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The ladies' home journal
Vol. XX, No. 7 (June, 1903)

Dolly's economical ideas for girls,   p. 38 PDF (948.0 KB)

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The Ladies' Home Journlla for Jiiue 19 03
Paint and Varnish
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tiiinkngfIfl-,.   -. Sejfce  i  , h.  i kio.
PRATT & LAMIERT, 79-9 7 TultaadtSt.. 355.1.. 'N..Y.
NMYTok      Bufsfalo   Chiag     _
Dolly's Economical Ideas
for Girls
OSE-T IMEllis, here ag i.s
\Jr~ ,          bringin., myriads of hbd,
cand bloss. Fiortnitit
injj~    deed is the girl, with a gar den
who has a birthd-iy this month, o
she may give a party and cull tlhe
flowers of her own raising for the decorations. A-
gat den is such a delight that every girl should har,-
one of her osn to work in, even though it he only a
tilts one-a cornser in a city hack yard, a stitot
N, irdow in her house, or a strip of lawn if she lives
i , the cotintry where it is possible to have mosre
,iace tot cultivate. Any intelligent and carefiii girl
cant grow some kind of a flower, and alter a few trials
site will he rewarded with some pretty hloostsssic-till
for hionme decorationis or perhaps So sell. atnd sithie
way is one of the plans for econiomy. Tr) it.-
A Garden Hat will he found usefuil at thi, i-sa-
,onru of the year. and a pretty one mtay he lad ioanid
fromtt a paimleaf fan and a yard of white Swiss wNith
colonred dots. Cut out a circle fronm the centre nnI
tite faii to fit the head and finish the rtuigh edges
with a narrow frill of the Swiss. Make a four-
ltooped how with two ends, of three-inch-wide strips
of the Swiss, to form the crown. Attach strips of
the Swiss to both sides of the circle for strings, and
make a face trimming of a wider frill of the Swiss
inn ittatcli the crown. Cut off the handle of the fant
atcl tack the ends of the how there with a stitch or
t-,. White Swiss with a colored dot combine,
lrtttily with the ecrui shade of the fatt and will nott
lade so qtiickly as does a plain colored lawn. Sitch
a hat costs less thati twenty-five cents, is light atml
snttfortahle to wear and very becoming.
A (Gardent Itisket serves many purposes dunn..L
nt-sitimer seasttn. It utay be tised to galls-n
cretrs and slips, to carry bloitms to a friend. .
a ramhle through the woods for a ctllectitnt,
iten beauties. Use an ordinary grape basket.
\r ch may be improved by a coating of greeni staint
ti~ saw clothes-pitis in half, stain them g rr--nt
;,:,d make aslat work all aroitodthe basket. arratra-
:rIlte thin round end at the top and fastenitng eau.
,,on hy nmeanis of a small nail. A smal-sie
i.a'ket made like this may be trinunted with a lightei
0.rcde of green ribbon threaded thtrough the slat,. :
tst basket is not inteinded tor hard usage.
The Strawberry Seasoin is with its this ninutti.
;-!,rding every opportunity for parties, picnics atto
I.T-serves. Last y ear oiie girl ptit tip some deli-
-:,us strawberry jelly in dainty small tumblers.
-sering each one with a circle of wshite paper cut
a t one inch larger thtan the tuimbler and flitted
;i  nud the edge.. On this was painited a cluster of
t-ies, and the paper was then tied downt with reti
>y , ribbon. 'T'lese tumblers of jelly were intentdedn
Christmas gifts to invalids attd friends. 'Te
-viswere purchased in the height of the sata.
ctthe best cou ld be liarat the lowest price.
Your Brother's Old1 Collaors will no dttubt he
ragg'ed on the edges after the winter's wear. atnd
vit.ont much persuasion they will be given to, pti
be made tip into ttrn-over collars. The starchI
.,t first be thoroughly washed out and the lintent
.,rt separated from the lining. From this pie,-f
:.n cut out the turn-over collar and finish it eitia-r
,,i! emroidery or hemstitchitng. 'Tle mtili
..n,d may sometimes be used for the foundation toi
;,.nthon stock. Item the edges again. stiffen \%itin
!,,rcli, and press. The sire must be regttlateni
-rding to the neck measure of the persontfhr
-'am it is intended, and new buttonholes be worked
the ends.
