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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 119, No. 1 (July, 1931)

[Continued articles and works],   pp. 46-71 PDF (15.7 MB)

Page 53

JULY, 1931 
At such times take care
Your safety requires the strict purity of Kotex
Because sanitary protection
don't risk substitutes o
S ANITARY protection is too closely related to your
health .. . your personal ideals of cleanliness ... to
risk methods of whose hygienic safety you are uncertain.
Consider for a moment the infinite care with which
Kotex is made. Hospital standards of cleanliness pre-
vail, in every step of manufacture. Wonderful, modern
machinery makes Kotex from start to finish.
Hospitals use Kotex
And so Kotex comes to you immaculate, pure, almost
surgically clean. It is the kind of sanitary protection you
use with confidence and ease of mind. The widespread
use of Kotex by hospitals is your assurance of its safety.
Last year, more than 10,000,000 pads were used by
hospitals alone. Kotex fully meets their requirements.
No sanitary protection of lower standards should ever
be used. True, substitutes sometimes cost a few cents
less. You might be willing to sacrifice a little in comfort,
is so closely related to health,
f doubtful hygienic value
for this saving. But remember that the matter of health,
too, is involved. And your own standards of personal
Before accepting a substitute for Kotex, consider these
questions: "What do I know of this sanitary protection?
What assurance have I that it's fit for such intimate,
personal use? Who guarantees its cleanliness, through
and through?"
Every refinement
In addition to health protection, Kotex offers every re-
finement of comfort. Skilful shaping. Softness that
lasts, because layers of Cellucotton (not cotton) absor-
bent wadding distribute moisture scientifically. Kotex is
treated to deodorize. It is adjustable.
Buy Kotex at any drug, dry goods or department
store, or singly in vending cabinets through West Dis-
infecting Co. Kotex Company, Chicago.
1  The Kotex absorbent is the identical
material used by surgeons in 85%
of the country's leading hospitals.
2 The Kotex filler is far lighter and
cooler than cotton, yet absorbs 5 times
as much.
3  Kotex is soft... Not merely an ap-
parent softness, that soon packs into
chafing hardness. But a delicate, last-
ing softness.
4  Can be worn on either side with
equal comfort. No embarrassment.
5  Disposable, instantly, completely.
Regular Kotex-45c for 12
Kotex-Super-Size-65c for 12
ci7Ae nteu Ai1f&x I~e1, 50 c
Brings new ideals of sanitary comfort! Wovzn
to fit by an entirely new patented process.
Firm yet light; will not curl; perfect-fitting.
(U. S. Patent No. 1770741)
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