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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 119, No. 1 (July, 1931)

[Continued articles and works],   pp. 76-[89] PDF (9.4 MB)

Page 84

D E L I N E A T 0 R
HERE is a story that has been written for
vou-and other intelligent women who
want less work and more enjoyment in
their homes. You are the heroine. for it is
all about your comfort. your health, your
beauty. your children. your home, and
the work we do in the Institute to help you.
Here are 56 profusely illustrated pages
describing the high adventure of manag-
ing your home and all its exciting possi-
bilities. The story tells of an actual visit
of a Delineator reader behind the scenes
of the Institute. She was so fascinated by
the many surprising things she saw that
we decided to prepare this booklet that
all our readers might know what rich
stores of modern. practical help await
them in Delineator Institute.
The very words of our guest suggested the
title, "Mrs. Jones Discovers the Most In-
teresting Home in the World." You, too,
will discover, when you read the story,
how Delineator Institute is helping you
save hours of labor each day-how you
can always surprise your family and
friends with something new and delicious
to eat-how you can decorate your own
home according to the beautiful rooms
built by the Institute and pictured every
month in Delineator-how eminent au-
thorities help you with the most delicate
problems of child training-how you can
bring your own personal problems to our
Department of Beauty.
This booklet is yours for the asking.
There are ni obligations of any kind.
What to Tell Your Children.
The Importance of Good Taste.
Paris Chic Without Leaving Your Town.
When Is a Mere Recipe News?
You Don't Have to Be Wealthy.
1000 Women Tell Us the Meaning of Beauty.
O 5jj 4Use this
S                       coupon now for
O                                your free copy.
161 Sixth Avenue, New York, New York
Please send me your free booklet, MRS. JONES
Continued from page 83
that there were so many visitors in the villa,
and so I did not remember until I woke up
on the twentieth and already Silvhre had le-
parted for the early post-Nom de Dieu de
Dieu, aujourd'hui c'est la flte de Saint Sik re,
and I, his wife who adore him, I have no gift'
Impossible to buy a present before he returns
at breakfast. We are so far from the shop,
we are lost, here at Alos. Voyez, madame
I went out into the garden. All the poor
flowers were blown here, blown there. If it
goes on, there will be no flowers left, I say;
and I pick what I can find, and arrange them
as I of ten do in the vases, to take into the bed-
rooms, and some of the little, little roses, I
put in a vase for Monsieur Poole's room-"
A quick exclamation from Nancy. She
and Sophia exchanged glances. Here was
the solution at last of the mystery of that
little extra vase of flowers which Sophia had
suspected was due to Juniper's Russian sense
of courtesy to a dead victim . . .
"I did not suppose that Monsieur Poole
had returned, and Monsieur Paul Slade's
room was empty when I went through. He
had risen early. But Monsieur Poole was
there, after all, and still, as I supposed,
asleep in his bed. So I marched quietly-
quietly-" Lonie's hand padding through
the air gave a vivid impression of her stealthy
progress-"and I put down the vase, so, on
the dressing-table, and immediately-ah,
que c'etait beau!-I saw lying there this beau-
tiful new pocketbook, which I had not ever
seen before, so he must have bought it while
he was away. Ah, if I had only had the idea
to ask him to buy one exactly like it for mon
pauvre Silvhre! And then-then, madame,
ou mi ht h,  A     th          lf
ave  one   e same yourse
LEONIE was on her feet again, enacting so  S   a    H          F    In      s   h
dramatically, yet so naturally the whole
proceedings of her temptation in Fred's bed- CLEANS      CL0SET         BOWLS
room, that her audience felt themselves
transported in time and place, and were W     ITHOUT            SCOURING
watching her, watching her breathlessly while
she picked up the pocketbook, held it in her
hand, held it to the light, admired it, turned
