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Fashions of the hour


Fashions of the hour
Chicago: Marshall Field & Company, 1927
32 pages ; 33 cm.

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[Cover] Fashions of the hour

[Contents] Fashions of the hour - contents - new year number, 1927, p. 1

[Frontispiece] The Army-Navy luncheon, p. [2]

Gossip of the Paris mid-season, p. 3

The new "fashion's" service to facilitate shopping for clothes, pp. 4-5

Four "Marfield" dresses for the South, p. 6

For southern ways and sporting days, p. 7

Any journey makes a good reason for buying new clothes, pp. 8-9

Significant hats for north and south, p. 10

An assembly of shoes for a southern wardrobe, p. 11

At home from 5-7, p. 12

Fairylike lingerie from France, p. 13

From the January selling of corsettes, p. 14

The correct uniform for maids, p. 15

Lingerie specially priced for January, p. 16

Assorted necessities moderately priced, p. 17

The maximum chic, the minimum expense, pp. 18-19

New friends and new faces, new clothes for foreign places, pp. 20-21

The wonderful trunk, Poole, Ernest p. 22

The Hoosier Salon - 1927, McCutcheon, John T. p. 23

The annual sale of household linens, pp. 24-25

All linen sheets, pillowcases, towels and bedspreads reduced for January, pp. 26-27

Our annual sale of sheets and pillowcases, p. 28

Down to New Orleans for the Mardi Gras, p. 29

Evanston experiments in the drama, p. 30

[Travel accessories and information], pp. 30-32

The new cotton fabrics for southern sun and sand


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