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Godey's lady's book


Godey, Louis Antoine, 1804-1878. Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell, 1788-1879, Editor
Godey's lady's book
Vol. LXXX, No. 476
Philadelphia: Louis A. Godey, February, 1870
210 pages ; 26 cm.

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[Cover] Godey's lady's book, vol. LXXX, no. 476, p. [1]

[Title page] Godey's lady's book, volumes 80 and 81, pp. 2 ff.

Feeling the patient's pulse

The snow man

Godey's fashions for February 1870

Crochet antimacassar

Fashionable costumes

Hats, bonnets, etc., p. 131

Velocipede galop caprice

Jackets, p. 341

The Vanes, Harland, Marion pp. 135-141

My nephew John, M'Gregor, Annie L. pp. 142-145

Poetry, p. 145

Vae victis, Hyde, Sidney pp. 146-152

The chimes, Meredith, Nina p. 152

Will I ever forget thee?, N.B. p. 152

Confiders and confidences, p. 153

Morgan's valentine, Frost, S. Annie pp. 154-159

Don't fret, Cassady, Rev. F. S. pp. 159-160

Lines, p. 160

Waiting, Ketchum, Annie Chamebrs p. 160

Hester, Hammond, Maggie H. pp. 161-166

Hannah Fauthorne's first love, A. T. pp. 167-170

I could not tell thee all, Jackson, Fidelia A. p. 170

My guardian angel, Hays, Jenny p. 170

Nicodemus, Dana, A.M. pp. 171-179

Taking offence, p. 179

To and absent friend, p. 179

Courtesy, Hornor, S. Stockton p. 179

Work department, pp. 180-186

Receipts, pp. 187-189

Editors' table, pp. 190-192

Literary notices, pp. 193-196

Godey's arm-chair, pp. 197-202

Fashions, pp. 202-206

[Advertisements] Godey's lady's book advertiser, pp. 207-211

[Cover], p. 212

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