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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 119, No. 1 (July, 1931)

[Continued articles and works],   pp. 76-[89] PDF (9.4 MB)

Page 77

JULY, 1931 
Cool of.
invites you to
S.with Lemon ade
I   N warm summer days, cool off- stay cool - with
frost nature's healthful refreshment. Sit down with tall,
frosty glasses of California Sunkist Lemonade. Relax ...
and enjoy its goodness.
You'll feel a new sense of invigoration. Other iced drinks
cannot duplicate it. For lemonade cools and refreshes not so
much through being cold as by its tangy flavor. It "sets you
up" as nothing else does-so quickly, safely and so simply-
Just add water to fresh lemon juice. Sweeten to taste
with sugar and stir in finely chopped ice for greatest cool-
ness. Give extra, welcome news to eye and taste by slip-
ping a lemon slice over the edge of the glass and tossing
in a sprig of mint.
Drink all you want. Science says that lemonade is not
only delicious but healthful.
Importance of Lemons in Health
Briefly, lemons (and oranges) aid health in two impor-
tant ways. They are the richest sources of vitamin C which
promotes general well-being and helps to build sound
bones and teeth. Your doctor or your dentist will tell you
that vitamin C cannot be stored in the body and that for
healthy teeth and gums you must have it as regularly as
you use your toothbrush.
Also, because of their alkaline reaction in the body,
lemons and oranges are prescribed as the most potent pre-
ventives and correctives of Acidosis - another cause of
many common ills.
So serve lemons as often as you like. To be sure of
brighest, wax-like skins and fullest juiciness, ask for Cali-
fornia Sunkist Lemons. They are fresh in your market ev-
ery day in the year-wrapped in tissue bearing trademark
"Sunkist." Sunkist means dependable quality.
FREE-New Recipe Booklet
As a useful gift to you, experts have prepared the new
free booklet,"Sunkist Recipes for Every Day." It tells of
more than a hundred tried and tested ways to enjoy the
healthfulness and flavor of California Sunkist Lemons and
Oranges. Just mail the coupon.         o 1931
A         4
Make Lemonade
Quickly and Easily
Sunkist Junior Electric Juice Ex-
tractor $14.95
(Canada $19.95)
Neat, strong.
Guaranteed for
home use. Only
2 instantly re-
movable parts
to clean under
faucet. On sale
at your dealer's.
Sec. 707, Box 530, Station C, Los Angeles, California.
Send me FREE, the new booklet Sunkist Recipes for Every Day.
City                                       State
Sun]k is t
E aMfornia
atu re
7 _M,,

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