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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 118, No. 6 (June, 1931)

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JUN E, 1931
terribly underweight
.e .so nervous that he couldn't sleep
Now he sleeps
all night and eats
anything! "
A Discovery from Switzerland
that may make your child over.
Not a medicine, but the most
delicious food-drink known
A REM ARKABLE food-concentrate has been brought
to this country from Switzerland. Thousands of
mothers are using it for their nervous, underweight
children. It is called Ovaltine. You get it in a tin at
your druggists or grocers and make a delicious drink to
give at meals and between meals.
Weight increases of a pound or more a week are not
unusual. Nervousness is quickly curbed; new strength
and energy are soon apparent; appetite is built up
and stimulated. For Ovaltine is no ordinary food-
drink but a scientific concentrate of natural foods ...
it has a very remarkable history which you will be
interested in reading.
Thirty-eight years ago a food-chemist in Switzerland
developed an unusual method of processing certain
natural foods. A process that gave these foods certain
values which none of them have when taken alone or in
an ordinary mixture. It received immediate medical
recognition, for it solved the problem of feeding invalids.
Its use spread all over the world and today it is solving
the problem of child feeding for modern mothers.
Ovaltine is made under a unique process-first it is
cooked under vacuum, thus preserving all vitamins
and enzymes. It is processed in such a way that it
digests almost at once, without effort. It will digest
when nothing else seems to "agree." And constitutes
in itself a complete food.
You mix it with milk and drink it as a beverage. And
when mixed with milk it will break down the curds and
Put 3 teaspoonfuls of Ovaltine into a full glass or
cereal dish of cooked, warm oatmeal. Stir a few
times to mix. Then watch and you will see the oat-
meal liquefy before your eyes. You will see how a
small amount of Ovaltine digests the entire starch
content of the oatmeal in the same way that your
own digestive organs should. It is a perfect dem-
onstration of how Ovaltine, if taken with a meal,
digests the starch content of other foods in your
stomach. And why it speeds up digestion and
creates the sensation of hunger.
"I am delighted with what Ovaltine has done for my boy. He was terribly underweight
so nervous that he couldn't sleep at night and his appetite was poor. Since using Ovaltin
his nervous condition has improved remarkably and he has steadily gained in weight. H
sleeps soundly all night now and his appetite has improved so he eats most anythin
without the slightest trouble. I'd never be without Ovaltine again.'
MRS. B. G. TAYLOR, Lawrenceburg, Ky
make the milk digest twice as easily. (For milk alone, as
you know, turns to solid curds in the stomach.)
Children drink twice as much milk, when it's mixed
with Ovaltine, because they like the taste.
It also contains a natural but vital property called
"lecithin" which is the important part of nerve and
brain tissue. A few days use of Ovaltine usually curbs
nervousness noticeably.
Increased Appetite
Ovaltine has a high content of the appetite-producing
Vitamin B. But of greatest importance is its high pro-
portion of the remarkable food element known as "dia-
stase." (A substance that gives one food the power to
digest the starch content of other foods in your stomach.)
Ovaltine is so processed that it contains enough diastase
to digest from 4 to 5 times its own weight of
other foods! It is this digestive power which
chiefly distinguishes Ovaltine from any other
health food in the world, and is the main
reason why Ovaltine actually stimulates appetite.
Quick Digestion
By breaking down the curds in the milk, by
digesting the starches in the stomach, it speeds
up digestion and empties the stomach sooner.
This makes a child hungry. For the sensation
of hunger is caused by the walls of an empty
stomach pressing together, and hunger is the
basis of appetite. Child specialists will tell you
that usually when a child refuses to eat, it is
because he hasn't fully digested his previous
meal. "Poor eaters" usually have slow
Not New
Ovaltine is not a sugar-loaded chocolate drink,
but a scientific food concentrate that has stood
the test of time. It is used today in 54 nations.
Over 20,000 doctors endorse it. It has been
uised in hospitals as a food for invalids and
convalescents for over 35 years. During the
World War, it was a standard ration given by
the Red Cross to nerve-shattered, shell-
shocked soldiers.
For the sake of your child, we urge you to try
it this summer. Results will surprise you.
Note the almost immediate difference in your
child's weight and nerve poise, and in greater
strength, energy and appetite.
Give it at breakfast always. At meals and
between meals. You can get Ovaltine at any
drug or grocery store. Or, if you like send the
coupon for a 3-day test supply.
(Note) Thousands of nervous people, men and women, are
using Ovaltine to restore vitality when fatigued. It is also
recommended for sleeplessness, nursing mothers, convaes-
.  cents, and the aged.
180 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, Ill., Dept. Y-27
Send me your 3-day test pack-
age of Ovaltine. I enclose 10c
to cover cost of packing and
mailing. (Or 25c for special
offer at right.)
'Addre ss
Genuine Sebring pot-
tery mug, with color-
ed picture of Uncle
Wiggily and Grandpa
Wiggily Mug, and
3-day package, 25c.
(These offers not good in Canada.)
(Please print nane and address clearly)
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