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Woman's home companion


Woman's home companion
Vol. LXIV, No. 9
Springfield, OH: The Crowell Publishing Company, 1937
112 pages ; 35 cm.

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[Cover] Woman's home companion - September 1937, pp. [unnumbered]-1

[Title page] Woman's home companion - September 1937 - Volume LXIV, Number Nine, pp. 2-3

[Contents] Contents - September 1937, pp. 4-[5]

Labels made helpful, Richardson, Anna Steese pp. 6-[8]

Ann Singleton, Ricketts, Cid pp. 9-12

Putting down crime, Pringle, Henry F. pp. 13-14

What the heart must, Buck, Pearl pp. 15-16

The problem of a working mother, Meek, Lois Hayden, Ph.D. p. 17

You can't have everything, Norris, Kathleen pp. 18-19

To the victor, Shipman, Natalie pp. 20-[21]

We become Americans, Alasheieff, Olga pp. 22-23

First class mail, Roberts, Willa pp. 24-[26]

Frick of Africa, Hillyer, Laurie pp. 27-[31]

[Continued articles and works], pp. 32-[46]

When your daughter goes to college, Lee, Mabel Barbee pp. 47-49

[Continued articles and works], pp. 50-61

The September food calendar, Nichols, Nell B. p. 62

What price adequate diets?, Stiebeling, Hazel K. p. 63

Another week of pocketbook meals, Kirk, Dorothy pp. 64-66

Beef is economical if - , Nichols, Nell B. p. 67

[Continued articles and works], pp. 68-69

You're telling me, Cades, Hazel Rawson pp. 70-71

Housewifely hints, Gadabout pp. 72-73

[Continued articles and works], pp. 74-76

Autumn tips from Paris, p. 77

Pack these for school, Budd, Dorothy p. 78

Companion - Butterick patterns, pp. 79-83

Our young prize winners, p. 83

[Continued articles and works], pp. 84-89

West coast bungalow, Maclaren, Malcolm N. pp. 90-91

Fresh paint!, Hamill, Virginia pp. 92-93

A fresh frock in forty-five minutes, Smith, Gertrude L. p. 94

[Continued articles and works], pp. 95-96

Cleaning ensemble, Beveridge, Elizabeth p. 97

[Continued articles and works], pp. 98-100

The neighbors say - , Splint, Sarah Field pp. 101-102

[Continued articles and works], p. 102

Baggage for the mind, McCall, Anne Bryan p. 103

[Continued articles and works], p. 104

Keeping posted, Riggs, Katharine p. 105

[Continued articles and works], pp. 106-107

The peerless Narcissus, Tabor, Grace p. 108

[Continued articles and works], pp. 109-110

Index of products advertised, p. 111

At your service, pp. 112-[113]

[Cover], p. [114]

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