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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 118, No. 6 (June, 1931)

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JUNE, 1931
The table above is elfor a buffet lea. Cryxtaland Ebony, Rose and Azure are effectwely
combined. Lower right, a good umbler for tea use. Lower le/t, a popular Fodoria goblet.
IT is a clever hostess who employs the gleam
of glassware to grace the function of tea.
Whether a few friends have dropped in cas-
ually, or there is to be a large and formal
afternoon reception, Fostoria Glassware adds
a colorful and appropriate note. Elegance
and beauty are achieved without extrava-
gance, for Fostoria is wholly practical. Deli-
cate as it seems, it will stand a surprising
amount of hard usage. It is affected by neither
hot nor cold foods. It can be bought in com-
plete sets, or one piece at a time.
You can obtain an unusual effect, no matter
which combinations you choose... Rose and
Azure, Topaz, Green, Wistaria, or Amber ...
Crystal and Ebony. How tempting food be-
comes in such a setting! Watercress sand-
wiches, green and white, on a plate as cool
and green as they are. Little yellow cakes
with frosted icings on shimmering Topaz that
darts golden lights. Dainties so presented
achieve new daintiness. And the hostess can
happily turn to the diverting gossip of the
day, confident of a task well done.
Fostoria can be purchasedfor moderate prices
at the best shops throughout the country. It is
sold on the OPEN-STOCK PLAN, so that a piece
/ ought today can be matched tomorrow, or a
!war from tomorrow. There is a wide and
aried line of stemware and gjiware. Fox-
/oria comes etched, cut, or plain.  Send for
' The Glass of Fashion," the new book on correct
and charming table settings. It is replete with
suqestions. The Fodoria Glass Company,
Dept. D-6, .1lounud.//e, We /V Vi/linta.
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