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The ladies' home journal
Vol. XX, No. 7 (June, 1903)

Walker, Emma E., M. D.
Good health for girls,   pp. 32-33 PDF (1.8 MB)

Page 32

The& Ladies' I-oni Journal for June i10;o
For Health and
Beautiful Teeth
Cleans. brighltens, lbeattllls and
saves the teeth, neutrali'zes and re-
moves all unhealthNy secretion and
germs of di'sease, making the mouth
clean and wholesome. Hardens
soft and bleeding gums.    Free
froim acid, soap, potash, charcoal,
cutt1ie-he nfl putnnire--.ti ne and all
hars.h ani'n ieirln nu-. in,,rc Cients.
for 32 N ears. Nv I th the end~orse-
me-nt of dentists and physicians.
Sold by all druggists at 25c
Near inetlbttle,
hasip for tnt. -t
A ,MV4
I Wb
I "' .rtsnisrt   ooden box pr ,esen
tine delicate  :tn'  .n ; ,   cc  n.-c
FaUl sized box sent on rtsvipt of Si0 Cents
te:      --a
The Aldine Fire-Place
f.    eeaatei
-1.n  4 S.nA
f ated P'.
ft f s hes.ln
en te  tc
N k' I   ...  -  mf
Ally  ---   - i . 124 Court St., Synod Rapid., Mkib
SStricl FeshEgg
nie eggs nt- ue tey s-t-e  n
-.freight tran, sxtdays ina
-inis  eehaitin  hands tfnee
- ~e,. All I ask i . trial. Write
if-ney A. Cutler, Ionia, XMum.
Good Health for Girls
ByEmma E. Walker, Ml. D.
Qnetio~~ nt!!i/ be ontnnerd ocn this ;page every motn ch, but inquirer- u s? c14
i-,,e their ntccitt? and lcddresses.  Ct re-spnondents  tiishincg  otin,f'las  A
nnnn I ihtnnuld inclonse statmps ore addr~eissedanninpt'edellvepes.G       a
Cah Prizes
P-,                                                 For the Five Best Reasons why
Everyone Should Use the
'p        ___Ostermoor$
Adl                             -- - - - -                    et Mattress                IS
I' Sthit jtly thiittn
mhatimake top Itne
arger part of our
- n lives and give its conc-
-  stant pleascure or pain.
-   And so in traveling it
is often the simple con-
venneicces that will add
greatly to our comfort.
Even on a scimnmer tril1)
the hot-water bag should never be forgotten. Heat
is one of the most powerful agents that we have for
tine relief of pain, and often works greater wonders
titan medicine. Thne rutbber bag should have a
little cover of ordinary flannel cor Canton flanniel.
This will serve to protect the skin frotm direct con-
tact with the lint bag. In case of headachce the bag
may be laid at the back of the neck. The feet
probably will be cold, and the bag will serve to
xarm them and draw the blood to the extremities.
Tine tiny hot-water face bags, too, are a great com-
fort in case of neuralgia or an aching tooth.
Another important item which adds to one's com-
fort snhen reclining either for sleep or rest in a
suitable pillow. It should never be high ntr stiff,
as either has a tendency to cause roccnd shoulders.
There are twon kinds which are very convenient to
carry when traveling: the robber pillowt and the
dowvn pillow. Neither taken up much room.
THfE girl who is troubhled with freckles and tan is
atto see them accentuated when traveling in the
sinmer, as her skin is then subject to exposure. A
n,-r% good lotiocn for both is composed of a dram of
nnnninttnum chloride to four ounces of distilled water.
Nothing is more refreshing at night after a long
i%% of travel than a hot bath. If younceer have
t-nd the bran or oatmeal bag icc your bathc it is
-n .tb trying now. Make the baags of cheesecloth
atninut the size of an ordinary bean-hag. Make ttp
tine folloswing mixture for filling them: Oatmeal,
six pounds; almond meal, one pound: orris-roott
(powdered Florentine), one pound; powdered Castile
soap, one-hcalf pound. The soap should be old and
hard, and you can powder it yourself by scraping it.
Or instead of this mixture y-ou may add to the bath
simple bran - from two to foucr or five pounds to
the tub of water. Or you may use plain oatmeal or
cornstarch or farina, one or two pounds; or one
pound of linseed meal. These ingredients are more
effective when tine meal is boiled for fifteen minutes
and then pint into the bags. Tice ags should be
quteezed i nw ann lien Ilttatioduce tine full effect.
lie Girl N% ho Trav'els
If\n t are not at tins seashore you cain still base
a salt math my pcutting into tine tub a hiancdfunl of sea
salt, whiichc is easily obtainiable at any drug store.
