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The ladies' world


Dwyer, Charles, Editor
The ladies' world
[New York]: S.H Moore Company, November, 1908
40 pages ; 41 cm.

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[Cover] The ladies' world - November 1908

[Masthead] The ladies' world, pp. [1]-[2]

[Title page] The ladies' world - Volume XXIX, Number 11, Whole No. 347 - New York, November, 1908, p. [3]

Hearts insurgent, Cooke, Grace MacGowan pp. [3]-4

An October rose, Rowland, Harriet p. 5

The Holy Land of to-day, Sutherland, Allan pp. 6-7

A day-late Thanksgiving, PaƩz, Catalina pp. 8-9

A belated flowering, Hoover, Bessie R. pp. 10-11

The boy and his parents, Wakefield, Priscilla p. 12

What women can do to earn money, Smith, Laura A. p. 13

The household interests, pp. 14-15

The turkeyless dinner, Morrison, Anna W. p. 16

Household information and economies, p. 17

Family problems, p. 18

The ways of society, p. 19

Artistic needlework, p. 20

Simple and pretty neckwear for holiday gifts, p. 21

A $4,000 house for a narrow lot, p. 22

Christmas gifts a little girl can make, p. 23

The Holy Land of to-day [con't], Sutherland, Allan pp. 24-25

I've a little blue-eyed lassie, Stults, R. M. p. 26

Health and good looks, Rogers, Dr. Eleanor p. 27

Elsie and the Arkansaw bear, Paine, Albert Bigelow pp. 28-29

Scenes in American history, p. 30

The newest ideas in girdles and sashes, Purdy, Helen D. p. 31

Some new and sensible styles for the autumn and winter, p. 32-33

Dressing for winter on dollars - and sense, George, Augusta pp. 34-35

Talks on dressmaking, p. 36

An October rose [con't], Rowland, Harriet p. 37

Hearts insurgent [con't], Cooke, Grace MacGowan p. 38

A cranberry frolic, Salisbury, Katherine D. p. 39

The ladies' world partial premium list, pp. 40-[41]

[Cover], p. [42]

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