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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 118, No. 6 (June, 1931)

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JUNE, 1931
sun-drenched tropic
to the ferti
ONE organization! Wit
-to bring you the best
Think what that means to you!
In pineapple, for instance. If you yourself could go right
into the fields - search out the ripest, juiciest pineapple Nature
has produced-prepare and serve it with all its fresh, natural
flavor .. . well, even then, you wouldn't have any finer pine-
apple than DEL MONTE brings you. Because those things are
exactly what DEL MONTE does.
That is, all except the serving. And we've even made that
easy for you by packing DEL MONTE Pineapple two ways:
Slice  f r scrvice right from the can, for quick, delicious
for pies, cakes, puddings, sher-
e quality under
to matter when
h ON E ideal of quality
in every food it packs
Mississippi Valley
in corn and peas, too! We only
wish you could see the care we take with them. They are even
grown from our own specially developed seed, and under
our own supervision. Maybe this seems a little too particular,
but it's the only way we can be sure of the tenderness and
flavor we want for DEL MONTE. And, of course, it's one more
guarantee of your own enjoyment, too!
Besides that, you get advantage of many other things we've learned
in years of vegetable packing. A new idea in peas, for instance- the
best sizes, carefully selected and graded, then blended together for
fresh-from-the-garden appearance and flavor. A new idea in corn, too
-Whole Kernel-yes, whole unbroken kernels just as they're cut
from the cob. Cream Style, too-rich and buttery. Take
your choice. Choose one of them for dinner tonight.
It costs you no more to get DEL MONTE -
but see the difference it makes!
is akway, freCh
40           y packed in the

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