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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 119, No. 1 (July, 1931)

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To those who say it cant be done
M   ANY THINGS we thought couldn't be done
V esterday are easily done today. A little
while ago you wouldn't have believed that you
could have something betterthan whipped cream
-- more tasteful and more wholesome -- for a
fourth the cost. But here it is. You call now
whip Pet Milk, readily and easily- whip it so
it will stay whipped as cream does.
Better Texture and Flavor
This whipped Pet Milk can be used in all the
ways and places where you'd usewhippedcream.
In frozen desserts - frozen without stirring
in your mechanical refrigerator, or packed in
ice-the fine texture and the rich flavor will
delight you. Used in gelatin desserts, it's most
delicious. And used as a topping - just as you'd
use whipped cream--flavored to suit your taste,
even tinted any color vou desire - well, you
just haven't known how distinguished and
how delicious a topping or
you've used Pet Milk, whip
And Better
Thirty to forty per cent of
pure fat. It is fat. It makes
Pet Milk is rich in all the
substances of whole milk
and fitness rather than fatn
your children all they wanl
Milk. It's wonderfully goo
for every member of the fa
need to have more milk inl
At a Fourth
Whipped Pet Milk costs o
as much as whipped cream
about that. Five cents will
Milk anywhere. A cup o
costs from four to five time
Pet Milk whips to bigger v
same amount of cream.T-his
tasteful and more wholeso
only a fourth the cost-thin
these times when econom
Here's the way to make it:
I cur PEl  MILK into top
of a double boiler or saucep
Heat with the lid offover be
ing water until hot. Add t
the hot milk /z TEA,'PouN
GELATIN, which has bu-
-   t~-J _   :  K,,I     P
COLD 1VATER 5 in utes.Stir until dissol vcd.
Pour into a bowl and chill until icy cold. Do
not remove the film that forms on top of the
milk for it will whip up just like the rest.
While the milk is chilling, boil i CUP SUGAR
and 1/3 CIP WATER together to the thread
stage,then pour slowly into I SriF FLY-EATEN
EGa WHITE, stirring constantly. Add I CLI
(either canned or fresh) and combine with egg-
white mixture, stirring occasionally until
cool. Whip the cold milk that you've prepared
with the gelatin with a rotary beater. He sure
to have the bowl and beater ice cold, too.
(A bou'lfound most satisfactory i n nuimerous
whipping tests measures from 31/2 to 4 inlces
across the bottom.) Then fold the whipped milk
into the peach and egg mixture. Freeze in a
mold packed in a mixture of one part salt to
six parts finely chopped ice. (Otfcourse rou can
Tint with yellow liquid or paste vegetable
coloring. Fold liquid coloring, a few drops at
a time, into the whipped milk until the desired
shade is reached. Or if paste coloring is used,
mix a tiny bit of it with a few drops of Pet
Milk and add gradually to the whipped milk.
Just Let Us Prove It
We'll send you, free of charge, a variety of
tested and proved recipes u sing 1VHIPPED
PET N1IL.K. If you don't get from the recipes
results that delight you,please write us about it.
Something will have gone wrong. Ve'll help
Nou make it right. We know it can be done.
i436-G Arcade Bldg.
St. Louis,
arns cai e               t t  tra- of vour inechanical
ped.                              l--I               iea
tor) 'Whenl the Parfait is frozen, un-
Food             mold and gariish with slices offresh
fat. But whipped
It makes vigor   (Illustrated,) -Wh
ess. You call give
t of vhipped Pet
d for them-good    reCtiolls go (*11
mily, all of whom  for Pc- h
their diet.
the Cost           tlw
nly about a fourth
There's no guess
buy a cup of Pet
f whipping cream
s as much. And
olume than the
me--food it
k  of tht i  i!,
-                                                              ,P
J ULY, 19 3 1

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