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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 119, No. 1 (July, 1931)

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JULY, 1931                                              l
EVERY WEEK this Summer
You Can Add a Pound to Your Child's Weight
... and Correct Nervousness Remarkably
A discovery from Switzerland... World-Leader in Child Development...
That May Make Your Child Over This Vacation Time
Accept 3-Day Supply
Use Coupon Below
The Most Delightful
Food-Drink Known
S UMMER should be used to build up
your child's weight. Don't believe loss
of weight during the summer months is
"natural" to your child.
You can build your child's weight a pound
or more a week all during vacation if you
will; curb any nervous conditions and
actually improve his appetite. You can do
this in a way the average child delights in
and without a drop of medicine.
You give a food-drink that comes from
Switzerland, the nation which has achieved
so many great things for children. New to
America, but used for years in Europe,
over 20,000 doctors are advising it.
The coupon below offers you a 3-day sup-
ply. For your child's sake, please accept it.
What It Is-How It Acts
Thirty-eight years ago a food-chemist in
Switzerland developed an unusual method
of processing certain natural foods. A
process that gave these foods certain
values which none of them have when
taken alone or in an ordinary mixture. It
created world comment then, for it solved
the problem of feeding invalids. It is called
Ovaltine and today its use has spread
all over the world and it is solving the
problem of child feeding for modern
Ovaltine is made under a unique process-
first it is cooked under vacuum, thus pre-
serving all vitamins and enzymes. It is
processed in such a way that it digests
almost at once, without effort. It will
Famous Ovaltine
Oatmeal Test
Put 3 teaspoonfuls of Oraltine into a full
glass or cereal dish of cooked, warm oar-
meal. Stir it a few times to nix. Then
watch and you will see the oatmeal liquefy
before your eyes. You will
see how a small amount of
t Oaltine digests the entire
starch content of the oat-
meal in the same way that
your own digestive organs
should. It is a perfect dem-
onstration of how Ovalrine,
if taken with a meal, digests
the starch content of other
foods in your stomach. And
why itspeedr updigestion and
creates the sensation of hwger.
Free Shaker
To Ovaltine Users
Ifyou aregiving a s
your child Oval L
tine nowsend
for this 50c pro-
fessional shaker
free. Use it to
make a new and
del igh ful cold
shake up drink
with Ovaltine.
in coupon below.
She Was Underweight and Very Nervous
My little girl was underweight and very, very nervous-she would wake up many times during the night saying
she was afraid. Since using Ovaltine, she sleeps all night long without waking up, and plays like a different
child during the day. Her weight is increasing and she seems less nervous every day.
MRS. A. L. HURT, P. 0. Box 1z1, Arlington, Texas.
digest when nothing else seems to
"agree." And constitutes in itself a com-
plete food.
You mix it with milk and drink it as a bev-
erage. And when mixed with milk it will
break down the curds and make the milk
digest twice as easily. (For milk alone, as you
know, turns to solid curds in the stomach.)
Children drink twice as much milk, when
it's mixed with Ovaltine, because they like
the taste.
It also contains a natural but vital property
called "lecithin" which is the important
part of nerve and brain tissue. A few days'
use of Ovaltine usually curbs nervousness
Increased Appetite
Ovaltine has a high content of the appetite-
producing Vitamin B. But of greatest
importance is its high proportion of the
remarkable food element known as"diastase."
(A substance that gives one food the power
to digest the starch content of other foods
in your stomach.) Ovaltine is so processed
that it contains enough diastase to digest
from 4 to 5 times its own weight of other foods!
It is this digestive power which chiefly dis-
tinguishes Ovaltine from any other
health food in the world, and is the
main reason why Ovaltine actually
stimulates appetite.
Quick Digestion
Hy, breaking down the curds in the milk, by
digesting the starches in the stomach, it
speeds up digestion and empties the stomach
,ooner. This makes a child hungry. For the
sensation of hunger is caused by the walls of
an empty stomach pressing together, and
hunger is the basis of appetite. Child
specialists will tell you that usually when a
child refuses to eat, it is because he hasn't
fully digested his previous meal-"poor
eaters" usually have slow digestion.
World- Wide Use
Ovaltine today is used in thousands of hos-
pitals and sanitariums. It is prescribed by
over 20,000 doctors. It was used as a stand-
ard ration by the Red Cross during the
World War, for nerve-shattered, shell-
shocked soldiers. In short, it is time-tested.
For the sake of your child we urge you to try
it. Results will surprise you. Note the
almost immediate difference in your child's
weight and nerve poise, and in greater
strength, energy and appetite.
Give it at breakfast always. At meals and
between meals. You can get Ovaltine at any
drug or grocery store. Or, send the coupon
for a 3-day test.
(Note) Thousands of nervous people, men and women,
are using Ovaltine to restore vitality when fatigued. It
is also widely prescribedfor sleeplessness, nursing moth-
ers, convalescents, and the aged.
Dept. F-28
180 N. MichiganAve.
Chicago. Illinois
I enclose 10 to cover
cost of packing and
mailing.Send me your
3-day test package of
(Th'se offers not good
in Canada.)
Special Free Offer
If you are an
Ovaltine  user
now, we will
send you a gen-
uine 50c shaker,
free. Send no
money -just
mail this eoupon
with the white
inside every can of Omitine.
N ame   .................................... .. . ............ . ....
(Please print name and address clearly)
City -......-   - ,  ,- .    , c ,  .  ..............
c7he Swiss Food -DrinA
.Md        l     n..S.A

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