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The ladies' home journal


The ladies' home journal
Vol. XX, No. 12
Philadelphia: The Curtis Publishing Company, November, 1903
72 pages ; 41 cm.

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[Cover] The ladies' home journal - November 1903

[Masthead] The ladies' home journal, pp. 1-[2]

[Title page] The ladies' home journal - Vol. XX, No. 12 - Philadelphia, November 1903, p. 3

Mrs. Eddy as she really is, Stevens, Oscar L. pp. 4-5

The romance of Victor Hugo's daughter, Wurzburg, Ludwig p. 6

The pioneer west, Taylor, W.L. p. [7]

A new "Wee Macgreegor" story: ships that pass, Bell, J.J. p. 8

Maude Adams and her Long Island farm, Kobbé, Gustav pp. 9-10

My future as I see it, Keller, Helen p. 11

Lewis Carroll and the little actress, Mallalieu, Herbert p. 12

The boy and the lynx, Seton, Ernest Thompson pp. 13-14

Where literary women live, p. 15

Phillips Brooks as I knew him, McVickar, Reverend W.N., D. D. p. 16

The women of his church, Mason, Caroline Atwater pp. 17-18

Hamilton W. Mabie's literary talks, Mabie, Hamilton W. p. 19

Apropos of our birthday, Bok, Edward p. 20

But they faltered not, Poyntz, Sydney p. 21

The world and his wife, p. 22

Under the evening lamp, p. 23

The "Dreams" that Yama made, Moody, Mary p. 24

A gallery of impossible pictures, p. 25

My experiences as a girl in New York, Hamilton, Helen p. 26

Pretty girl papers, Walker, Emma E., M. D. p. 27

The council chamber at Thanksgiving-time, Cox, Mrs. James Farley p. 28

How I made some good furniture, Longacre, H.B. p. 29

The good-time garden, Kingsley, Florence Morse p. 30

[Sheet music for "All through the night" and "Legitimate doubts"], p. 31

Christmas entertainments for the children, p. 32

The neat-handed girl tells how to make some Christmas presents, Weir, Jeannette p. 33

Twenty new ideas for church fairs, p. 34

Mrs. Rorer's method lessons, Rorer, Mrs. S. T. p. 35

Three famous authors outdoors, p. 36-37

The lady from Philadelphia, p. 38

How boys can give an amazing "second sight" evening, Kamp, Stephen p. 39

Mrs. Rorer's table talks, Rorer, Mrs. S. T. pp. 40-41

Mrs. Sangster's heart to heart talks with girls, Sangster, Mrs. p. 42

The autobiography of "Sunny Jim", p. 43

How to treat bronchitis, Banfield, Maud pp. 44-45

The woman with no servant, Parloa, Maria pp. 46-47

The young mother's calendar, Coolidge, Emelyn Lincoln, M. D. pp. 48-49

A dinner of the nations, Stokes, Jessie Ewing p. 50

Correct speaking and writing, Withey, Elizabeth A. p. 51

Dolly's advance Christmas ideas, pp. 52-53

Three evening parties , pp. 54-55

Mrs. Eddy as she really is [con't], Stevens, Oscar L. p. 56

Thanksgiving sunshine, Alden, Cynthia Westover p. 57

Ten ideas for informal affairs, p. 58

Vocal study at home and abroad, Peakes, Frederic p. 59

Renovating old furniture, Perkins, H.W. p. 60

A glimpse of Marietta Holley, Wagnalls, Mabel p. 61

The care of a home aquarium, Petry, Martin p. 62

Four dainty little collars, Wilson, Lillian Barton pp. 63-64

Mrs. Ralston's chat about winter clothes, Ralston, Mrs. p. 65

Little men and women in their winter clothes, Ralston, Mrs. p. 66

The new winter dresses, Ralston, Mrs. p. 67

Gowns for business girls, Holden, Katherine Vaughan p. 68

The silk blouse, Ralston, Mrs. p. 69

Doing over last year's hats, Ralston, Mrs. p. 70

The new sleeves, Underwood, Abby E. p. 71

Mrs. Ralston's answers, Ralston, Mrs. pp. 72-[73]

[Cover], p. [74]

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