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The ladies' home journal
Vol. XX, No. 7 (June, 1903)

Ralston, Mrs.
Mrs. Ralston's answers,   pp. 52-[53] PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 52

The Ladies' Hoiwe Journal for Jiune 19 03
GaLOBE CoMrs. Ralston's Answers
GLOBE L            CORSETS
G v    aetLn S ractBrk Elec
tnayotherne  a usi  e they arthOl  One.
Io  tCorsetIhat in  very, )   qual th sesting
Ary 4tgare perfectly Ittd. A trial will convince yo..
reOne Dollar Corts  a
GLOBE CORSET CO, Worcestr. Mass
C anfield
Dress Shields
. hable,  elastic,  soft  and  pliatle.
nsist on having Canfield Dress Shields.
For Sale Everywhere
r~ e! Pubber Co.. 781 Broadway, New York
FOR'IifTHE   ;
"The Sahlin" ,,C7
Co.rse and F
Price, $1
A French
I -,  a -,
t lie
a-  a-h-  fth it.   ieA d fr2!. G" .-wa r ,
. L. TOWSIEND, T2SAasolmStrat ,Phraelphis
i          sad  ble tt f  lesie
.......       .....
Mrs. Ralston is in Europe to look over the advance fashions and to get new ideas for her
journal work. She will be absent until the early part of July. Any letters sent to her in
her absence will be opened and answered by Mrs. Holden.
One Dollar
T illion
Patterns of the most stylish designs in
Suits, Jackets, Wrappers, Etc. Ask your
dealer for the Sorosis Fashion Sheet,
select the design which strikes your fancy,
send to us the Coupon attached to ever-
Sorosis Petticoat and we'll mail the paper
If your dealer doesnt yet sell the famois
Sorosis Petticoat, send us his -Ine an
we11 mail you the Sorosis Fashion Sh-et.
Sorosis Petticoats sell for $i.oo atd
upwards a1Idt ane u  null oyell n:ie.)f
1o1I4A. MICH.
T    HE newest shirtwaistsleeve
is the full inverted gigot
that is, the sleeve made
with tight-fitting tpper, and full
bonffant lower part between the
elbow and the wrist. The cuffs
are somewhat deeper than last
year and button very closely
around the wrists with little pearl or crochet buttons.
( ther sleeves have tight-fitting caps, are the full
li-c-of-mutton shape below, and are drawn into band
cii ffs. These latter sleeves are cut and made in
two parts.
Marking a Bride's Underlinen
Should the initials on the underlinen of a bride
be those of her maiden name or her name that is to
be?                                     C.J.
The initials should be those of her maiden name.
temodeling a Seven-Gored Skirt
How can I remodel a seven-gored skirt which is
stained somewhat in front?         LILLIAN.
Insert a yoke at the top of the skirt and extend it
down the front in a narrow panel.
Lengthening an Accordion-Plaited Skirt
I am a girl of fifteen and have outgrown my
accordion-plaited skirt. How can I lengthen it ?
You might add a yoke of the same shade to the
top of your skirt, or a yoke made of silk and folds
of velvet ribbon.
White Vaists for Mourning
Will you tell me if it is permissible for a person
in mourning to wear white shirtwaists ?
MRS. L. W.
Yes, if they are made with extreme simplicity
and worn with black ribbons.
Evening Dress for a Roy of Fifteen
What is considered evening dress for a boy of fif-
teen ?                          PERPLEXED.
Boys of that age wear dinner jackets with rolling
-lars faced with silk almost the same as those
n-rn by men, unless they wear the black cloth Eton
jiukets with waistcoat and dress trousers. With the
Lton jacket the turn-over Eton collar is worn.
Visiting Dress for a lady of Fifty
What would be a pretty material for a visiting
dress for a lady of fifty ?        ANxIous.
Some one of the new fancy weave etamines in a
small figure of a soft color. One with a wvtetn
border which may be used as a trimming woultI
make up into a lovely gown, suitable for visiting.
Coloring White Lace
How can I make white lace 6cru ?  WAITING.
There are several ways of doing this. The usual
way is to soak the lace in coffee; another way is to
use safiroi in the rinsing water.
Separate Skirt for a Young Girl
What would be a pretty way to make a separate
skirt for a young girl to wear when traveling?
A skirt of mohair made in one of the box-plaited
models and set on a hip yoke would be pretty.
These skirts have the entire front breadth in one
length, which gives height to the figure. There
should be seven box-plaits in the skirt, and two
, mall single plaits at each side of the front. These
alter plaits are cut in the skirt and the box-plaits
put on separately.
Old-Fashioned Watch-Chain
Will you tell me if I can wear a forty-four-inch
watch-chain of a small link description ? Are they
still used ?                           E. ).
You are fortunate in having an old-fashioned
chain of this description for your watch. They are
much worn. Wear it around your neck and keep
your watch in your girdle.
Silk for Under Slips
What silk is the best to use for under slips ?
Miss B. N.
Taffeta, pongee, China and Japanese silks are all
nice for slip linings. When economy must be con-
sidered slips may be made of organdy or lawn.
Renovating a Silk Skirt
How can I freshen up a black taffeta skirt ? It is