it over from the wrong side to the right side,
and with a start became aware of the initial  C  0   R   N   S
P" for Poole. Yes, perhaps. "P" also for and tender toes-relieved
Pauquet. Then-was it not meant that irs1 minute by these thin,
Silvive should have this pocketbook as   AloizsfrClue,        nzj
heaven-sent gift from his wife on hi Sain t's
1ay? Ldonie slid a glance towards the bed. 
lie was slumbering so quietly, Monsieur                           E     A
Poole. Perhaps he had come home very late,   n     o      a              "'i,.,7.-!
and would be furious if the cook awakened
him. He would be bad-tempered. After all,
was she not the mother of le petit Hercule, who
cried so much? He would refuse, even if she
offered to pay for it-for, of course, she would  GERMS
pay for it. She was an honest woman. She     ARE ALWAYS
did not steal, she bought. But just today-    FOUND WITH
n'est-ce pas, one must adjust, one must ar-   DANDRUFF
range? Presently, Silvbre would come home,
and how disappointed if she had nothing to    GLOVER'S
give him! It would be easy later on, nothing  IS ANTISEPTIC,
easier in the world than to tell Monsieur     GERMICIDAL
Poole. And because she was being furi-
ously  honest, she emptied   out all the      Positively Removes Dandruff
money from the pocketbook, quickly, quick-   If you have an earnest desire to grow hair
ly in case he should wake, all the notes, many  on your scalp, to remove dandruff, to check
hundreds of francs, and left them on the     falling hair or retard the graying of hair,
dressing table. Was there any harm in that?  then use GLOVER'S Mange Medicine and
"No!" cried Silvare loudly, and flinging his  GLOVER'S Medicated Soap. GLOVER'S
arms about her, kissed her smackingly, first  stimulates a circulation of nourishing blood
on one plump brown cheek and then on the     to the hair follcles to rejuvenate the fol-
other. "Mon tresor!"                         licles to a healthy activity. It is as active in
"Mon ri!"                                  fifteen minutes in stopping germ growth
"Aa Madonna!"                              as 5% carbolic acid is in 48 hours. it is
"Mon brave petit chou!"                    antiseptic, germicidal, cleaniing. it acts
Sophia lifted her voice, so that she could be  against the germs found with dandruff
heard above these endearments. "I beg your
pardon, Lonie, for interrupting, but do you
think you could just control yourself for a
few moments longer, and tell us how this                  Imperial (GARCOPTO
beautiful new purple pocketbook, belonging       MANGE       MEDICINE
to Monsieur Poole, came to be found in the   MASSAGE scalp With fnger tips.
sea, instead of in Silvre's pockets?"       APPLY GLOVERS Mange medicine
"Mais, madame, qu'est-ce que vous voulez?  Leave on, at least, 5 tl inutes, then
C'est naturel, n'est-ce pas?  It was natural  SHAMPOO with GLOVERS Medi.
C'et ntur!,cated Soap, which is an additional
that I should be frightened when it was dis-  cleansing agent and deodorizes the
covered that Monsieur Poole was dead, and    scalp and hair.
all over the house les gendarmes, and the      FREE-New baoklet on Care and
Treatnment of Scolpand Hai.0,,
Commissaire asking us many questions and
not believing a single word of what we an-   H.CLAYGLOVERCO Inc.
swered him. Oh, but I was frightened that    119 Fifth Ave.,-New  rk
they would suspect mon paurer Silv~re, with
War should you perform the most un-
pleasant of all household tasks - scrub-
bing a toilet bowl - when there's a
quicker, easier, safer way?
Let Sani-Flush, an antiseptic, cleans-
ing powder, do the work for you. Just
sprinkle a little into the toilet bowl,
follow the directions on the can, flush,
and perfect cleanliness takes the place
of dangerous unsanitation. All germs
are killed, all odors eliminated. Even the
hidden trap, which no brush can reach,
is purified. And Sani-Flush cannot injure
Sold by grocery, drug and hardware
stores, 25c; in Canada, 35c. The Hygienic
Products Co., Canton, Ohio. (Another
use for Sani-Flush - cleaning autome-
bile radiators. See directions on can.)

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