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Mother's-home life
Vol. XXXIII, No. 1 (January, 1923)

Rosseau, Victor
The truant soul,   pp. 14-16 PDF (2.7 MB)

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Mother's - Home Life
from 160 Hens
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The Truant Soul
Freom page 25
The   ifatron  looked  agitaled.  "WhaI
ill we do*" sile cried.  'Suppose we
know, vwhia (fll two people do against a
man like Myrs?    Sapposw we hadl i said
who woutl have believed us? We 4id
,1 we co- i d    : nl we all lovi' the Dot-
i   t anI would rathr slay wvith him and
Ip where weo could than he discharigiil
and do nothing.'
Sh- looked at Joan piteously, like to
ilid leaght in wrong-doing.
I know you lid ylur best." answered
the girl. "lint why should Dr. Lan(aster
stay here in Mvyer's power. instead of at hi is
home in Avonmleth. where he is respected
and powerful?    Nothing of all this is
known there.'
The matron wrung her hands. "I don't
knew." she answered.  I suppose that imanfI
has hiad hin by the throat in more ways
thaln we know. Whenever the Doctor u1sd
0go to Av 0nmouith Mr. Myers would go
with liimI, and generally be,! come hack
witi hilm. Miss Wfentworth, till you cane
here the Doctor wasn't m11 ian: what with
his Idrugs and the hold 'Mr. M yers had over
him, he was just a machine.     And iMr.
Myvrs was the driver..'
Joan had the feeling that she should
no"t listen toI the inatron's talk about Lan-
easter: it seeied disloyal of her; but she
felt. too. that she must know more, and
speedily, if she was to thwart that menae-
ing evil which she sensed more and more
clearly as the moments passed.
"Aye. but there's worse than that." con-
ltiued Mrs. Fraser, dropping her voice. "I
spoke to you of the times when the Doctor
has come hack from Avonmouth, not a man
but a devil.  I said Iii shoot him then
and it think it was the Doctor who la-
dIad before me. Those are the times when
SI r. Mers has pulled ian  pulled until he
has  tilled the Do'tor down to his own
hl-vil. ()tlly two or three tinies. Miss Went-
worth. but thi village knows what he is
thon. 'That s Why the people won't dome
hi-r.  w-hen  the,v  arei  ill.  0.  it's  pitiful
t 1iss Wentworth aind my heart has
It.  when I  v' looked into the Doctor's
ft- anl seen Hit eys of a lost souil; Ty
h     lart has bled  in spite of my fears. For
iwtrrile then. M iss Wentworth, a dif-
ft-tt 111Man, a vicked mian. and I'd rather
s- lifhe  ctir lying deal before ile than
S: himi like that. But what am I telling
you this for. when that Iioii.donl's gonre for
ever. and. thanks to you. the Doctor will
niver he like that again?"
Joan rose. "I know that trouble is at
an end.- she si.   "And I am sure Dr.
Lancaster Is incapable of having misap-
priprintoed that ione'. And if NBr. Mlyers
ma  - him think he had done so when he
was under the influence of morphine, and
has been blackmailing him, that has come
toi an end, too."
"Yes, Miss Wentworth. And even If thi
Doctor did use the mone'y for some pur-
pose or other, he wasn't responsible."
They went toward the door. Although
she was not aware iof it. Joan was strain-
ing her ears to hear, through the dripping
rain, the sound of the buggy wheels. She
hail been nearly an hour in Mrs. Fraser's
riom. The sense of limminent danger was
growing stronger. but with it was relief
it   the hour was Come.    She felt that
h  ri-veI ti on was at hind. However ter-
rill that coming battle was to be. at least
it wiuil le a blind battle no longer.
Tlhe, wonen looked it each other. a little
uneasily. Each had something to be con-
ealed. Presently Mrs. Fraser spoke.
"Dr. Lanciaster could never do without
yiou now, Miss Wentworth," she said sig-
Joan hositated. There was a challenge
in the words but she remembered Lan-
iaster's Instructions to her to say nothing
about their engageient.  She could not
break them.
'Miss Wentworth,"   said  tile Imatron.
plaing her hanl on the girl's ari firmly.
there's something else I ought to have
told you about.  Mrs. Dann-"
 Hark !" intirrupted Joan, holding lip
hc!r, hand  for  silinc'.
lITn-ii they heard. a long diistlance away.
iil inawlible to oine whose attenti-on vas
not strained. like theirs, the sound if titi-
h-ls of J4nkin    huggy.
Joan hurrid'ut upon the vernil:ih nd
stood peering under her raised hai aiross
the rain-swaiped fields to where the car-
rin- rod wound iII and out aiing the
hills. The sin had set, anid it was be-
.iinning to grow dusk; a hat was flitting
under the eves, and the steady dlownpour
niv-ver cnsed. Mrs. Fraser, who had moved
In fiillow  the girl, went back into her
nain. There was a quefir. troubled pucker
aIbtlt her lips. and iliee she went to the
lT aiind looked intently at Joan. who had
t   itirred from her position (of expectatic.
Irs-ntly. Iliokig Ilout lirugh the drip-
in1h  trees. Joan -oilil se' the buiii' ggy crawl-
ip the hill through the ninl.  Slowly
it mved along the road.  Jenkins was
driving. anil there were two ien with him,
riot one. Joan recognized Lancaster: then
she perceived. first the hard hat. next
M.y'r's face tinder it.
Sh  shuddered.  The worst had iome
about. then.  But the last hattle was
joined, and under her fears she felt a
hardening of her spiritual resources. She
would not falter.   She went slowly to-
ward the top of the three low     wooden
steps. andi stood there like a statue. watch-
ing thi huggy pass tip the weed-grown
drive until it came to a stilndstill.
Lancaster and   3liyirs were Iuighinc
together, and, as Myers saw the girl, he
said something. and ith- other threw hiacik
his head in merriment.
M1yers was the first to i1escend.  lie
raised his bit to Joan and grinned. "The
Doctor's come back quite safe, you see."
hi sail, "and feeling fine again."
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