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Woman's home companion
Vol. LXIV, No. 6 (1937)

McBride, Maxine
She could reef a sail,   pp. 11-12 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 12

His eyes were on her, searching and interested, "Do you work around here?"
And he also plays squash, and money is no object to  fitted, and she didn't hear the feet behind her, only the
him."                                            voice:
"He will like the Spindrift," Gunnar pronounced  "Kid." it said, can you tell me where there's a boat
above his pipe.                                  around called the Spindrift?'
Marty stepped through the stilts under the Spin and  Marty turned around squarely and faced it. The
laid a hand gently on the stained bronze of the keel.  eyes in the young man's brown face before her were
It needed scraping first and only one coat of the  slate gray, close up, and his jaw was lean and definite.
bronze. She stooped and picked up a square of glass  Identical, in a quick prick of memory, to a stored
in the sand. She drew it across a bowed strip below  photograph of someone brown and tall coming late to
the old salt-scarred waterline. She whistled softly be-  a party. He examined Marty, boyish and slim in her
tween her teeth and moved the glass back and forth.  slacks, backed up, a terribly youthful silhouette
Near by, hammers pounded on a schooner being out-  against the hull of the sloop.
"Hello," he said, "there's a ribbon in your hair and
that makes you a girl. I thought you were a boy."
"I am a girl," she said. "I have bolts of ribbon
home. This is the Spfndrift."
"This boat?" He stepped back a pace and regarded
it. "Well," he said, "nice boat, don't you think? She
looks as though she could stand up to some sailing."
He had, Marty thought, a horseman's air. The
Spin might be in a paddock instead of a boatyard.
"You'll find her," Marty said, "sound of wind and
He grinned. "I don't [tOrINUED ON PAGE 99

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