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The ladies' home journal
Vol. XX, No. 7 (June, 1903)

Alden, Cynthia Westover
Sunshine ideas for girls this summer,   p. 42 PDF (894.9 KB)

Page 42

The Ladies' Home Journal for June 1903
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Sunshine Ideas for Girls
This Suimner
By Cynthia Westover Alden
JHAVE outlined work for boys
and the grown-uip people, an'd
even for the very little chil-
dren. so now I shall tell the girls
what to do for Sunshine this sun-
mer. Some of my suggestions may
be old, but if so I give them to you
because they need reviving.
When out walking in the country save specimens
of the wild flowers you see.  Press them, and if you
know of no one who wants them send them to me at
96 Fifth Avenue, New York City, for the girls'
Sunshine botany classes in the city.
Clip from the newspapers all Sunshine para-
graphs and poems. Then meet with your branch
and make scrapbooks for " Shut-ins."
There is a lot of fun in a sofa-pillow day. There
is more fun in picking out the friends who are to
receive the pillows and presenting them. Never
plan a day's good time without including the doing
of something for somebody who wanted to be with
you but for some good reason could not. Send the
timers to her or a piece of the cake, or write her a
joxlly letter and let all present sign it.
Do needlework that counts. Complete what you
start and send it to some one who wants such an
article but has not time to make it.
What You Can Do for Children
T MAKES no difference where you live: take time
and collect a band of little ones w wIiixould never
think of an outing but for you. Provide a light
luncheon.  Deck each child out in Sunshine ribbons
and ask them to think up stories that will make
everybody laugh. Have a fund of funny anecdotes
, n hand yourself to keep the smiles always on the
itle faces. Provide one mysterious basket filled
ith "dessert." Then, when the time comes to
m-ipty it, let it put forth a gift for every one in the
arty -useful articles, toys, books, etc., whatever
ur judgment declares would bring the most joy to
be recipient. Do this and give your outing a
-unshiny name. and I promise you one of the
:.appiest days in yiour life.
There may be a nursery in your neighborhood.
On an average there are three or four cripples and
as many more frail children in such places. From
ecessity they are left out of many things that are
vely and bright. Give an afternoon to these
valids. Hold a Sunshine tea-party. Have the
nsement features in accord with the ages of the
.ildren. Play games with some; help others to
ut out pictures, and make a scrapbook for some
-hild who is too sick to be in the nursery. Take
several dollies. and help the girls to cut out and
mnake the dollies' clothes. Of course each doll goes
mine with its dressmaker. Have building blocks
:,r the most helpless. Ask the larger boys to be
sour aids. Let them paint the houses when built.
Add some plain dolls' furniture; have that painted,
oo. Perhaps there is a chair in the nurser v  ,at
needs touching up: maybe a whole crib. The i,
wNill never forget this day, and the girls, with t;  :
doll-. will dream of it forever.
Have a Sunshine Garden
Y OL have your Sunshine mite-box and ther-i
something in it. Take it all out; count tihe
pennies: then use them in carfare to visit the sick
in the nearest hospital. This is old, you will sax.
True. but just write and tell me how many tiies
you have done it lately; then, too, I trust that the
'ock you visited weeks ago are well now. New
inmates are longing for your cheery faces. I don't
,,,ant you togo empty-handed.  Call on every friend
wxho will be likely to donate flowers. No one who
has them will refuse you. Then the next thing is
to see that everybody, big or little. has a bouquet
left on the stand that is always to be found at the
head of the cot. I know a band of girls in Albany,
New   York. who have agreed to make it their
summer work to see that certain wards have fresh
flowers every other day. Another band has a
-unshine garden-patch-every posy from it is t, co
to Sunshine.
Do you sing? Well, then.let others rejoice that
you have the talent. Call on some more girls to
nite with you in learning part songs-dear old
mllilgs of the long ago. Then make a date at the
Old Folks' Home, or the Institution for the Blind.
At the Old Folks' Home supplement your singing
v asking to see whatever they are interested in.
1 oneold lady amuses herself making iron-holders,
_ by, you have discovered just what you want for
our fair! Then for the one making a quilt you
ave brought all kinds of pieces. Take them out
your pocket. just as if you always carried such
ings there. There are silks, too, for embroidery,
d a new pair of scissors for some one who clips
1 day from newspapers: and little bags to hold all
nds of knickknacks. At the Blind Institutixo
-Aig some of your merriest songs, and be preparexi
read for an hour or so.
From your minister find out (if you don't already
know) who are strangers in your town or neighbor-
hood. A real, true Sunshine girl couldn't rest long
vorntent knowing one of her own age had moved
uise by and was lonesome and homesick. Don
'ur prettiest frocks, and a party of you call and
-k her to join you in a walk, or, better, take her
.. Sunday-school or to church.
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If not              _______
Be Sunsshiny in Your Ho        e                                      AGENTS WANTED                           r
Albion      K      xcmoneyis
3T your Sunshine must begin at home girls                              The Toledo Cooker Cfund
wih          gosuex er.ht2h 343 Abo St., Toledo, Ohio                                   'T. L. CLARK HARDWARE CO. Rockford,I111
Mother has a wish to go somewhere, but she                                                              A     HRWR
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Find out why she gives it up. If there is a possi-  OLD  CARPETS         REJUVENATED                     hite's Superior Furniture Polish
bility of fixing things so she can have her wish, by all  55dx i.  i , ii1 ,      vaI.i            Best iiislx-cheapesi, bxcati- ii x-, ildi  Lire,
means fix them.  Mother has grown so accustomed     ' I -.-,:il ITC1 9 - ', I--sf-ileix:l...x                              lt-,xijl iicent,.
to 4giving up" for her loved ones that vou will find  L. C. BROSSY DYEING C0.. 102 Randolph St., Detroit, Mich.  WHITE & CO. 314 West 126th Street, ew York
it necessary at times to "make her" do so and so.
We are very sorry when our mother or fathi-r                  I SHOULD BE USED DAILY IF YOU VALUE YOUR HEALTH
breaks down. But being sorry at such a time                                          S oldOnlyinaYellowSBx-f,,a1--i lx-dl" fathe
little  good.,V-.0                                                                           iisiS .    -      ee           teeth.    li    ,ix,. k
Nothing takes the life out of my heart so quick)i;jm                                                                                like
as a statement something like this:
"Well, you see, I'm in harness now. Mothfir
broke down - been sick for months.  I had to comieIN-=
to the front even if I didn't know much."
I often catch myself murmuring: " Mother,
mother, your Sunshine daughter came too late"    A                                                          MF dyCof.Pi-cSretlotocm.tMh .a
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