Then a cold creamn is a necessity in tine suimmer,
and althocughc the formulas are legioin tine folloswing,
which has been given once before, is probably as
good as any: Spermaceti, ioccnce avoirdunpois, 400
grains; wshite swax,  Ocince avoirduplois, 370 grains:
expressed oil of almond, 9 fluid otncen; strociger rose-
water, 3 fluid ounces; sodium borate in fine powder,
33 grains. Thne spermaceti and ssax are shaved very
fine aind melted at moderate heat. Tue oil of almoind
is added and thne mixture poured into a warnmed
shallosw Wedgswood mortar. 'Tie sodium borate is
dissolved inn the rose-ster and is then added wtitih-
out stirring. Nosy stir rapidly and contiincuously
until thne mixtuire is creamy.
Do not use cold cream, vaselicce or tine like before
exptosinig yonr face to wtind or sun, hit afterwsard.
F A IRL/.1 uses powder at all a good time to dcust it
on tine face is just before goincg cut-of-doors. A
simple poswder is composed of seventy-five parts of
preptared chcalk aind tw-enty-five (tarts of zinc oxide.
fOr you may get one of those little hooks withc
powdered paper leaves which are especially prepared
for the pturpose of rubbing over thne face.
Whnen tlcere is open plumbing in yonnr bedroonm it
is a wise precaition to lease a little water in the
basin and to spread a wet too-el over the slab, so as
to prevent tine possible escape of sewer gas.
Prickly heat is a troublesome ercuption in thne
scimmer. Bathne the body carefully and wipe off
thne affected parts with alcohol. The followting
simple powder applied to the skin is soothincg in
this affection: Sicnitrate of bismuth, one-half
ounce; carboncate of zinc, one-half ounce. Anothcer
effective powder is made of a mixtcure of starch and
zinc oxide in tine propnortion of four to otne. Bran
batins also gise relief.
A preparation put tnp by druggists is called head-
ache cologne and contains menthol. Whten rcubbed
on the forehead it quickly evaporates, leasing the
skin cool. This is very refreshing and sooticing to
tired nerves and brain, and is an excellent bottle to
add to your traveling outfit. Another convenience
is a package of prepnared mustard leaves, whichi neend
only to be dampcened before applying. It is a gnnnnI
plan before taking a tripc to ask yoccr- physiciatn fnr
scuggestioncs in nmaking upj a little medicine-cinest foit
emergencies. It should contain scuch artinlyn ins,:a
good simple cathartic, bakiung sonda for burnts o n t-
burn, a roll of 1nandnageanni a pani r ot I i-isnrc
Sonie Questions I amn Asked
Ointment fior His-
I am often troublerd nr thInmnies. C ann \nnic re-
-inend an application for thnis distressing ercup-
tion ?                            MINNA R.
A very good ointment for hnives may be made from
boracic acid, two drains;onctmesnt of rose-water,
one-half ounce; ointmnent of oxide of zinc, one-half
ounce. Apply to tine spot,.
Turnuing Up the Hair
Will you please tell me if it is bad for thehIair to
be braided and turned up at the esids at inighct?
It is aetter not to turn tip the ends of the braids,
bunt to tie them loosely and allow them to bang.
1s Wined Alcohosl Irritating?
Is it injurious to the eves or the health to use
-)tnct alcohol in the lamp of a bath cabinet for
I arkish baths?                     C. A. G.
Thce vapor might irritate yocur eyes. but I do not
think there would be enough to affect your health.
Effect of Cold Cream
Will the constant tise of cold cream or almond oil
stimulate a growth of hair on the face ? READER.
Any preparation that nourishes the skin may
-rally encourage the growth of the hair if a tend-
-, to superfluous hair exists.
lIcInt Water as a Substitute fsor Cold
I am unable to drink cold water, particularly at
r.nght. as it causes me so much distress and pain
that I am not able to rest. I feel that I ought to
drink water before retiring. What shall I do ?
A islY.
TIake the water at biedtinie as hoit as you can
,ink it~a nip at a time, and you will have no more
Powder for Excsosis-e Sweastinag of the Feet
I feel very sensitive about the bad odor from my
feet. They perspire uncomfortably always, and thne
perspiration has a disagreeable odor.  L. M. 1).
In the German army the following pcowder is said
to be used for this condition: Salicylic acid, two
scruples-, starch, one-half ounce; powdered talcum,
two and one-half ounces. In mild cases a bath of
alum-water, followed by the dusting powder given
above, is scametimes effective.
Lott ionms fr Canker Ssss-
I arn trounbled withicactnler sores in rny tiinthnl.
Is tinere ally cure for them ? INQciitiii.
A good lotion to use is composed of forty graints
of sclphate of zinc to one oucnce of rose-water o r
plain water. Apply this every ettiner (lay to tiny
canker spots withn a camel's-hcair briush, or a bit nf
cotton rolled tightly on the end of sin irainge-snntt
stick. Or you cann touch them every clay (,r Inc,
with a bit of bunrnt alicmn until youn are relitv-ni
A Itessedly for Excessive 1'ernlesratitems
I sin greatly inconvenienced by excessine Inrslti-
rationi in the suimmer.  Cain you give nie a rneniy
for this trouble ?                         F. A.
