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The modern priscilla


Marble, Charles B.; Ferry, Christine A.; Lutes, Della T. (Della Thompson), 1872-, Editor
The modern priscilla
Vol. XLI, No. VIII
Boston, Mass: The Priscilla Company, October, 1927
80 pages ; 36 cm.

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[Cover] The modern Priscilla - October 1927

[Title page] The modern Priscilla - Vol. XLI, No. VIII - October, 1927, p. [1]

The editors' page, Ferry, Christine; Lutes, Della Thompson p. [1]

A friendly little cottage, Stevenson, Robert L. pp. 2-4

The great-great-great of Cotton Mather, West, Duffy R. pp. 5-6

Modern crochet in the living room , Deuschle, Flora Fiechter p. 7

Art in the museum and art in the home, Cornell, Grace; Rogers, Anna Lemont p. 8

Beautiful line expressed in quilting, Rogers, Anna Lemont p. 9

Smart kerchiefs are handmade, p. 10

The Sally Sargent cake, Vose, Caroline Eliza pp. 11-12

This is the doll house that daddy built, p. 13

Towel bargainizing for fall bazaars, Cherhan, Bertha p. 14

Parisian tapestries done in bold stitchery, p. 15

Quilting effects with very little work, p. 16

The trend of fall fashions in dresses, Ferry, Christine p. 17

Good ideas for small house interiors, p. 18

The charm of the unusual, Weimer, Margaret p. 19

A luncheon conference, pp. 20-[21]

Hostess sets for gifts of autumn bazaars, pp. 22-23

Where do we eat and how, pp. 24-25

Finishing the new floor, Lutes, Della Thopmson pp. 26-27

What Billy's mother says about children's clothes, pp. 28-29

The household paint shop, Johnston, Grace pp. 30-31

The motherhood circle, Haviland, Mary S. pp. 32-33

Menus for Hallowe'en, Chalmers, Ruth Axtell p. 34

Old time southern chicken dishes, Hollis, Madge Adams p. 35

An old friend in new dress, p. 36

[Continued articles and works], pp. 37-39

Cod liver oil and its substitutes, Eddy, Walter H., Ph.D. p. 40

Reader recipes, p. 41

[Continued articles and works], pp. 42-52

Helps for housekeepers, p. 53

Coats for the younger set, p. 54

Inner tube flapper funnies, Rice, Ethel Deardorff p. 55

Girls adore pajamas built upon peasant lines, p. 56

Samplers are the season's most popular gifts, p. 57

"Stuffies" - toys little tots love, pp. 58-[60]

[Continued articles and works], p. 61

Plaited paper lamp shades, p. 62

Something new in felts: ideal gifts for girls, p. 63

The Dalmation scarf for sports wear, Bóutelle, Louis p. 64

Panel wall hangings are very decorative, p. 65

[Continued articles and works], p. 66

Crepe back satin semi-made priced at $13.95, p. 67

"Putting on dog" is the smart notion in novelties, p. 68

Meet Billy, Betsey and Bob the Bedtime Bunnies, pp. 69-70

[Continued articles and works], pp. 71-72

[Tested products in this issue], p. 72

Tallies to match bridge covers a tricky new notion, pp. 73-74

[Continued articles and works], p. 75

Price list of Priscilla patterns and materials, p. 76

[Continued articles and works], p. 77

[Masthead] The modern Priscilla, p. 78

[Contents] Contents for October, p. 78

[Continued articles and works], p. 79

The scrap bag, Richards, Amy V. pp. 80 ff.


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