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The ladies' home journal


The ladies' home journal
Vol. XIX, No. 2
Philadelphia: The Curtis Publishing Company, January, 1902
48 pages ; 41 cm.

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[Cover] The ladies' home journal - January 1902

[Masthead] The ladies' home journal, pp. [1]-2

[Title page] The ladies' home journal - Vol. XIX, No. 2 - Philadelphia, January 1902, p. [3]

The foremost women photographers in America: Elizabeth Brownell, Johnston, Frances Benjamin p. [3]

How Uncle Sam guards his millions, Watkins, John Elfreth, Jr. p. 4

My personal experience with a lion, Kipling, Rudyard pp. 5-6

The restless woman, Gibbons, J. Cardinal p. 6

James Whitcomb Riley's "Home Folks", Mitchell, John J., Jr. p. 7

The wisdom of the dove, Brooks, Lilian p. 8

The Russells in Chicago, Wheaton, Emily pp. 9-11

A gentleman of the blue grass, Portor, Laura Spencer p. 12

Christine - a romance, Smith, Frederick M. pp. 13-14

The engaged girl in China, Far, Sui Sin p. 14

A $6000 house with a garden, Barton, George Edward p. 15

Along country roads, pp. 16-17

Dedicated to the American parent, Bok, Edward p. 18

Under the evening lamp, p. 19

Edward Howard Griggs's talks: educational influences, Griggs, Edward Howard p. 20

The journal's puzzle school, p. 21

Making good candy at home, Wright, W. L. p. 22

Ten pretty designs in modern lace, Power, Minerva p. 23

What a girl does at college - part two: the athletic side, Halsted, Carolyn p. 24-25

Seeing things outdoors, Schmucker, Professor S. C. p. 26

Baby's slumberland, Davis, Walter G.; Mason, Frank O. p. 27

Mrs. Rorer's cooking school, Rorer, Mrs. S. T. p. 28

Some prettily set tables, Hill, Janet McKenzie p. 29

The lady from Philadelphia, p. 30

Correct speaking and writing, Withey, Elizabeth A. p. 31

Girls' problems, Sangster, Margaret E. p. 32

Good health for girls, Walker, Emma E., M. D. p. 33

Following the flowers, Rexford, Eben E. p. 34

The baby from birth to three, Coolidge, Emelyn Lincoln, M. D. p. 35

New year sunshine, Alden, Mrs. Cynthia Westover p. 36

Heart to heart talks with the king's daughters, Bottome, Margaret p. 37

According to Miss Parloa, Parloa, Maria p. 38

Mrs. Rorer's helps for young housekeepers, Rorer, Mrs. pp. 39-40

Mrs. Ralston's chat, Ralston, Mrs. p. 41

For little men and women, Ralston, Virginia Louis p. 42

The informal evening dress, Ralston, Virginia Louis p. 43

Mrs. Holden's new bodices, Holden, Katherine Vaughan p. 44

The hat and hair in the evening, Holden, Katherine Vaughan p. 45

Dressing well on small means, Hooper, Emma M. p. 46

Matinées and dressing-gowns, Underwood, Abby E. p. 47

[Contents] The contents of this issue, pp. 48-[49]

[Cover], p. [50]

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