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Hackett, John; Gammon, Roland; Ross, Sayre; Breslow, Sally (ed.) / See
Vol. 10, No. 5 (Sept. 1951)

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HAVEN'T you often envied people spend an evening at home alone, they
who can play music? They get so  are never bored . . they're too busy
much more fun out of life! Always having fun playing. NOW - through
receiving exciting invitations. Meeting an amazingly simple method - YOU
new friends. Even when they decide to  CAN PLAY RIGHT AWAY!
FREE BOOK Tells How You Can Learn
QA4             00(P&4
Amazes nor ienas
I bet some friends that I
could learn  to  play  the piano
Quickly. They didn't beliee  me
-hcause I am     slow  learning.
Imagine their surprise last night
when I played for them. One
said, 'Why, Louise. it sounds
like you've heen playing for
Louiue Gomez, Oakland, Cal.
Mother Fulfills Desire to Play
"After I had been ma rried 13
years  I saw my chance to fulfill
my desire to play the piano by
the simple easy way your School
offers at such low   cost. In a
few  short weeks I could play
pieces a friend coo dn't who
took lessons foe 3 year.
Mrs. Joseph L   Newton
Lossw lle, Ky.
Now   Plays Accordils
"I ean now play any selection
1       on the accordion with eas
,t  I have you to thank for helping
me play the accordion protes-
atonally. I found your lessons to
be very easy."
-Jamest G. Collar,
Macleod, Alta.
"I Can't Express How     Happy
I Am"
"I can't express how happy I
am. I play for parties and enter-   .0
talaments. I never once thought
I would be able to play the
piano. Music has become part of
my life, thanks a million times
to the U.S. School of Music,"
-Cora Franklin Duke,
Bum pass, Va. .
Learns Faster Without Teacher
'I have no special talent-but
thanks to your method, I play
my guitar (according to Impartia
people) better than many sta-
dents who   have   taken  lessons
from teachers for longer periods.
-W and naturally at a higher cost.'
-Myrella-Mequeue Saint-Andre.
.d                           Montreal, P. Q.
13-Year-Old Reports
"$reat Progress"
I believe your lome Study
Course is much better than study-
ing under a private teacher, for
it explains and shows you more
about the music than a private
teacher would. I have had great
progress-rny friends were very
surprised  when   I  played  for
-Katherine    ailes,
Pleasant Hill, La.
"Easy as Faling Off Log"
'It's easy as falling off a log.
I have always wanted to play
and now a life-long dream is
being fulfilled.
-Mrs. Phllis B. Jones,
Blanding, Utah
How Famous Orchestra Leader
Set His Start
"I got My start Is music with
your Course. How easy it Is to
learn to read notes and play an
instrument  this  'teach-yourself'
wayl You did so much for me
that I've enrolled my two daugh.
-Lawrence Welk
... even if you don't know a single note nowl
IT'S TRUE! No matter who you are ...
no matter where you live . . . no matter
how little you know about music . . . YOU
can play your favorite instrument RIGHT
Over 850,000 people have eagerly turned
to this famous home-study method as the
means of making their musical dreams come
true. And no wonder! For here at last is a
way to learn music wihbout practicing boring
scales and exercises-without the expense
and inconvenience of having a private
THINK OF IT! Even if you don't know
a single note of music now, you'll start right
out playing real pieces by note-RIGHT
you'll play tuneful little melodies. Then more
advanced compositions. This builds up your
musical skill and confidence so rapidly you'll
be amazed! Soon you'll find yourself playing
anything your friends want to hear. It's all
so clearly explained-so EASY to understand
-that even children "catch on" immediately.
Don't Worry About "Talea" or Cost
Don't worry about whether or not you
have the "talent"-none is needed. And for-
get about the cost-it's only a few cents per
lesson, including sheet music that is alone
worth more than the low cost of the lessons.
Find out more about this wonderful easy
way to learn music! It can change your whole
life. No longer need you be "left out" of all
the pleasures of being able to play. Now
YOU can be the one who receives that most
wonderful of all telephone messages: "You
must come to our party and play for us!"
Instruction Sample
Let us PROVE how quickly and easily you
can learn music. Mail
coupon for our FREE
illustrated  book  and   XWAVfmed.A
FREE Instruction Sam-  musicIIIYOURW80I
ple. No obligation; no
salesman will call on
you. U. S. School of
Music, Studio A39,
Port Washington, N. Y.
(Special Reduced Prices       .
on instruments to our
mmmmm            mmmememmm   mmmmmmm           memmmmmmmme-----------------
U. S. SCHOOL OF MUSIC, Studio A39, Port Washington, N. Y.
I      I am interested in learning to play, particularly the instrument checked below. Please send  I
I    me your free illustrated booklet, "How to Learn Music at Home'-also the free Instruction-  A
s    SamNle of your simplified words-and-pictures teaching method. NO SALESMAN IS TO CALL
UP6N ME.                                                                                   I
*    0 Plane                 0 Saxophoe            0 Ukulat               0 Medern Elemen.    g
D Guitar                     D Trumpet, Cornet      0 Clarinet                 tary Harmony     I
g    0 Hawaiian Guitar       0 Pipe, Hammen,       0 Trombone              0 Mandolin
g    0 Violin                    Reed Organ         0 Flute, Pledele        0 Practical Finger  3
g    0 Plane Accordion       0 Toner Banle                                      Control         I
g                                                                                               I
g                             Do you have the instrument?..........
Mr.                                                                                        U
S    M rs..............................------....-..-....-..--.----..-.-----. ----... ---. ---. 1
  Miss                             (Please Print Carefully)                               I
I                                                                                               I
g    A ddress ............................................-- . -  ..** ....*...-. -.-...-......* *...--.
3                                                                                               I
I                                                                                               I
I    city . .  .......... .. . .  .............Zone .......... state. . . . . ..... .. ........ g
I                    NOTE: If you are under 18 years of age parent must sign coupon.
mmm -      meme- m-- mm----mm---m--mmm-m--mmm--m--                 -mm   e        mm-m-

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