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Hackett, John; Gammon, Roland; Ross, Sayre; Breslow, Sally (ed.) / See
Vol. 10, No. 5 (Sept. 1951)

See - the world in pictures,   pp. 6-[9] PDF (2.8 MB)

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LONG TIME? T                              MAKES MUSCLES GROW FAST!
--___                -
Heres the K
Atla C
md of
IHolder of the title,
"The World's Most
ild!etly Developed
Cup Wisser
This is a thoto-
graph of one of
Charles Atlas'
vejor    ui
Will You Let Me PROVE
I Can Make YOU a New Man?
All I Ask Is 15 -Minutes a Day -"Dynamic Tension" Will Do The Rest
I DON'T care how old or young you are, or how
ashamed of your present physical condition you
may be. If you can simply raise your arm and flex
it I can. add SOLID MUSCLE to your biceps-yes,
on each arm-in double-quick time! Only 15 minutes
a day-right in your own home-is all the time I
ask of you! And there's no cost if I fail.
I can broaden your shoulders, strengthen your
back, develop your whole muscular system INSIDE
and OUTSIDE! I can add inches to your chest, give
you a vise-like grip, make those legs of yours lithe
and powerful. I can shoot new strength into your
old backbone, exercise those inner organs, help you
cram your body so full of pep, vigor and red-blooded
From Weakling to a
Real Ne-Man
"You have changed me
from a weakling to a real
be-man. My chest has gone
up 6 Inches. I am a solid
mass of muscle from head
to foot. Friends and doc-
tors I have met have no-
ticed a great change and
some have even failed to
recognise me!"
--J.W., Montana
Gains 40 Lbs.
"Worth 100 times what I
paid. You not only made
me a man but you added
at least 20 years to my
life. I feel now as if I had
been born again! My weight
was 130 lbs. and I T my-
self to 170 throug your
wonderful course."
J.N.H., British West Indles
Makes Track Team-
called "Perfect Build"
"Am in the pink of condi-
tion and on the school
Track Team. As I was get-
tIng Into my gym suIt the
other day I heard a couple
of men say, 'Look at that
fellow. He has a perfect
build'. "
-E.M.. Cona.
Health 100%    Better
Dynamic Tension
"The benefits are wonder-
ful! The first week my arm
Increased one Inch. my
chest two inches and my
health Is 100% better. Dy-
namic Tension is the best
in the world.'
-W.E., Ohio
vitality that you won't feel there's even "standing
room" left for weakness and that lazy feeling! Before
I get through with you I'll have your whole frame
"measured" to a nice, new beautiful suit of muscle!
What's My Secret?
"Dynamic Tension!" That's the ticket! The very
same natural method that I myself developed to
change my body from the scrawny, skinny-chested
weakling I was at 17 to my present super-man
physique! Thousands of other fellows are becoming
marvelous physical specimens-my way. I give you
no gadgets or contraptions to fool with. When you
have learned to develop your strength through
"Dynamic Tension" you can laugh at artificial mus-
cle-makers. You simply utilize the DORMANT mus-
cle-power in your own God-given body-watch it
increase and multiply double-quick into real, solid
Only 15 Minutes a Day
My method-"Dynamic Tension"-will       CHA
turn the trick for you. No theory--every  115E
exercise is practical. And, man, so easy!
Spend only 15 minutes a day in your        S
own home. From the very start you'll     pbatg
be using my method of "Dynamic Ten-      to every
sion" almost unconsciously every minute   mine to
of the day-walking, bending over, etc.
-to BUILD MUSCLE and VITALITY.        I Nam
And you'll be using the method which
many great athletes use for keeping in  I Address
condition-prize fighters, wrestlers, base-  :
ball nd fotbal plaers, tc.Sendt ..
FRERE My 48-page Illstrated Book is Yours
FE- Not for $1.00 or 10c - But FREE
Send NOW for my famous book, "Everlasting
Health and Strength." 48 pages, packed from
cover to cover with actual photographs and val-
uable advice. Shows what "Dynamic Tension"
can do, answers many vital
questions. Page by page, it
shows what I can do for
This book Is a real prize for
any fellow who wants a better
build. Yet I'll send you a copy
absolutely FREE. Just glanc-
ing through it may mean the
turning point in your whole
life! Rush the coupon to me
personally: Charles Atlas, Dept.
253J. 115 East 23rd St., New
York 10. N. Y.
m=--M ---m mm -m      --   mm-m -------       m- -   m---
RLES ATLAS, Dept. 253J
East 23rd St., New York 10, N. Y.
me-absolutely FREE-a copy of your famous book. "Ever-
Health and Strength" - 48 pages, crammed with actual
phs, answers to vital health questions, and valuable advice
man who wants a better build. I understand this book is
keep, and sending for it does not obligate me in any way.
..........                                     Age........
.   (Please print or write plainly)
..                                         State...........

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