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Woman's home companion
Vol. LXIV, No. 6 (1937)

Norris, Kathleen
You can't have everything - part III,   pp. 17-20 PDF (2.4 MB)

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)~~~T:/ //
nursery eager to engage the perfect services of Toomey;
two nurses were too much in any house and Ta fly was
getting big enough to dispense with much of Toomey's
care now. After the New Year excitements were over
she would see about getting her house in order.
But Mabel Would not wait for the new year. On
Christmas afternoon when on her way home to have
turkey dinner with Ma and the family, Mabel firmly
announced that she was giving notice.
"\When you leave the children in my care, Mrs.
Kilgarif," Mabel said, 'then it seems to me that other
people should not have the privilege of spanking
CAM wasconsciousof feelinga little sick. She went
on opening envelopes, glancingat Christmas cards.
Her mother-in-law and Tids, escorted by John, had
gone up to town to meet and if possible bring back
with them an aunt who had chanced to arrive on that
day from the orient. The girls were asleep; the house
was very quiet after the morning's exclamations and
"Did anyone spank Jane?" she asked evenly, a--
parentlY absorbed in what she was doing.
-Tumid did. But it wasn't Jane,'' Mabel went on,
in stolid satisfaction at had news. " It was the baby."
"Joanna?   Forces were gathering in Cam's heart;
she could not stop them. Flurv thickened her throat
and made her eyes see dim. To touch Joanna! That
horse of a woman!  \\hat had she done, Mabel?"
she asked.
- hv, it was my day in town. Nilew told me iof
it," Mabel explained. She was no more fIrtuonatC with
Cum dropped to her knees; he Aaw no one Cee
the name of Mildred, old Mrs. Kilgarif's personal
maid, than with that of Txmey. "It seems Joanna
wanted to go into your room because she thought
either I or you were there. Mildew said she kep say-
ing; 'Mummy !' and Maybe!' and crying, and she
wouldn't go to bed. So Tumid come along and picked
her up and paddled her real good, and so then she
went to bed, but Mildew says she was crying for about
an hour and calling you.-
Cam could not listen. Not for many years had she
felt herself so angry. She Would show Mabel nothing
of course; it was always a mistake to share emotions
with simple garrulous Mabel; but she would see to it
that Txmey was dismissed at once. She would have
her month's pay; that couldn't in any decency be
withheld, but she certainly would not be allowed to re-
main in the family another week.
Her little Joanna, so gentle and timid and loving,
crying for an hour and calling in vain for her Mummv!
\\here on earth had Tids and Mrs. Kilgarif been?
Placidly resting in their roxms, probably, quite sure
that the children were safe and happy with Mabel and
You come back tomorrow, Mabel," Cam said t ry-
ing to bring her whirling thOughts into something like
order, aund meanwhile I II have a talk with Mr. Kil-
garif and then explain to \oi what we decide to do.
"You 11 never fire her. You couldn t. Nor hin
citherj' Mbel asserted calmly.
' ThatS a very silly way to talk, Mabel. Toomev is
onlv a nurse like \ouirself. If we deided to tell her to
go of course she'd go, like any ot her nurse.
Not that one,' said Mbel.  T le old lady thinks
she's the only one can manage Taffy. He had to have
peplum when he was a baby," Mabel went on, not
very sure of the term but definite enough as to the
meaning of her words.  He had panocratic trouble.
She's a practical nurse and she gets a hundred a
month, and lots of times she won't eat with Mlildexw
and Dora and me.
Cam said nothing. Her manner indicated that she
had somewhat lost interest in the subject. But inside
she was boiling.
JOHN, his mother and his aunt, all arrived in the
late afternoon, and as the sunshinvChristmas Day
had turned chilly and foggy there were fires everywhere
in the house to greet them, and Can inMabel's absence
found herself completely occupied in making the small
girls lovely to go downstairs and greet their new kins-
woman, and in keeping the machinery of the big farm-
house running smoothlv. Aunt \laria Spaulding went
upstairs with her to see the girls put to bed; Taffy,
granted an extra hall hour, was capering about in
pajamas and slippers; jane and Joanna were exquisite
in their delight over their mother's presence. Texmey,
in dignified and capable attendance upon the nurser\
part\, was all amiability no\\ and Cam could not but
be a little comforted when she saw how quickly her
Jlotughters had seermed to recover from anything they
had suffered in missing her.
\Irs. Spaulding, who had asked to share this hour,
sat in a big chair by the open wood fire, approving the
geineral happi excitement. Between Mummyitiiniv s ret urti
and Christmas presents the small Sylvesters were
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