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Woman's home companion
Vol. LXIV, No. 6 (1937)

Fischer, Marjorie
Artist's life,   pp. 15-16 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 16

.It's all right," said Mom. "Ed-
die's taking Sammie to the concert in
the park."
"But not in that Indian suit,
Mom," said Eddie.
"Oh, dear!" said Mom and Eddie
gave in.
"Sammie, will you at least keep
quiet at the concert? " said Eddie.
" Well, naturally I'll keep quiet,"
said Sammie.
THE funny thing was that he did
keep absolutely quiet all the way
to the Mall. He was busy stalking his foe, walking on
tiptoe whenever he remembered and peering sharply
behind trees and bushes. The crowds of warm tired
people strolling toward the concert through the dusk
stared at him sometimes, saying, " Isn't he darling!
How sweet!" until Eddie felt warmer and more an-
noyed than ever. Darling! Sweet! They just ought
to have to look after him and they'd see.
The bandstand glowed with light, the musicians
came in and took their places, tootling on their horns
and clarinets in a lovely mess of sounds and Eddie got
and died away.
a program and found good places and
they sat down.
"Now remember," he said to Sam-
mie. "Just kindly remember to shut
up, for once."
"Well, naturally," said Sammie
indignantly, as if no one had ever
heard a peep out of him.
And he did keep quiet. Eddie
looked over the program and saw
that the last number was the Kiinst-
lerleben Waltz and he settled down
quietly to listen. The leader came
out and applause broke over the lake
Now the leader turned, rapped smartly
on his music stand and raised his baton. The Tore-
ador's song blared out and then the Siegfried music,
with a bird song rising clear and simple, flowing away
over the silent listening crowds. Eddie drew a deep
breath-yes, he would maybe write music too some
Suddenly he turned and saw that Sammie was gone.
The place was empty and while Eddie saw this a fat
woman came past the people and sat down where Sam-
mie had been.
Eddie stood up and looked over the crowds of people
in all directions; he did not see even the tip of a feather.
Sammie'd kept quiet, all right; Eddie hadn't even
heard him creeping out.
Now he'd have to leave the concert and go to find
Sammie. He started walking slowly out through the
aisle, floated out of the Mall on the rhythms of See the
Conquering Hero Comes.
ON THE edge of the crowd Eddie stood still,
looking around. Where would he start first?
While he stood thinking, the rattle of roller skates
swung up to and around him.
"What's the matter?" said the girl, still rocking
slightly on her skates.
"Listen," said Eddie. "If you had to look for your
kid brother somewhere around here, where would you
"Maybe he's out in a boat on the lake," she said.
"0. K. That's where I'll start."
"I'll tell you what," said the girl. "I'll lend you
one of my skates and then we could get around fast.
Want me to?"
"Oh, sure. Thanks. Don't you want to listen to
the music?"              [CONTINUED ON PAGE 62]
L.        a
r 4'i
SAM&1                 '
,A 4W
A.C 112
"Sam-mie-ie,- called Eddie. "Pan-cho-o," called Kit
O - --,

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