A lotion for excessive ssweating of the palms of tina
hands oraxilla istannic acid, eight grains; hayrinin,
four ocunces. Even plain bay rum or colognce ater
is often effective.  'rie application of one of these
should be followed by a dusting powder. A fornccla
which is often used is zinc oxide, one ounce;
powdered starch, four ounces.
Tea Is Bad for thce Nerves
I am very nervous, and I drink tea to excess. Do
you think I ought to stop it entirely ?  LAURA.
Tea not only causes disorders of digestion, hut
also often has a serious effect on the nervous system.
If you are sensible you will let it entirely alone
Ho~w tAx Take Oil Btatikss
Please advise as to olive-oil baths. What grade of
oil is best to use?  fHow often should they be taken?
Can they be given with beneficial results after warmc
salt baths before retiring ? WXhat beneficial results
are obtained from the use of oil rubs ? What is the
effect on the complexion if applied to the face?
Can pure olive oil be taken internally with benefit
by a person whose digestive organs are not of tint
robust order ?                     SUBcS( mnIimmn.
The best grade of oil should be used; an oil runi
can be taken with benefit as a rule every other day,
or in notie cases even once a day. It can be givein
after a warm salt bath before retiring. The oil
nourishes the skin and tissues; it has the same effect
on the complexion as oct the skin in other plarts of
the body. Olive oil can be taken internally by one
with delicate digestive organs if the bowels are
kepit open and if the quantity of oil is small at first
-say a teasploonful twice a day: after breakfast,
and after dininer at night.
1 Pesnn sending five bet reasonos... .. ....$100
2 Personns sending five next bet, EACH $50, .--100
3 Persnns sending fiee next bet. EACH $25, .-.    75
5 Persons sending five next bet, EACH $10, ..     50
10 Persons sending five next best, EACH  $5, ..     50
125 Persons sending five next best, EACH  $1, ...125
146 Prizes amounting to. .. .........$500
Send for
"THE TEST OF TIME." vhjch tells :itIl the
good points of thle (SSTERA< sinNoIMATTRESS that wee
catthinikof. Vain i itint it e to orvic a itOsTEIOMOOR
tot enter this comcpetition, but experience regarding
its qualities might help you ill winning.
CONDITIONS: All actswters ttccstibe tmail edincot
later thtan incicinigict Jcl y 31st, 1903, and all ctctttpeti -
tcors nmutst answer all' of the tltree fcllowh iig qutestions:
1. Doc ycto sn an OSTeRMOOct MATTHEO?
2. 1 (ave yoct ever sent fotr a cnnpy of cccr free
book ?
3. Do yocc svisit its tnt send atnitcnce :1cnny yOnf
-rice lent of 'lime '" (loadi ed fiev)
sill hce illchacnrgee of Mr. E. A. Ames, of Octericncr &
tn., Mr. C. M. Nast, of Colier's Weekly, Mr. Geotrge
11. I Iteet , cof the Ceits ,j'ftagazice, Mr. EAN. Spnnauldi-
ing, of The Ladiet' zen mee Joutrnal, aiid Mil. Villinitt
11. Johniis, ocf George ittent & Cc., Advertisinig Agents,
vltci will ijudge ltce ainswers. (he sintnintgsciilibe
atncticticed  ill this  pucblicationt.
4tt' I nntin. ine,4  b.   1*0
Guaehranespepd t20ay aear
it 3nnnigt s  n  i tot i s  o  etrta  n  te
eSend yfoe onFe eta~l Ofer nidi Goarefned
lieuiarountwienennrate 20ti cllniYears
iv  n- Icry  inar i lar,  i  can i ttnnrnen rin ns  nd ,' en l
Iteisgine y  IT ret en rnte t hati r fnc , i tntI-i Inn 20l 'ear-
,at te Rip Van -ke S ring lie  is not  -
w  r yIn guaanr te  CIyntrLe ten -l "'y
5en"ilt nlntnl oreyarC paythef teine atnn
cIt Ie yn  nciinn  r e  fle S prit n  le l i~ d a d ,l
THE i - riO na r Spring ed"O. N2"Hig -St, N '"B I "tn
net   nf ticree-,ply. Atncsssv it,  cltednt ntn c-,fgirc
I rsiclit ti n.  ei  . ' iv re  ill tIef-cIcTet  'iar ,nr  2
B  il ""eTFE-ilntaeiCtge
,   t~rf inue nacce nf s n nrn nn  dalr
Sltrictlycigh-grcadsetig36   yi nol the  -dtuk
streaked niI nrDeliverednctle, Unnited taesfo $5
nn   G n  i  t lne O  o  rn  elr
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