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Woman's home companion
Vol. LXIV, No. 6 (1937)

McCall, Anne Bryan
Equipped for living,   pp. 6-[8] PDF (2.0 MB)

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LW    . Smart"Decorator's Colors
.a fashion-first in the newAdhesive Sealex Linoleum
... de moaer//oor d1atsaves as mad as 20Z
IFII ~~iw
-  V
N OW at last, you can obtain in
linoleum the fresh, brightcolors
-and subtle pastels-that decora-
tors are using in modern interiors.
These beautiful, new "decorator's
colors" are exclusive with A hesive
Sealex Linoleum.
And this is the revolutionary,
new Adhesive Sealex Linoleum that
saves you as much as 20%! Applied
directly to the floor, it gives you a
permanent installation!
Adhesive Sealex is the modern
in laid linoleum  with the adhesive
on the back. An extra strong ad-
hesive developed especially for this
linoleum! Its vise-like grip on every
inch of the floor prevents buckles
and bulges where wear begins. You
get years of greater satisfaction!
Visit your dealer. Find out all
about this patented* linoleum with
its fashion-first patterns-sensational
savings-and perfectly smooth, san-
q_      itary, easy-to-clean surface!
Send 30 stamp foryour 10-pagedecorating folder. "My Reference
Chart for Color Schemoes." showing 24 different roor  color
combinations for floors, walls, ceilings, woodwork and draperies!
Write to Congolcumi-Nairn Inc.. Dept. 25, Kearny. N.J.
P'atent N,.  ,WUj, 503
Note the perfect "Color Correlation between the Sealex Floor, "Toreador," A-7470,
and the Black Crimson and White Sealex Linolemns11 used on walls, counter tops, etc.
F           '4,~, 4~e~
65P~5, ~
"I am delighted with the way in zwhich colors have
been 'correlated' in the ne'w Adhesive Sealex Lino-
leuns. Among the plain and marbleized patterns,for
example, Ifind colors that mratch exactly those ofthe
tile and plaid linoleuns.
"H'ith carefil color-planning of this sort already
done, it is a simple matter to make such efective comn-
binations as that used in this kitchen, qwhere the crim-
son Sealex borders on the walls and the crimson
Sealex counter tops gaily rep eat the same crimson that
occurs in the tile design on thefloor". ..
Nancy V. McClelland, prominent N. Y. decorator.

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