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Portfolio of Lady Duff-Gordon's original designs: wearing apparel for the women of America

"When you come home",   pp. 38-39 PDF (640.9 KB)

Page 39

THIS friendly little model carries a note
- of happy welcome which makes it a
pleasant picture to the home-coming ones.
It is very homey and sweet, and should be
worn only by slim girl-figures on the
threshold of life.
It may be made of silk tulle or of fluffy, soft
flowered silk-and-cotton marquisette in deli-
cate tints of blue or pink, or mauve. A girdle
of satin outlines the waist and smart little
bows cover the line where it closes in the
back. Cuffs of satin finish the graceful,
medium short sleeves.   The double frill
o   o         co c.4
0          1*  o  i*
Sears, Roebuck and Co.
Disributiesf Lady Duff- Gordon Models
draped about the skirt is edged with narrow
satin ribbon and caught up with a ribbon
bow and long ends. The front of the
bodice is gathered into the girdle with soft
folds and ornamented with a bouquet of
tiny French flowers. The underbodice is
lace-trimmed      and    run   with   flesh-colored
ribbons. A lace-covered satin collar of un-
usual design leaves the lovely outline of the
throat exposed all around. "Youth" is the
motif of this lovely model, and it is really a
perfect illustration of what budding young
womanhood should wear.
Flowered silk-and-cotton marquisette in blue, pink or
mauve, with drop skirt to match.   Misses' sizes, 14,
16, 18, and 20 years. Women's sizes, 32 to 40 inches
bust measure.
MODEL No. 43A1201-
MARQUISETTE                       PRICE $27.50
The same model made of silk tulle net in light blue,
pink or white.
MODEL No. 43A1221-TULLE-PRICE$37.50
In ordering be sure to give model number and color.
It will take from twelve to fifteen days after your order is
received, to complete any of the models, as they are made
to measure. Delivery charges prepaid by us. See page 64
for measuring instructions, and how to send money.
All of the models are sold with our unconditional guarantee. If your pur-
chase is not entirely satisfactory in  every detail, it will be exchanged to please
you without additional charge. Or, if you prefer, your money will be refunded
upon request, without question. The personal guarantee of Lady Duff-Gordon,
as shown on page 5 of this Style Book, accompanies each article in addition
to ours.                         SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO.
Page Thirty-Nine
W         t
No. 43A120

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