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The ladies' home journal


The ladies' home journal
Vol. XV, No. 7
Philadelphia: The Curtis Publishing Company, June, 1898
36 pages ; 42 cm.

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[Cover] The ladies' home journal - June 1898

[Title page] The ladies' home journal - Vol. XV, No. 7 - Philadelphia, June, 1898, p. [1]

The anecdotal side of Mrs. Cleveland, pp. [1]-2

The inner experiences of a cabinet member's wife, Farquhar, Anna pp. 3-4

One word more, Davis, Rebecca Harding p. 4

The most beautiful love story in literature, Howard, Clifford p. 5

A wonderful little world of people, Bridges, Madeline S. pp. 6-7

The graves in the old breastworks, Lynde, Francis p. 8

A yearly rose upon the alter, Howard, Clifford pp. 9-10

Gardens for children, Skinner, Charles M. p. 10

A heaven-kissing hill, Magruder, Julia pp. 11-12

Very dainty and pretty rose-bags, King, Jean F. p. 12

How the rock came to break, Morrison, Mrs. Mark p. 13

The ladies' home journal, p. 14

Lillian Bell on the Russian frontier, Bell, Lillian p. 15

My kindergarten of fifty years, Burdette, Robert J. p. 16

Three model small churches, p. 17

Small faults of summer-time, Ashmore, Ruth p. 18

First summer days, Knight, Julia M.; Robinson, Frances C. p. 19

The summer boarder in the valley, Abbot, Mrs. Lyman p. 20

New sofa-pillows for the summer, Lanigan, Frances E. p. 21

The king's daughters, Bottome, Mrs. Margaret p. 22

Breakfast set in blue and white, p. 23

Thirty soups without meat, Rorer, Mrs. S. T. p. 24

Fruits as foods and fruits as poisons, Rorer, Mrs. S. T. p. 25

[Masthead] The ladies' home journal, p. 26

The prettiest of the white gowns, Mallon, Isabel A. p. 27

The new sleeves and bodice fronts, Mallon, Isabel A. p. 28

Children's summer frocks and bonnets, Bell, Emily Ross p. 29

Making old gowns look like new, Hooper, Emma M. p. 30

Side-talks with girls, Ashmore, Ruth p. 31

Suggestions for mothers, Scovil, Elisabeth Robinson p. 32

Floral helps and hints, Rexford, Eben E. p. 33

Musical helps and hints, p. 34

Problems of young men, Bok, Edward W. p. 35

Mrs. Rorer's answers to questions, Rorer, Mrs. p. 36

[Contents] Contents - June, 1898, p. [37]

[Cover], p. [38]

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