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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 119, No. 1 (July, 1931)

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Page 71

JULY, 1931
What is "pyorrhea"
that millions
dread it so?
T'S a pretty grim statement, but the truth is half the people who
wear false teeth must do so because they failed to guard against
pyorrhea, which is responsible for one-half of all adult teeth lost.
They cannot, however, be entirely blamed for their line-drawn lips
and sunken cheeks -those telltale marks of artificial teeth.
For pyorrhea, which comes to four people out of five past the age of
forty, is a sly, insidious disease. It may infect your gums early in life, and
lurk there for years before you become aware of its dangerous presence.
Do not wait for gums to bleed
The first warnings of pyorrhea are tenderness and bleeding of the gums.
If neglected, pyorrhea softens the gums, loosens the teeth in their very
sockets, until extraction is essential to preserve the health.
But do not wait for these warnings. Take care of good teeth while
you have them. See your dentist regularly -before trouble develops.
Visit him at least twice a year.
And in your home, brush your teeth, massage your gums with
Forhan's. This dentifrice is unique in that it contains the benefits of an
ethical preparation developed by Dr. R. J. Forhan, which thousands of
dentists use in the treatment of pyorrhea.
Protect the teeth you have
Your own teeth are far better than anything you can get to replace them.
Perhaps you do not realize what a blessing they are, so long as they are
firm and your gums are in good health. But do not risk the unhappy
experience of losing them. There is no finer dentifrice than Forhan's-
no better protection for gleaming teeth and the mouth of youth. By all
means, make Forhan's your dentifrice-you can make no better invest-
ment in the health of your mouth and the safety of your teeth.
WEALTH! ROMANCE! HEALTH! How well do you know your own strength and
weakness as revealed by the stars? Tune in Miss EVANGELINE ADAMS, world-famous
False teeth often follow pyorrhea, which comes to four people  astrologer, on your radio, or send for your horoscope. Just sign your name, address and date
of birth on the box in which you buy your Forhan's toothpaste, and mail to Evangeline
out ot five past the age of 40                   Adams, c/o Forhan Company, 405 Lexington Avenue, New York City. Monday and
Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., Eastern Daylight Saving Time, Columbia network.
-4- off
Forhan S
7 1

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