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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 119, No. 1 (July, 1931)

Faust, J. W.
Summer in the home town,   pp. 36-37 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 37

JULY, 1931
re Ious
dan lea
rs ana'l
Josl/ers are more
At Bailey's Beach, at the Casino, on the famous Cliff Drive at Newport,
Mas. WHITEHOUSE is a charming figure. She dislikes sun-tan and always
uses Pond's Vanishing Cream to protect her lovely clear ivory skin.
N  EWPORT for the brilliant summer
season .. . a whirl of early autumn
festivities in New York, then on to
Melton Mowbray, England, for the fox-
hunting... winter in Italy or Egypt...
spring in Paris... such is the gay round
of this charming cosmopolitan, Mrs.
Norman Ogden Whitehouse.
To the education of a princess Mrs.
Whitehouse owes subtle secrets of
charm and chic, for before her marriage
she was the Princess Tamara Bragation
Moukrahnsky, of an ancient and illus-
trious family of Georgia, in Russia.
Petite and piquante, she is dark and
very lovely, always smartly dressed and
exquisitely groomed.
Her clear pale ivory complexion be-
speaks unfailing care. "After all, what
is so important as a beautiful skin?"
she asks. "A fresh, fair complexion
gives chic to one's simplest frock.
Smooth white arms and shoulders are
more precious than pearls and dia-
monds when one is in evening dress."
yur skin suooth an/ fill. frch and juir
Like many other society beauties, Mrs.
Whitehouse is devoted to Pond's. "No
wonder fastidious women prize the four
delightful preparations, and follow
Pond's Method every day," she says.
"The four steps make it so easy to
keep one's skin lovely! First, the pure
light Cold Cream for immaculate cleans-
ing...then the exceptionally absorbent
Tissues to remove the cream... then
the fragrant Skin Freshener to tone
and firm and keep a lovely color glow-
ing in one's cheeks and the delicious
Vanishing Cream to give a smooth,
opalescent finish."
Y OU, too, know Pond's delightful
beauty aids, no doubt. The Pond's
Method is the sure, simple way to use
them to keep your skin always fresh
and glowing with youth:
1-For immaculate cleansing, apply Pond's
Cold Cream generously several times daily,
always after exposure. Pat in with upward,
outward strokes, letting the fine, light oils
sink deep into the pores and float the dirt to
the surface.
2-With Pond's Cleansing Tissues wipe away
all the cream, dirt, make-up and powder. These
softer Tissues are 52% more absorbent than
or(dinary tissues, by laboratory test. White
or Parisian peach color.
3-With Pond's Skin Freshener, briskly pat
your skin until it glows-to banish oiliness,
close and reduce pores, tone and firm, and
promote lovely, natural color.
4-Now a delicate film of Pond's Vanishing
Cream for powder base, protection, exquisite
finish. Use it on neck, shoulders and arms-
wherever you powder. Marvelous, too, to
keep hands smooth and white.
At bedtime: always cleanse face and neck
with Cold Cream and remove with Tissues.
Tune in on Pond's Program Friday evening at
9:30 P. M. D. S. T. Reisman's Orchestra, of Cen-
tral Park Casino. WEAF and N.B.C. Network
15 Hudson Street  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  New York City
City                  State
Copyright. 1931. Pond's Extraet ComPany
arms andy

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