,"intter Gauze Vests, which are generally
7 -ty well worn out at the top after otne seaso,.'
-may be renovated and prettily trimmed agaitt
ie wom as corset-covers. Trim off the tipper
rt straight across ott a line with the armnhoules
.-n hem the edges neatly, and finish with a v rrr
-ted shell of wash floss. through which tot mc.
'ribbon. For the shoulder straps crocirt
instrip about half an inch wide, with a , .
ish on both sides, Sometimes the garmeyt
tdc'4g enouigh to be worn again as a vest after l-.
idown as descri bed.
.~Weleonie Home Party is a ntovel form  , .
'ortainnent for the motth of June. when scholars
teachers who have bteen away all winter turn
r faces homeward for the stitiner. The iter
tie writer had been teaching in a distant tla- ,
her hom-coming was an occasion oif gr.i
'eht. Ho'es decorated every room in the int,-.
the refreshiinent -tahle was made beautifuil
pinik mull drawn over the white cloth ait
.niered here and there in small putffs caught is!1
le roses. A  large bowlI of roses gracedth-
--ire of the table. Intimate friends were in, t-i
7an evening soon ater her arrival, and ever%-
ight more rtose%. Dutrintg the evening (,1
st related in detail some pleasant ialtpettini-a
:cially  interesting  by camtera p)hotuigrai:-
. nrprograms.te singing of songs, etc.I
-'rreally enjoyed ten parties in) one. After ti,
ghtfnl reminiscences of these home pleasures !,t!,.
urn, told of her winters work in a diiti t
.,o)] the account oif which, in variety anid ,,;
.-. a equally interesting. Light refreshimentis
itrawberries, wafers and cakes were served.
A  'sew U se for Clover Bilogaouns is to uni
atpillow filled with them. For thits purpose t .0
',otms must be carefully dried in the shade, turning
A disposing every part to the air each day. When
--yare wtell dried add a little fine salt to destray
lurking insect. An appropiriate cover f'.r a
ver cushion wolbe one of white pique.eii.-
-1nt in clover sprays and finishied around the i-
tha white cord. Another effective ctover it.,. IJ
made of white duck decorated with clover let
green lawn appliqued in scattered   huitt
l6ried rose leavesmtay also be used for arut.
filling, and the covers made in appropriate dna.
of this flower. A sprinkling of lavender may tbe
added if one is partial to this spicy scent. Either
one of these pillosws would make a lovely Christmas
present. The idea is suggested now, when the
blossomsn may ibe had for the troubhle of gatherinig.
The covers may Ibe made at airy time.
HC E1 r T  "X  Li  -Nz~r5
MUM32C                     1To the Woman
Health-Kee per in the
Failys i
11 hat1-  dl ...... Ii iate  our
is I it; TIMEMother's Course in
Home Nursing
iti  t . 1t'                     1.,
t ; 1 i1e applied to tic  t I i olyaHealth  kepairer bi I
ea l ter oodor  tet  Health  Creator, an Ithe  cia
1  -1 -dritaerarw tett clfl!f  r  ic  ill  lave  at  leu~
it s  nd"  atire. tli . d-  Ie
B. MORE &CO.      ~        /
I/          _  ,I  AG
Green St., Chicago, Ill, ___________________________________N.Y._
We Carpet Your Flow
pint t-It ,f the it
,vfioI'd if ,t"t
Sa n ita r Mf g. Co. iI c.) Dept. 2,
75ek ~~*,*ga%*
Fats 1 ,  o ri Fit E  60K,
Mto hke Msey tP., S.;,
2 A Friend Street  Boston, Mass.
Itt for i
H    . 4Lightning,
10k  seth  '.tt                      Blizzardl,
tti  I rt I.               inti rt  ciectiic  weltdetd  wir
233 So 5th St              fall off;au it iraivutsteel
Mipi  Pa                  o stht  il  o
GINSENGletk, ifree, tall tt
fA2R                              it FB hSL-Fx6  REILE.
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