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Woman's home companion
Vol. LXIV, No. 6 (1937)

McCall, Anne Bryan
Equipped for living,   pp. 6-[8] PDF (2.0 MB)

Page [8]

#aal sot04"7l to t~ce
Important: Just say "Crisco" at your store        Crisco! "Lt
and you'll get new super-creamed Crisco.          say. "How
The blue-and-white outside wrapper looks Iow you
Crisco is not
the same as always-send it to get this          over and ov
lovely silverware cake knife!                ease of it a
1      Look at the photograph shown above and   with sugar
you'll agree that Crisco's offer is too  become mir
grand to miss-an unusual silverware     But don't
1 cake knife that will cause "oh's" cakes or co
of admiration when you use it!   shortening l
And will your friends comment easy-to-blen
when they taste a cake made   are meltingl
with new   super-creamed   fried foods,
course, they
ORDER       BLANK                                 This miracle
Dept. XC-67, Box 837
Cincinnati, Ohio
Pleasesend me, freeof postal charges,
one initialed cake knife with stain-
less blade and silverware handle, of Wm.       All
A. Rogers AA quality, made and guaranteed
by Oneida Ltd. I enclose 250 in coin and an
outside wrapper from a can of Crisco, any size.  %
PRINT Initial Desired  -ISCO
(If no initial desired, leave above space blank)
CITY                           STATE
This offer expires January 1, 1938, and is limited to the United States only.
iscious!" "So much lighter!"' they'll
do you do it?"
do it is Crisco's brand-new secret.
creamed just 2 or 3 times-it's creamed
er to a miraculous creaminess! And the
11! Why, super-creamed Crisco mixes
nd eggs in only 30 seconds! And cakes
acles of lightness!
save new super-creamed Crisco just for
mpany cooking! This pure vegetable
ias other miracles to offer you. It's so
d that you'll roll out pie crusts that
y tender! And what temptingly crisp
just as mellow inside as if baked! Of
re digestible, like Crisco cakes and pies!
e of Crisco's digestibility is famous in
over 11 million homes!
Enjoy the goodness of super-
creamed Crisco now-and put that
outside wrapper in the mail with
25c so you'll enjoy the beautiful
cake knife. too!
Approved by Good lousekeeph
Bureau for 24 years.
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Crisco for only one kind of cooking. Use it for all
your baking and frying-get the best cakes, pies and
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Just say "Crisco" at the store and you'll get new super-creamed
Crisco-in the same familiar blue-and-white can. At today's
moderate prices, the 3-lb. size is your best buy.
N EW &/szC RI SCD0

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