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The ladies' home journal


The ladies' home journal
Vol. XV, No. 10
Philadelphia: The Curtis Publishing Company, September, 1898
36 pages ; 42 cm.

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[Cover] The ladies' home journal - September 1898

[Title page] The ladies' home journal - Vol. XV, No. 10 - Philadelphia, September, 1898, p. [1]

The girl who will rule a kingdom, Gore, J. H. pp. [1]-2

The tender link, Harben, Will N. pp. 3-4

What my little daughter is to me, Hunt, Livingston p. 4

When Louis Philippe taught school in Philadelphia, Phillips, Camillus pp. 5-6

Mrs. Deland's charity jonquils, Dunklee, Irah p. 6

How to foretell the weather by the clouds, Henry, Alfred J. p. 7

Was it her duty?, Goodloe, Abbe Carter p. 8

The little convent girl, Bishop, Julia Truitt pp. 9-10

The helpful visitor, Poore, Alice H. p. 10

A race that lives in mountain coves, Elliott, Sarah Barnwell pp. 11-12

Alpha and omega, Burdette, Robert J. p. 12

Blind Tom as he is to-day, A'Becket, John J._ p. 13

The Ladies' home journal, p. 14

Pretty corners in girls' rooms, Maynor, Alice J. p. 15

The Business girl's evenings, Ashmore, Ruth p. 16

Flowers that bloom at Christmas, Rexford, Eben E. p. 17

The king's daughters, Bottome, Mrs. Margaret p. 18

The twentieth century village: a practical farmhouse, p. 19

Pickling and canning for winter, Rorer, Mrs. S. T. p. 20

School lunches for children, Rorer, Mrs. S. T. p. 21

When country women come to town, Lanigan, Frances E. p. 22

Some useful things in burnt wood, Fetherston, Florence C. p. 23

Fifteen hats without feathers, p. 24

The autumn's prettiest waists, Mallon, Isabel A. p. 25

Freshening up a wardrobe, Hooper, Emma M. p. 26

Children's pinafores and school frocks, Bell, Emily Ross p. 27

Quotations for all sorts of occasions, Mott, Mrs. Hamilton p. 28

The mother and the housekeeper, p. 29

The girl who will rule a kingdom [con't], Gore, J. H. p. 30

[Masthead] The ladies' home journal, p. 31

Floral helps and hints, Rexford, Eben E. p. 32

Side-talks with girls, Ashmore, Ruth p. 33

Suggestions for mothers, Scovil, Elisabeth Robinson p. 34

The home dressmaker, Hooper, Emma M. p. 35

Mrs. Rorer's answers to questions, Rorer, Mrs. p. 36

[Contents] Contents - September, 1898, p. [37]

[Cover], p. [38]

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