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The ladies' home journal


The ladies' home journal
Vol VIII, No. 12
Philadelphia: The Curtis Publishing Company, November, 1891
40 pages ; 41 cm.

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[Cover] The ladies' home journal - November 1891, pp. [I]-II

[Title page] The ladies' home journal - Vol. VIII, No. 12 - Philadelphia, November, 1891, p. [1]

Miss French, of the State Department, Bradley, Mary pp. [1]-2

Our Thanksgiving story, p. 2

The eleventh month, Harby, Lee C. p. 3

Unknown wives of well-known men: XI. The wife of "Max O'Rell", Dolman, Frederick p. 3

Modern days and long ago, Romaine, Harry p. 3

Clever daughters of clever men: I. Rachel Ewing Sherman, Lanigan, Alice Graham p. 3

New ideas for church sociables, p. 4

The flowing shoestring, Richmond, Grace S. pp. 5-6

Mistakes we make with men, Wilcox, Ella Wheeler p. 6

A group of pretty dolls, Mallon, Isabel A. p. 7

The mother with a growing son, Willard, Frances E. p. 8

The boy that is wanted, Sage, Russell p. 8

Mr. Beecher as I knew him, Beecher, Mrs. Henry Ward p. 9

How Delmonico sets a table, Coates, Foster p. 10

As rosebuds will, Morgan, Carrie Blake p. 10

Women's chances as bread winners: IX. Women in art, White, Gleeson p. 10

A golden gossip, Whitney, Mrs. A. D. T. pp. 11-12

The Brownies in November, Cox, Palmer p. 13

[Masthead] The ladies' home journal, p. 14

At home with the editor, Bok, Edward W. p. 14

Under my study lamp, Talmage, D.D., Rev. T. DeWitt p. 15

Side talks with girls, Ashmore, Ruth p. 16

Coats to be worn this season, Mallon, Isabel A. p. 25

Dress notes for November, Mallon, Isabel A. p. 26

Some of the new winter fashions, Mallon, Isabel A. p. 27

Domestic helps and culinary hints, p. 28

Everything about the house, Parloa, Maria p. 29

All about flowers, Rexford, Eben E. p. 30

Floral helps and hints, p. 31

Hints on picture hanging, Fullerton, Gertrude p. 32

A novelty in home art, Frances, Mary p. 33

A unique calendar, Miss Greenleaf p. 33

A good compost for roses, p. 34

Questions and answers, p. 35

[Premium goods for sale], pp. 36-III

[Cover], p. IV

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