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The style book of slenderizing fashions: spring and summer 1935

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ST'(LES for the New
.... the right
FIT, in large
25 5 242'
*-       STRAW CLOTH
25 S 242-Here's a Hat that will take
you smartly through the whole season,
because it goes equally well with your
coats, frocks, or "softer" suits.
And think of this-it's Hand-Made,
for the small sum of $1.98! Its soft,
pliable Crystaline Straw Cloth is the
perfect medium for the season's new
draping . . . high on one side, low on
the other, set off by a metal ornament.
New matching "eye-brow" veil. Rayon
lining. Grosgrain ribbon headband.
COLORS: Black, navy or dove gray.
SIZES: 22%, 23, 231, 24, 241, 25,
and 251/2 inches. Price.. $198
Postage SO extra.
25 S 261-For the many women
who "want a small Hat, but not
% turban," here's a find!
It's made of a fine quality
if Straw Cloth interwoven with
Ocllophane. As you can see by
the amount of fine workman-
ship, it's one of our better hats.
Pull it Jauntily down over
one eye to get the best effect
from that smart rolling brim.
which turns up at the back and
is set up on the crown in the
charming Watteau style.
The shiny, self-colored satin
ribbon and the matching, wide
"wing-bow" in back will give
you a dressy. up-to-the-minute
look! Rayon lining.
COLORS: Black, chocolate
brown or navy. SIZES: 225Y. 23.
233. 24, 24 %, 25, 2555 inches.
Our low price-.  $3.98
Post. q4 estra.
Satisfaction is
gua anted-so,
if any hat that
you order isn't
right in eery
way, your money
ill be quick  y
refunded to yoml
25S 264
25 S 264 For those of you who take pride In a
Hat's distinction, yet want one with a dignified
shape, here's a stunning model made of fine
hand-blocked, hand-woven Sfeal Straw body.
A lovely bed" of self-color and contrasting
flat flowers on one whole side-front . . . high
crown on the other side. The piped, bevelled-
edged brim turns up in back. Velvet ribbon
band at base of crown. Rayon taffeta lining.
COLORS: Black with black-and-white; navy
blue with navy-and-white; or chocolate brown
with brown-and-sand flowers. SIZES: 22i, 23.
23%. 24. 24 %, 25, 25 2 ins Price, $
Postage 1 6c extra. $4.95
25 S 246-It's fun to look at the world through a veil.
It makes you look and feel prettier somehow! Especially
when It's on this Turban of Cellophane Banding. Expert
lingers made this hat b han.d . . that's why the jaunty cuff
is so cleverly creased, and turned up on crown, and why
that fold, back of the cluster of flowers, is so becoming.
Cool organdle lining. Grosgrain ribbon headband.
COLORS: Black with white flowers; chocolate brown
with sand flowers; or navy with red flowers. SIZES: 22%,
23, 23!/, 24, 24!,. 25, 25  ins. Price.   1 .9
Postage Qt extra. i
25 S 235
25 S 235--You'll like this Hat if you want an every-tay
style that you can wear for best, too. It's fashioned of
a smooth-finished, hand-woven Peanit Straw body that's
light and cool. The broad, all-around brim is set up on
the crown at the side back, in becoming Watteau effect.
The crown base Is edged with grosgrain ribbon, and the long
bow of matching color Cire ribbon tied on to an oval "ring"
ornament is youthful. Grosgrain ribbon headband.
COLORS: Black, chocolate brown or navy. SIZES:
22 ,. 23, 235, 24, 24Y2. 25 and 2550 inches. One of our
most amazing values. Our very low price... 1.00
Postage 14t extra.
25 5 257                  25S256
PAoAo        *  -         GENUI NE           L
PANAMA 9              1  PANAMA
Here's the classic, natural straw color, hand-woven
"Panama Hat" that smart women wear with everything.
We modeled it on many different types of heads and faces,
to make it becoming to everyone, and trimmed it with
black grosgrain ribbon, tied in a becoming bow. Then we
made it up in two straws, one a real Panama. one a very
good imitation-at two very low prices. Grosgrain ribbon
headband. COLOR: Natural straw color with black
ribbon. SIZES: 211/, 22, 22%, 23, 23%, 24 and 241/2 ins.
25 S 257-Of fine, firm Toyo (simulated Panama).
Amazing value at this exceptionally low price,
Postage 14c extra. 1.I U9
25 S 258--Of exquisite, genuine Panama... $ .
Postage 14e extra.
25 S251 -No matter how many other Hats
you have, you'll need a stitched Silk Crepe Hat
So smart, and especially nice for vacatiors.
We have made this one of a very firm, weighted
All-Silk Flat Crepe. Flattering brim is closely
stitched to give It "body;" and sectional crown is
stitched in a block formation. The twisted bow,
with Its smart ornament, is the perfect finish.
Rayon lining. Grosgrain ribbon headband.
COLORS: Navy blue-and-white: chocolatebrown-
and-sand: all-white; all-black. SIZES: 2255, 23,
235. 24, 243i, 25 and 25,q Inches. An exceptional
value at our very low price.    $1.9
Postage 14t extra.   1.98
The Daisy Picture Hat
25 S 241-Doesn't this summery, wide-brimmed Hat
make you think of gay garden parties and picturesque
clothes?  Yet it's just as correct for street-wear!
It's made of a fine Hemp Straw Braid. The spray of
two-tone daisies, and the Cire ribbon on the crown
will win you compliments! Rayon headband.
COLORS: Natural straw color with white-and-yellow; French
blue with rose-and-blue: or lettuce green with yeilow-and-
green flowers, (each with harmonizing ribbon). SIZES: 21 15
22,22M,23, 235N, 24 and 24  Inches. Our price,.$
Postage 141 sxtra. $ 1
LANE BRYANT-Specialist in Slenderizing Apparel for Stout Wornen-39th St. at FIFTH AVE., NEW YORK
25 S 241

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