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The ladies' home journal


The ladies' home journal
Vol. XVI, No. 8
Philadelphia: The Curtis Publishing Company, July, 1899
40 pages ; 41 cm.

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[Cover] The ladies' home journal - July 1899

[Title page] The ladies' home journal - Vol. XVI, No. 8 - Philadelphia, July, 1899, p. [1]

When Washington was married, Perrine, William p. 2

The moonlight king, Gore, Professor J. H. pp. 3-4

Girl life in germany, Bird, Charlotte p. 5

The first camp-meeting in America, Howard, Clifford p. 6

Captain Dieppe, Hope, Anthony pp. 7-8

The valor of Brinley, Bangs, John Kendrick p. 9

Ol Peckham's opinions, Farquhar, Anna p. 10

A college courtship, Collins, Mrs. Charles Terry pp. 11-12

Presents that have come to Uncle Sam, Mott, Mrs. Hamilton p. 12

The gossip of a New York girl, Lawrence, Edith p. 13

The college-bred woman in her home, Roich, Katharine p. 14

How to make the most of your minister, Maclaren, Ian p. 15

How to be pretty though plain, Humphry, Mrs. p. 16

Some dainty fruit desserts for the summer table, p. 17

Entertaining in the country, Sims, Mrs. John B. p. 18

Nature's garden, Blanchan, Neltje p. 19

Floral porches and vine-clad cottages, p. 20-21

The house practical, Johnson, William Martin p. 22

Pretty stuffs for midsummer frocks, Jonreau, Marie p. 23

What it means to be a dressmaker, Hooper, Emma M. p. 24

Dainty designs in Mexican drawn-work, p. 25

Birthday parties, Scovil, Elisabeth Robinson p. 26

A boy's clubhouse on the water, Beard, Dan p. 27

Cooking over all sorts of fuel, Rorer, Mrs. S. T. p. 28

Household helps and new ideas, Parloa, Miss Maria p. 29

The king's daughters, Bottome, Margaret p. 30

Five-minute talks on good health, Warman, Edward B.; Warman, Mrs. p. 31

Hasty eating and hurried meals, Rorer, Mrs. S. T. pp. 32-33

Captain Dieppe [con't], Hope, Anthony p. 34

[Masthead] The ladies' home journal, p. 35

Suggestions for mothers, Scovil, Elisabeth Robinson p. 36

Floral helps and hints, Rexford, Eben E. p. 37

Mrs. Rorer's answers, Rorer, Mrs. p. 38

[Advertisement] The Saturday evening post, pp. 39-40

[Contents] Contents - July, 1899, p. [41]

[Cover], p. [42]

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