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Mother's-home life
Vol. XXXIII, No. 1 (January, 1923)

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Mother's - Home Life
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The Truant Soul
From Page 16
Joan hardly noticed the man; she was
bracing herself to bear what was to come.
Lancaster got out, and Jenkins, contrary
to his custom, lashed the horse violently
and drove rapidly away. Myers and Lan-
caster came up the steps of the porch to-
gether. Now Lancaster was raising his hat
in turn, and under It was the face of the
smirking bully of the operating theatre at
the Avonmouth Hospital.
"Well, little runaway, I'm   back, you
see," he said, with a leer at Joan; and
Myers chuckled.
Joan stood aghast, looking at Lancaster.
He had the look of a man possessed by a
devil, as the matron had said. If this was
the man she loved, it was the departed
soul she loved, not the soul within this
same body. She could only stare at him,
Incapable of speech or movement, while
Lancaster went on:
"Well, I had a fine trip to Avonmouth,
my dear, and I hurried back as fast as I
could, to see you.  I couldn't stay away
from you very long, Joan, after you saved
my life. And I persuaded Mr. Myers to re-
turn with me. We're all going to be good
friends. Mrs. Fraser ! Mrs. Fraser! Where
the devil are you?" be bawled.
Mrs. Fraser's frightened face appeared
at the door. "Here, sir !" she staminered.
"Is supper ready? If so, we'll all cat
"It's waiting, sir. I'll lay another place,"
said the matron.
"Good! Then we'll go in. What do you
say, Joan, darling? Aren't you glad to see
me"*' he asked, linking his arm in the girl's
and advaneiiig his face within a few inches
of hers.
le pulled her toward the door, through
which Myers had already preceded them.
But at the door Joan found her voice. Sie
pulled herself away. "Dr. Lancaster !" she
"Yes, my dear?"
"What has happened? What Is It?" she
cried wildly.
le bent toward her and kLssed her. "It's
the sight of you, litile Joan Wentwortb,"
he said.   "My, you do look a stauner
With a sob Joan tore herself away fron
him  and ran upstairs at the top of lier
speed.  She was choking with grief and
shame.   Hard as she ran, she knew    her
flight was an Incentive to Lancaster to fol-
low her. He went after her as fast as lie
could, and, as she slammed the door of her
room, his hand was on the knob outside.
She was just too late to turn the key.
"Joan! Joan! Open the door and don't
act like a little fool!" he shouted. "What's
the matter with you? Ain't you glad I've
come back? Say, I've got a half dozen
bottles of the fizzy stuff in my bag, and we
three will make a night of it."
"Go away !" cried Joan hysterically.
"Leave me alone, please, Dr. Lancaster."
"The devil!" shouted the other, and set
his shoulder to the door. It crashed open,
sending the girl staggering into the centre
of the room. Lancaster stood before her,
with evil, angry, mocking face.
"See here, now," he began, as Joan re-
treated slowly before him, looking at him
in fascinated horror, "I guess this is a sort
of misunderstanding, isn't it, Joan. You
haven't turned against me since I left here
yesterday ?  There's none of these spry
young farm-hands about here has cut me
out, ch, dearle ?"
"0, won't you please leave me ?" pleaded
Joan.  "Try to remember how-how dif-
ferent you were yesterday."
"That's true!" he swore. "I'm different
now. I was a sanctimonious mug yester-
day.  I'm in my right mind to-day.     It
gave me the blue creeps, being cooped up
here in this God-forsaken place. I tell you,
Joan, now that I've had enough good liquor
to soak that morphine out of my system
I'm feeling like a king. Say, now, come
down to supper, like a good little girl, and
we'll have a great tine together. Myers
doesn't bear any ill-feeling. And we'll put
him out after a while and finish up the
bottles ourselves. Anti say-"
He was advancing toward her with his
arns outstretched.  Joan sprang back to
the washstand and snatched tip the half-
filled pitcher, with such an evident deterin-
ination to defend herself with it that the
man fell back scowling.
Continued next month
The effort of conservative American
women to darken their ankles under the
new  long skirt has no sympathetic CO-
operation in Paris, according to Madame
Marguerite, famous modiste, who has just
returned from the fashion capital.
"When I left Paris," says Marguerite,
"light gray and beige stockings were worn
with black shoes. One rarely saw black
,tockings and then only with black gowns.
Parisian women either match their stock-
ings to their gowns or wear the gray or
beige. For evening wear the brilliant colors
of the gowns are repeated in the stockings
which must be perfectly fashioned and are
more chic if they are seamless.
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