ircular in shape and trimmed with two circular
flounces.                            IRENE.
Cover the two circular flounces with two other
flounces of the same shape made of heavy Brussels
net, and entirely cover the net flounces with ribbon
in graduating widths. These ribbon ruffles are very
pretty on silk skirts for summer. A waist made of
tilh rdt and trimed -with the ribbon to match the
-nyc: -'."' - a 1.;:a 1pretty dress.
Cleaning White Gloves at Home
Can white gloves be cleaned at home ?
Sometimes they can be done with fairly satisfac-
tory results. White washable kid gloves can be put
on the hands, and washed with soap and tepid water
just as one's hands are washed, then thoroughly
rinsed. Repeat this process two or three times. Dry
the gloves quickly before the fire, gently rubbing
them at short intervals to prevent them from becom-
ing stiff. Sukde and glac6 kid gloves can sometimes
be cleaned with new milk and brown soap by put-
ting the gloves on the hands and rubbing them with
a piece of flannel, first wetting them with the milk
and then rubbitng them with the soap.
Material for Sotummer .Jacket
Can I wear a red velvet jacket on cool days dur-
ing the summer with wash suits ?   Miss S. J.
Velvet jackets are hardly appropriate for summer
wear. A jacket made of a smooth cloth, such as
covert coating or a tweed, would be better.
Length of a Child's First Short Dresses
What should be the length of a six-months-old
child's dresses; also coats ?      MOTHER.
The average length dress for children of six
months is twenty-two inches; they should reach
barely to the ankles.  The coats should be the
same length as the dresses.
Shirtwaists for Elderly Women
Is a woman of sixty too old to wear shirtwaists,
or is a basque better ?            PCZZLED.
She is not too old if shirtwaists are becoming to
her, but if she is inclined to be stout a fitted basque
is better.
Wash Materials that Do Not Fade
Please name some wash materials that the salt
air and sun will not fade.  A SUMMER GIt.
A good quality of linen duck, linen crash and the
best grades of gingham and piqu6 will stand success-
fully the salt air and sun.
Traveling Suit for a Summer Bride
Will you kindly suggest a traveling suit for a
summer bride ? Would a white-flecked tweed or
a homespun be too heavy ?               P. J.
Either of these materials would do very nicely
for a fall costume, but mohair would be better to
use for a traveling gown for summer wear.
Lace Collars and Berthas
Please tell me if large sailor collars and berthas
of Battenberg lace can be wotn over shirtwaists, or
should they be used only on jackets ?  PoutY.
They may be worn with shirtwaists. Separate
collars of many descripti n %illl ,cottwrn with
blouses this summer.
White Wash Skirts
Kindly tell me if whnit wni hn skirts ar t ,. ,uwrn
this summer, and if so 1 wlhat materials they w, ill
be made.                              M. W.
Yes, they will be worn. Linen, linen duck,
linen crash and piqu6 will be used for them.
For a Hest Black Gown
I would like to know what material to get forr i
nice dressy black gown for this summer.  C. K.
In woolen goods, voile; in silk, pongee and cr pl
de chine; in thin goods, the flowered or a ttii
Colors Heroming to a Girl with Red Hair
What colors should be worn by a girl with r,-!
hair ?                      
All shades of blue. brown. gray, mauve, green.
and  also  bl l  k  ndi i b tf. wh! h h. hiso. -   r,( n I) -
come under          I    , r,.
wear a long  itl ail u- (rape:  an a plain whiit
dress be worn in the second year of mourning ?
B. N. NI.
A long veil and crape are worn for a year at
least; after that a bonnet or toqlue of mourning
silk or crape may be worn. During the summer
some people substitute the veil of nun's veiling or
crape for one of Brussels net bordered with crape.
A perfectly plain white dress trimmed only with
footing is appropriate for a widow in the second
year of mourning.
Summer Traveling Suit for a Girl
What material would make a nice summer travel
ing suit ?                        ADELAIDE.
A suit of alpaca or mohair made with a sh'ort
skirt of walking length and a three-quarter-length
semi-fitting jacket would be serviceable.  A three-
quarter-length coat of pongee is nice to wear over
a summer suit when one is traveling.
Page 52
on the
It is very easy  t remeb-e th- snme  N DY
the  best lusi-ey  mae, , aI  to  a f r 1 it  1  an en
olering, whiether it be in mens.  . n s  liiiles
ools. Ash yur deale, to show y. u  tring styles just
oit in our lare, I,,cvembroid-red and gn 1-Ile effects.
The GORDON DYE Trade-Mark is stalped on the genuine
-s earing this amtle. Lok for it. Accept no other.
ltiostrated -ataiogue mailed free of G,.ordo 1)ye Huioery
ant IF,         &   .1i .11//s I drC stear.
BROWN, DURRELL & CO., 102 Kingston St., Boston, Mass.
\   r  ticel  Silk  p il, 2 r :115 N t l .11o1t -    l Ire   M a .
Cotcelli Silk Mills, 25 Nonotuck St., Florec,- as

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