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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 119, No. 1 (July, 1931)

[Continued articles and works],   pp. 46-71 PDF (15.7 MB)

Page [48]

JULY, 1931
For value, convenience, deliciousness,
specify Kellogg's by name . . .
Few other foods
give you so much
OUT of a single package of Kellogg's Corn Flakes,
think of all you get! Many delicious treats for
breakfast. And there's lunch-what could be better
than Kellogg's and milk with fruits or honey added?
The children's evening meal-Kellogg's are wonder-
fully wholesome and easy to digest. And many a man
knows them as a delightful bedtime snack.
Always ready to serve-no trouble. Costing only
a few cents a package. Of all the foods you buy, Kellogg's
Corn Flakes are, indeed, one of the most economical and
convenient. No wonder they are t! i    'ubr ready-
to-cat cereal in the world.
Wise buyers put the name Kc'!     .:   r soI ry
lists. No other corn flakes ever duplicate the matchless
flavor and crispness of genuine Kellogg's.
Look for the famous red-and-green package at your
grocer's. With the inner-seal waxtite wrapper that keeps
the flakes crispy-fresh even after opening. Still another
exclusive Kellogg advantage. Made by Kellogg in
Battle Creek.
Cooling and delicious for breakfast,
lunch, the children's supper, bedtime
snack ... at home and away
You'll enjy. K:.g : S.umber Muu:,broadiat our wjz and associated stations of
the N. B. C. eLry Suray etening at IQ.3. E. D. S. T. Also an Lo Angeler, xomo
Seartle at jo.oo, and KOA Denver at j0.3o.

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