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The ladies' home journal
Vol. XX, No. 7 (June, 1903)

Walker, Emma E., M. D.
Good health for girls,   pp. 32-33 PDF (1.8 MB)

Page 33

The Ladies' Home Jow-lial for Junle 19 03Pge3
To Seal Air Tight Simply Press Down the Lever
Sovry simple. A mere touch to close
oopen the Weir jar. And the Weir jar
nee                  rak   rmhet        hnkhwes
tthat makes fruit preserving.  Our air-
tight test (see b~ooklet) enale vou to
Al ~tell when you can the fruit whetheri
The Weir jar being stone excludes
the light. That's why the natural
color is retainedi so beautifully an(I
the flavor is kept as fresh as the (day
the fruit was gathered. The enamn-
1                     eled interior and the fact that the
fruit never touches metal, makes it
perfectly sanitary jar. The leading
fruit preservers put their best prod-
ucts in Weir jars.
*   Are Sold by Dealers Everywhere
Our Famous Recipe Ask)-our deaer foi Weir Jars. Anysize
from pint to ten gallon.  if lhe does not
Booklt isFREE   keep them, have him     write us. On
receipt f)t2,5-. to pay express charges wve ,will send samiple pint jar.
WVrite for our recipe booklet, FREE.
200 Main Street, Monmouth, Ill.
11. J leinz Cmalpa to', nakv-s of the "57 ! arjc/is, ' /;u,',rdered i, 000 00
f IL JA' '  /Th Pack in their Piy'scrz',.  and ripp5clel//e.
Its all riqht to be carefu'l madanibut
'You woul"d Amu- at once ifI scut you an
offiter Flottr -the Bread wo"Id ION
c /i n tho  h it can not talk-.
4,  "I' ,
~,fhe AII-D&.y
I    -
Sometimes us children cut up bad,
An maw she acts like she was mad
An sez, - Now if you don't be good
You'll get no Cero-Fruto Food! "
If she'd stop that what would we do!I
An so us kids git good as new.
Free sample by addiressing
Cero-Fruto," 150 So. McCamley Street, Battle Creek, Mich.
Page 33

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