COLORS: Black with black-and-white trimming; or
navy with navy-and-white trimming. SIZES: 22W, 23,
23!,, 24, 243Y. 25 and 25'., ins. Price.. 1.59
Postage 120 extra. $1.59
25 S 247--Isn't this a fine idea? A DARK Hat, with a
LIGHT rayon crepe facing to flatter your facet Such a
comfortable, becoming hat, too. And the facing contrast
idea is so well carried out in the matching color of the
big plush flower that trims the front.
The hat is of that great favorite, Pedaline Straw
Braid, closely stitched together into a firm, pliable
body. The flattering brim, you'll notice, is a bit wider
at side-front and is gracefully curved up at -the other
side to show your hair and cheek. Rayon lining.
COLORS: Black or navy blue, each with white facing
and flowers; also chocolate brown with sand. SIZES:
22%, 23, 231/2, 24, 241/2, 25, 25% inches,.. ,
Postage 12 extra. $1.9 8
-        RACELLO      STRAW
25 S 245--With fashions more feminine than ever,
this festive Hat of hand-woven Racello Straw hody
is very important. As you see in the photograph,
this lovely straw has a rough, shiny texture that
is new, and not too dressy. It's light and cool,
and is shaped to fit with sublime comfort. The
wide, contrasting velvet ribbon has plush flowers
at either end, and falls gracefully to the edge
of the broad brim at both sides. Rayon lining.
COLORS: White with rose trim; black with rose
trim; navy with white trim. SIZES: 221/, 23, 23%,
24, 24%, 25 and 25% inches. Price . .   1 a
Postage 140 extra.   1.
LANE BRYANT-Specialist in Slenderizing Apparel for Stout Women-39th St. at FIFTH AVE., NEW YORK
, - A

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