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Woman's home companion
Vol. LXIV, No. 6 (1937)

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~     Wi
Ham and Asparagus Rolls Cook
fresh asparagus just until tender. Broil
thin slices of uncooked ham on both
sides. On each slice of ham place several
stalks of asparagus. Then roll up the hani
like a jelly roll. On each roll of ram and
W      HEN APPETITES get spring fever
when your pet menus suddenly seem
humdrum . . . take this tip: give your meal
a fresh start by planning it around a Kraft
Cheese dish.
A main dish made with a Kraft Cheese
never seems heavy". But all the same, it
asparagust                                                                                                             plies an abundance of needed food values:
bigeett qualiiy erotei                                                                         . . . energy units
smoothen more unique,                                                                                                                rafceCheese isirichsi
way: In the top of the double boiler, mielt
1e. the essential Vitamin A. And what's
Cheese (use low heat). Gradually add Y3r                                                                                        nqe       rf    heei      ihi
curl pthe precious milk minerals, calcium                                                                                                                    and
sauce is smooth. A novel main dish for                                                                             phosphorus. You see, It actually takes more
than a gallon of rich milk to make a single
pound of this cheese!
Kraft Cheese melts so perfectly you'll en-
joy cooking with it. Clip these recipes...
have them ready to rescue your spring meals
from ''sameness''
Maca roni- Vegetable Ensemble                                                                                                        r
Cook 1 packpage of elbow macaroni in salted
water; drain. SlowlyN melt   l.o  rf
American in top of double boiler. (Notice
Kroa                                                                                                                            e perfectly this Kraft ceeese inelmse) Grad-
uallY add                                                                                                                        d tCP milk, stirring constantg.
Mix the smooth cheese Sauce   ith the aca-
roni and season to taste. Place the macaroni
on a round platter and make a depression in
the center. Fill with hot buttered peas. Place                                L
broiled mushrooms around the rim of the
plate. Garnish the center of each mushroom
with a bit of pimiento cut with fancy-shaped
cutter. The whole main course of your meal!
Whip "Philadelphia" Cream
Cheese for Shortcake! Using your
favorite recipe, make individual straw-
berry shortcakes. Then-add an extra
flourish that will make this shortcake the
most memorable in your cooking career!
Whip 'Philadelphia" Brand Cream
Cheese fluffy-light with a little milk.
Top each shortcake with a swirl of this
rich, delicately-flavored cheese and a
berry. (Caution: get genuine "Philadel-
phia" Brand-the cream cheese that's
guaranteed fresh. Then you'll be sure of
smooth texture and delicate flavor.)
1............................................ ... .............
.  .
c= .              ---I ,ic * uat. P'lwnix( lwesecCorporaton
~?e~vi~ ~t/ies' c~e~ia,,,, ma' o2 /mpakAd 4v
FRIEI Ihc ncw kror Recipc Book, -Fa\oritc Recipes
from Marye Dahnke's File." Write to the Home Eco-
nomics Kitchen, Kraft-Phenix Cheese Corporation,
417-f Rush St., Chicago.
Tune in on the Kraft Music Hall-Bing Crosby, Bob
Burns and famous guest stars. Thursday nights, NBC.

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