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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 119, No. 1 (July, 1931)

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Page 39

JULY, 1931                                                               39
Y OUT It, glamour, the
charm that attracts! How
much they depend upon true
cleanliness with a mild but
effective sop. No wonder
experts insist that therc's
nothin like Palmolirc.
beauty experts
tell why they recommend
Palmolive Soap
SEILER, of Geneva
"Oily, unattractive com-
plexions-the fault may
be in the soap you use.
Begin to use Palmolive
Soap  regularly, night
anl , orning. You will
notice the difference at
of Copenhagen
"Pimples and other
similar outbreaks on
the surface of the skin
to often are encour-
aged because care s
aot taken to use the
right kind of soap.
That is why I lay so
much stress on the use
of Palmolive."
G OOD looks may be yours to
begin with. You may have
had to acquire beauty. In either
case, you know that one can't just
take natural loveliness for granted.
Beauty must be cared for, regu-
larly and thoroughly, if one wants
to hold it through the years.
Olive and palm oil beauty
cleansing is advised by more
than 20,000 specialists as the
way to keep that schoolgirl
students of chemistry, students
of beauty. It is a pure soap . . . a
vegetable oil soap. Into Palmolive
go the oils of olive and palm-
no other fats whatever. No arti-
ficial coloring matter. Here is an
undeniably wholcsomeu soap to
use on your face !
PESSL, of Vienna
and Budapest
"I warn my clients against
the irritation produced bx
ordinary soaps. Palnoliv
is made of pure vegetablu
oils. That is why I recono
mend olI this one soap."
Thousands of the world's professional beauty cul-
turists realize that fact. They have adopted a definite
practice which helps clients to keep that schoolgirl
complexion. More than 20,000 of them advise, to-
gether with their own products and their own salon
treatments, the regular use of Palmolive Soap,
What Palmolive is
There are excellent reasons why beauty specialists
recommend Palmolive Soap. Into its blending, into
its making, have gone the efforts of great scientists,
Your particular problem
Six of the world's more prominent specialists are
quoted on this page. Thousands of others have told
us why they advise Palmolive. Their reasons will
interest you, whatever your special problem.
Read the advice of Carsten, Seiler, Jacobson
and their colleagues. Take it seriously, for this is
a serious matter. The soap which touches your face
can do so much to make or mar your loveliness. It
should be pure. It should be made of vegetable oils.
In other words, it should be Palmolive!
PALMOLIVE RADIO HOUR - Broadcast every Wednesday night-from 8:30 to 9:30 p. m., Eastern Standard
time; 7:30 to 8:30 p.m., Central Standard time; 6:30to7:30p.m.,Mountain Standard time; 5:30 to6:30 p.m.,
Pacific Coast Standard time-over WEAF and 39 Stations associated with The National Broadcasting Co.
K4                    k&eaM                                                                     @#XV)1t/
JACOBSON, of London
"Some soaps may cause
,arse pores and an un-
cplasant feeling of rough.
wss. Palmolive, on the other
hand, leaves the skin de-
lightfully smooth. It is re-
freshing, pure, safe. Your
skin needs its gentle lather,
for true cleanliness, twice
Drice  1     C

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