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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 119, No. 1 (July, 1931)

[Continued articles and works],   pp. 46-71 PDF (15.7 MB)

Page 67

JULY, 1931                                                                                  67
"Use Pepsodent twice a day
-the great American habit
It is helping millions to possess strong, healthy teeth by
removing dingy film . . . Eat right. See your dentist.
Do these three things ... to have
strong, healthy teeth
, r,)
Use Pepsodent
. twice a day.
Y OU know as well as we do there are several
good tooth pastes on the market. You know
they will clean teeth satisfactorily and safely.
Then why should anyone insist on having
Pepsodent? Why should dentists by the thou-
sands urge and recommend it to their patients?
BECAUSE medical people and hundreds of
thousands of others believe the best is not too
dear when healthy teeth are in the balance.
Pensodent-a s reme achievement
"I never feel I
most nourishin
For the same co
to use the fine
has been able t
The scientifi
remove film fro
special properti
like coating. It
from food and
P     i    m 1is found by dental research to
play an important part in toothSee your dent
decay . . . to cause unsightly stains on enamel.  3          twice a
It must be removed twice daily.
tractive. Ordinary ways fail to remove this film
as effectively as Pepsodent. Scientific tests have
been made that prove this beyond all question.
Film contains germs. It holds them against
the tooth surface-teeth decay. Removing film is
i r   tive Eati  the ri ht foods and] seeinA
ist at least
'm extravagant when I buy the   your dentist every six months completes the
g food," you hear women say.    only sound rule known for safeguarding teeth.
*mmn-eneeaonitisecnoy.     Pepsodent contains no pumice, no harmful grit                          o
mmon-sense reason it is economy
t toth  astemodrn cemitry or crude abrasives. It has a gentle action that
st dvop                        protects the delicate enamel. It is completely
o prelof        s      i       SAFE for children's as well as adults' teeth. 
c purpose   ov     film reqis    Get Pepsodent tooth paste today. All through
m teeth. Removing film requires  life it will aid your dentist in preventing trouble               S   ti
es in a tooth paste. Film is a glue-                                                  00         ,l(
clins stbborly, bsors stins and retaining lovely, glistening teeth.
clings stubbornly, absorbs stains
AMOS 'N' ANDY brought to you by Pepsodent every night he
onlyn soun                        rules known fort saeuadn teh
except Sunday over N. B. C. network. tio4tha
Pep s odenthe hpecial film -removing tooth paste
JULY, 193 1

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